Saturday, May 19, 2012

may ~ week 20 {art, piano, turtles, keurig, theater}

what's the expression of... we've spent two full days together and i'm not ready to go back to reality, so please don't leave me home alone?   jazzy's face says it all.

while the girls were at theater practice, i seized the opportunity to pick up some mom gifts.  apparently, this mama has forgotten how to shop for herself.  this mama didn't get a thing.  oh well.  shopping is overrated anyway, right?

i took the girls through hobby lobby to find props for their much-over-do-photo-shoot.  if $100 were pocket change, i would have grabbed that wagon down there.  loved it!  we left with a much smaller wagon... and a few other things. ;)


painting props begs more painting.  nator painted a picture, naming it 'world peace' because, in her words... "it's a place of peace.  no one can get hurt or hurt other people.  people cooperate... just as the world should."  love that kiddo.   


we dropped daddy off.  he and his boss were headed a lil' north.  hubs was speaking at a conference. 

nator played her 10 pieces at our local collage campus.  just her, a judge, and a piano.  nervous mama stood outside the door.  we went out to an early dinner.  her fortune cookie said relax and enjoy yourself.  great advice.

while out of town, hubs went to the texas rangers game, sitting behind phil mickelson.  (ummm... yeah, i had to google him.  sorry, pro-golfer, phil.) <= i think google should be a verb.

while at home, mama was doing her sane best to keep the home front moving along.  the keurig was not cooperating.  see the sweet pic of the keurig ready to go for me early in the week?  sweet hubs.  by the end of the week, the keurig waved it's white flag, went wonky, and died.  just outside of warranty.  we called the company.  they were of little help.


at least mama remembered how to boil water for tea.  mama needs tea.  and quiet.  so... this lil' activity to take a vow of silence in our history lesson was quite tempting.  gracie just laughed.  yeah... it wasn't going to happen. ;)

if you felt sorry for jazzy... don't.  she currently sleeps on 4 thick layers of memory foam taken off the girls' beds after their room makeovers, waiting to be turned into dog beds.  do i even need to say how much she loves it?


theater practices always look like a hot mess 'til just before performances.  *crossing fingers*  that it will all come together.  just a nervous mama talkin'.

my little liesl is excited about the swings on stage.  one for each von trapp child. cute.


maria {sound of music} singing her last note.  some of these songs are hard, y'all.

surely, i'm forgetting something from this week, but... this mama is taking pictures for the public school cast tonight.  public school cast is usually much more... chaotic?  i mean no offense.  pray for me. ;)

all for the love of our kiddos, right??  in a world where every day is "kid's day." ;)  <= because on mother's day, gracie wanted to know when kid's day was. ;)


  1. oh, i so wish we had a drama for homeschoolers thing here, how fun! just read about the gas station going in too. ugh. i'd say i'd pray for lightening to hit it, but that pribably wouldn;t be so helpful;)

  2. I remember always asking when "kids day" was, when I was a kid. And I was offended that there wasn't one. My mom would tell me that Christmas was "kids day". Really, I don't know how she kept from just slapping me. If one of my kids asked me that, I might have to rant! :)

  3. great week!! and your hubs' seat at the rangers game....made me a little jealous!! I miss going to those games and those were GREAT seats, Phil M or not!!! :)

  4. Maria and Liesl--those are some talented girls!! Can't wait to see the photo shoot! Sounds fun!

    We are back to history this week. I realized that I can't do history and science at the same time...oy!

  5. You will do great with the are one talented lady! And I loved seeing the photos of your girls practicing...I'm liking those swings, too!

  6. Oh boo to wonky keurigs. I love mine. I hope that it never dies on me. lol! Although a passion tea sounds delish right now. And on Mama's day (here) it was more of a train wreck so I would much rather have a kiddos day any day of the week. Then again, I'm not really a Mother's day fan.

    I always love looking at your cozy little family. I'm glad that your Jazzy is just as spoiled as my Luna.

    I hope you may have some peace this week.


  7. Phil Mickleson is a cutie - those dimples :)

    I am NOT a shopper. Oh how I hate it - and yet, we must be clothed, musn't we? It's a conundrum!

    That Nator is just too cute & wise - and Gracie is pretty swell too. Here's hoping that Mama has an extra nice & calm week!

  8. Great photos as always. Nator is changing so much, love the pic of her with her fortune. She has amazing eyes!

    I wish we had a locval theatre group around here, I think the girly would love it!

  9. Love all of these as usual. Sound of Music looks like it is going great!! Oh I wish we lived close enough to hop on over to see it. Your girls look like they love it like Kei does. Gracie looks SO much older than she did just a year ago! Where did our little girls go???

  10. Also..about the 'hot mess'. Almost every show I think, "this is gonna be bad!" and it ALWAYS comes together. :)

  11. I seriously just can't get over how much older your girls are looking. Eek! I love that you do photo shoots with them -- what a fun, creative mama you are! Easy to see where they get it from :)

    I'm sure the chaos of pre-show preparation is stressful, but things look like they will be pulled off beautifully. Can't wait to see pictures when it's all said and done!

  12. Just trying to catch up with you! Wow! You have Maria AND Liesel in your house??? That is awesome! Wish I was closer so I could go...LOVE musicals, especially The Sound of Music!

  13. Are things ok in Family Team land?

  14. Just checking in. Get off the couch, put those bon-bons away and post. ;) JUST KIDDING. I know you have been crazy busy. Just miss your updates. HUGS. ;)


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