Friday, June 15, 2012

the project 366 weeks 21-24 i'm so far behind i don't even know where to start nutshell instagram edition

that's a mouthful, yes?

thank you to everyone who sent messages regarding our blog-o-sphere absence. these past weeks have been busier than i'd planned.  all of our activities climaxed at the same time... reminding me that my body needs to get back on track in the health department.  and stop aging.  that would be a bonus, yes? 

i'm not sure at which point forgoing blog posts in order to catch my breath between activities happened.

in some ways, it's been a nice break...
but i wouldn't necessarily call this hiatius a break.

mama has been busy, tired, and stressed.
and now possibly in need of a nap... 
maybe even some chocolate. 
or a week on a deserted island with just a few great books.


we've been...
taking head-shots & cast pix for a crazy group of theater kids.  attending birthday parties.  thrift-store shopping.  sky admiring.  shopping for photo props.  receiving music guild results.  painting props.  taking and editing pix.


cooking breakfast with dad.  rounding out our dance classes for the year.  dance recital marathon.  sound of music marathon dress rehearsals.  and performances.  the kind of exhaustion that leaves lil' "maria" falling asleep in a good book.  starbucks dates.  reading more about the homeschool materials i need to order.   


enjoying the fourth of july decor in our back yard.  *ehem*  family visits.  broken ipod glass.  spending gifts of cash on important stuffed animals.  pets and people under foot.  swimming.  library summer reading book club.  children on clearance.


ummmm... did i mention the sound of music?  it kinda took over our lives for a time.  it was a lot of work, but the memories will be carried with us for a lifetime.  priceless, indeed.

i will be following up with more pix to fill in the gaps.  brace yourselves. ;) 

i'm off to get my girlies ready for their annual daddy/daughter date.  big love deposits taking place.  so blessed.   

mama will have 2 hours to herself... in which she plans to do... wait for it... wait for it... 



  1. I knew you were busy, but I have missed you!
    We're just getting into a busy theater time--both girls are in Grease, but in 2 separate casts! Em in the kid version; Hannah in the adult one. If I had a dime for every time I drove back and forth to the theater…wow.

    Anyway, good to hear from you! I hope you enjoy doing nothing--you deserve it!

    1. awww... thanks, lisa! if only taxi-moms had a buck for every taxi service... we'd be rich, yes? at least we're rich in hugs and kisses from our littles. gotta love this season of life. :)

  2. I need a nap after reading that post!

    1. you and i both... i'll try not to snore too loudly. ;)

  3. Ok I am about exhausted just READING that. It IS nice to know I am not the only theater Mom who spends HOURS back and forth and at the theater. It is a blessing for Keilee but tiring for this Mom at times. We have to drive to a nearby city to do theater!

    Ok..back to your post. Very strange to see Hubby driving. Usually it is YOU. :) Sorry about the iPod. Hope it is fixed? I love the idea of The Sound of Music. I wish they would do that around here. Seriously, I don't see how you do it. It almost drives me to drink just to get ONE child back and forth 3 times a week to theater and y'all do dance too!

    Have you gotten all your curriculum in yet? We are still going back and forth. Like I told you, I LOVE Sonlight but it is a little pricey for me.

    Can I please come with you to that island if I promise not to say a word and just read. ;)

    1. the glass is still not fixed. we have so many other expenses right now. thankfully, gracie is enjoying dad's ol' hand-me-down ipad in the meantime. who wouldn't, right? ha!

      i haven't ordered curriculum yet... as you said, it's pretty pricey. still waiting on the funds. sigh. there's plenty for sale on ebay right now. ;)

      yes! please feel free to grab a paddle and head to that deserted island with me! honestly, i don't have the life-saving skills to go at it alone. ;)

  4. I hope you enjoyed your time alone!! Looks like lots of great memories!

    What did you do with the broken ipod glass?

    1. i'm leaving the glass up to hubs... so far, it's being put on hold. i think gracie is okay using dad's ipad for now. ;)

  5. And here I thought you'd run away for the summer! Glad to see that you didn't, I missed your sweet post and lovely girls.

    Enjoy your nothing! THAT is a gift in itself!

  6. Yay - great to see a post from you & your girlie's smiling faces (& yours too!).


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