Wednesday, February 8, 2012

jan~week 5/366 {birthday, movie nights, and a beau}

we had a birthday.  of mega proportions.  my baby is double digits.  how does that happen?  i mean... i felt i was in the young mom category {interpret as... a mom with young kids} so long as i had a baby in single digits. kleenex?

i've just spent the last hour clicking pictures and home movies on an old hard drive. maybe i'll share them with you soon.  provided i can do it without sobbing.  uncontrollably.  kleenex?  please don't remind me that it only gets worse as they get even older. *sob*


for gracie's birthday, she wanted a day with her best friend and her family.  we love this family, so that was easy.  kids play.  adults talk.  it's a gift to everyone, really. ;)

note to self:  marshmallow cream makes a good frosting for cupcakes, but not barbie's dress.  unless you plan to eat it within 53 seconds.  otherwise, gravity takes over.  it's also flammable.  the end. 


did you know jason gray has a speech impediment? 
gracie loves oranges.  {11th birthday possibilities? i'm sure she'd love that.  a parent can dream.}
flowers in winter.  why not?
hubs was between LA and TN this week. maybe it was harder because we saw him in-between... long enough to say goodbye at the airport.
that called for a girls' movie night with my 'little miss sunshines' and my beau.  he looks thrilled, yes?
we watched the shunning. it was a good movie, in that it gave us plenty to discuss, but we were a tad disappointed with the way they left the ending.  really?


homeschool on the go.  gracie catching up on american girl, while nator is in piano lesson.  
one of my favorite memories... singing. squirting whipped cream. eating strawberries.  dancing.  fun in the kitchen.  with my girlies.  *sigh*
when beau suckles in his sleep, his tongue stays out.  it's the funniest sight.  really.
we were thankful to have hubs home on the weekend!  we're thankful for a hubs who isn't afraid to brave the grocery store crowds, day before super-bowl!  go giants!!  woot-woot!!


seriously.  is there anything funnier?

we got word that beau's brother was adopted this weekend from the rescue organization we used for beau.  yeah!!  because if i'm being completely honest... it crossed my mind to go back and get his brother, too.  mostly, because i felt bad leaving his sibling alone.  hubs already had a cute name picked out for him.  so glad he has a forever home now, too.

how was your week?  or week 4?  or maybe you've already blogged about week 5?  it's been a busy day.  mama is tired.  and may or may not look like beau at the moment.  only he looks cuter.  i'm gonna hit 'publish' now and hope this post makes sense.  mkay?  pushing it... now.


  1. Happy Birthday, Gracie! And what a cute little tongue on Beau. Very sweet.

    Years ago, we adopted a kitten to be friends with our adult cat and for another lap warmer, as well. Our new kitten really missed his litter mates and our adult cat wanted nothing to do with him. We did end up going back and bringing home his sister! They were so cute together - the slept together, played together, everything. One was orange and one was black, so funny.

    1. thanks for the bday wishes. i completely understand... thankfully, our little beau is pretty independent, as is his brother. ;) the rescue organization says they sometimes get kittens that 'need' to be together and will only adopt them out together. sweet, yes? kittens are so fun to watch.

  2. Enjoyed seeing all your pictures from the week! We pick up our kitty on Saturday. My girls are over-the-top excited!

  3. Happy birthday Gracie! Is it bad that I wanted video evidence of a flaming Barbie? Yes, that's bad :) On the other hand - ooh marshmallow cream - yum!

  4. I always get excited when I see your blog pop up with a new post!

    Happy Birthday to Gracie!!!!! Piper will be 10 in less than a month...NOT looking forward to it. Allie told me yesterday that she wants to go back to school. Now she is saying she wants to go back for high school, so it's been very emotional here.

    Beau is a cutie :) We have not seen The Shunning...but I think maybe a girls movie night may be in order soon!

  5. Happy Birthday Gracie! Laughing a lil' bit over Barbies skirt. Another great week in Texas. Going to check out "The Shunning'. Beau is honestly adorable much.

  6. Happy double-digit birthday Gracie! Ethan will be 10 this year too...more kleenex!
    I find it hilarious that Barbie's skirt may have been on fire. Actually, I love my marshmallows on fire and burnt for s'mores...wonder if it would be good on cake? ;)
    I think everyone needs a Beau!! Why is it that his sleeping with tongue out is cute and funny, but my doing so would not be?
    Have a great week!!

  7. It's rough celebrating double digits, for the younger kiddo. I'm a bit teary, thinking about it. But my Sassy had a good day and I think she needed to be 10 anyways. The whiner 9er was a rough year for her. So here's to the double digits!!


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