Wednesday, February 1, 2012

jan~week 4/366 {an eclectic hodgepodge}

it's not even the end of january and i've nearly lost my photo challenge {february is already posted if you want to join} momentum already.  this might be why i don't set resolutions for resolutions sake.

lemme just tell ya a little bit of the family team home front news...


enjoying home.  taking a break from theater has allowed some down time.  thankyoujesus.  if we're not counting piano lessons, dance lessons, and trips to the air port {hubs had to catch a plane to memphis, tn}.  i really like the 'home' in homeschool.  but there is value in theater, too.

my new addiction.  carb conscious supreme protein. caramel nut chocolate - resembles a chocolate turtle, without the 500 grams of sugar.  valentine's day gift?  check. ;) 

the peanut butter is pretty good, too.  num-num.  {thank you again, lisa, for this new addiction.} ;)

we've been sharing a certain lil' gracie's 10th birthday fun with friends.  bringing cupcakes to dance class.

mama made a new wreath for the front door, turning down the $99 options pre-made at hobby lobby.  crazy.

more birthday fun.  thanks to hubs, a second batch of balloons. a wind gust stole the first one.  the new my little pony is all the rage now.  marble slab.  doodling birthday t-shirts.  all at birthday girl's request.

see the hubby and beau feet?  then there's jasmine... they were all snoozin'.  do you know how hard it is to stay awake, being serenaded by snoozes and purrs?

we're trying to get back on track by incorporating science into our routine again.  history is next. oi.  i'm having the girls read and fill in workbook work together.  why does mom have to do all the reading, right? ;)

{can you just stay focused, hmama?  one topic per post. 
sorry.  not how my brain works.  ask hubs.}

among other things, gracie likes to hang like a monkey, while waiting on sis during piano lessons.  we throw in a little art, too.  doodling is art, right?


gracie wore a poncho.  mom made zucchini and squash boats.  life on the go in this season of life requires phineas and ferb cups of snack mix.  notice the temperature setting... winter in texas.  dear cold weather, please feel free to visit us any. time.

jazzy wants to play with the cat in the bag.  nator's sign attached to her bedroom door.  maybe a gift to her lil' sis for her birthday?  speaking of which... nator helped set up the gifts outside gracie's bedroom door... after she was tucked in.  nator said, 'now i know how santa feels.'  she was a tad giddy. too cute.


then there's life with the new kitty... beau.  we love this feisty, cuddly ball of fur.  the end.

oh, but wait!  there's more... now that february is here {how did that happen?}, december's video is finished.  who says i'm not on top of things? ;)

{please watch with the knowledge that this was made at 2 am.  mama was deliriously tired, which may account for any mispeltings.  or other things.}


  1. It's so good to catch up! Looks like fun and memorable times. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Love love love the video! Motor kitty at the end was fun!

  3. So I like how Gracie is all "calm down!" about Nator's excitement and then the next second she's gasping in excitement over her own gift! :)

  4. I am diggin' Gracie's hair :) I love that wreath you made for the door!

    I don't know how you keep up with that pace...I just can't do it...I envy your stamina!!

    I love your videos--they always make me wish that I made videos! Do you use your phone or a video camera?

  5. The picture of Beau with the zebra striped fabric in front of him is ADORABLE!! :)

  6. Love the wreath! But I'm obsessing about the marshmallow icing on those cupcakes - as you would say - oy!

    P.S. We aren't as cold as we like to be in Ohio either :(

  7. Happy Birthday Gracie!! I love your wreath...always so talented, you are!
    Beau looks like he has found his place in the family!
    I LOVE the "Miss Prissy Pants" picture. Phineas and Ferb make everyday brighter!

  8. Happy birthday Gracie. Love the pic of Beau and the zebra print. The video is great as usual. Kei has made a few car videos but I never post them! Great intentions yada, yada, yada.


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