Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{L}ife {L}ately

{L}ive performances.

seems we didn't get enough of our own. the girls were eager to watch the other cast in their o{L}iver performance.  well, that... and mom was needed to snap a few pix. ;)


sisterly {L}ove. 
the best.


{L}oving others.
operation christmas child.


{L}earning... with our furry side-kicks.

{L}ong division for a certain 4th grader. the pillars of is{L}am. george washington. shakespeare. beethoven. nations of the world. adverbs. dolphins. and fashion 101.   

{L}ong socks don't necessarily go with shorts.  

mom learns that this is shocking news to a certain 11 yo.  

but we let it s{L}ide.  because she's so stinkin' cute.


{L}aughing.  furry side-kicks bring welcome comedic relief during learning fun.  we've really enjoyed having our day-time hours back to fit a relaxing school day.  can you tell? ;)



we've been studying vincent van gogh's {L}ife and works.  here is our interpretation of the starry night.  can you name the artists of the above originals? ;)  

nator calls it "sunny morning". sounds much happier, yes?  mr. van gogh didn't seem at peace with himself.  poor guy.



the girls thought {L}umping leftover paint colors together just as interesting as any priceless van gogh.  

i love the care-free-playfulness of these 9 and 11 year old girls. 


{L}ittle girl {L}ovin'.

this girlie needed to catch up on some daddy. so... he took her for a treat at non other than panera.  quality time was had as they checked off the grocery list, too.

nator and i enjoyed some quiet time at home. ;)

funny how many definitions there are to romance.  hubs being home on the weekends to cook breakfast and help with the grocery shopping = sanity saver priceless.


  1. Like your ideas with the {L}, fun!

    I have so much to catch up on it'll probably never get posted, but living life's more important anyways, so it'll just have to be that way.

    My kiddos balk when I inform them of their fashion silliness too!

  2. I do like Van Gogh's paintings...most artists had 'issues' : ) And you are right-sisterly love is super sweet!

  3. I love your posts!

    What art book are you using? It looks great!

    How do you do history? Do the girls read on their own and summarize? Last year I read it to them and we talked about it (because I somehow skipped the part about summaries in the SWB book). This year they are doing summaries, but we are working out the kinks of reading together or reading alone...trying to figure out what works. What is your perspective on it?

  4. Seems like things slowed down a bit for you this week....I'm sure you are enjoying the breather!!!

    really? long socks don't go with shorts?!!! someone should have told me!!! :)

  5. The week after a play always seems like Heaven to me! It is nice to get back into routine and actually teach 'em stuff huh? ;)

    Love the socks picture. Kei NEVER wears socks that match. She refuses. When we discovered Little Miss Matched she was ecstatic. Love the Van Gogh paintings and 'Sunny Morning" does sound happier. I'm with Theresa, what is that book?


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