Thursday, November 10, 2011

{CMA} ramblings

{otherwise titled: what one does when one's husband is out of town - when one really should be sleeping}

footloose.  interesting choice.  country awards, right?  it's okay, i suppose.  i like blake.

brad paisley & carrie underwood.  love them.  i still think carrie was the best thing to come from american idol. 

if i die young.  really?!!  i still don't get that song. 


faith hill and tim mcgraw.  such a beautiful couple.  3 kids later.  no fair.  what's their secret?  you know... besides the fact that they work out in the gym together, eat healthy, and possibly have access to several age-defying-procedures?  


keith urban and nicole kidman.  make such a lovely couple.  even if he's a little shorter.  happy for them.

sara evans.  something looks different.  sounds off.  not a fan of the ladies twirling in the air.  no cables?  has anyone ever fallen from those long curtains? country meets circ du soleil? aren't you getting dizzy?  i need to go to the gym.  personal trainer.  chocolate?

miranda lambert.  baggage claim.  i'm glad it's not the house that built me.  are you wearing an over-sized wrestler's belt?  something's on fire.  be careful pretty lady.  you and blake make a great lookin' couple!

kelly pickler.  oh, girl.  here.  have some of my chocolate.  song of the year... if i die young.   are you kidding me?  *sigh*  is it even a country song?  am i the only one who doesn't get this song?

okay, bring it zac brown band.  georgia.  awesome.  how did you know i was from georgia? ;)

rascal flatts.  love those harmonies.  awwww.... Natasha Bedingfield.  you look lovely dawling. oh, wait.  are you wearing a carpet?  nevermind, you guys sound great together.   i'd love to have your range.  *sigh*

actors?  what's the connection to country?  hmmm...  vocal duo is... sugarland.  you needed some great news. 

eric church.  are you in witness protection?  take the sunglasses off, please.  singing... all you gotta do is put a drink in my hand?  that may explain a few things.  i change the radio station when songs like this come across the satellite radio.  can't have my 9 yo singing that.  shame.

thompson square.  i didn't know your name, but have heard your 'kiss me or not' song a lot.  are you guys married?  i've always wondered how that worked with unmarried duets. 

chris allen.  you sound country.  and we can see your face.  thank you.  awe.  you have dimples.  sorry... i'm already happily married.

taylor swift.  i appreciate your modest simplicity.  you almost make me want to play the guitar.  i can't have my girls singing your lyrics though... you always sing of not listening to your parents when in the thralls of puppy love.  why must you do that?

whoa, carrie underwood.  where did that outfit come from?

luke bryan.  i wasn't a fan of that song before... now i'm really not.  i won't be shakin' anything for you.  how much are personal trainers??  fast-forward.

miss piggy.  fun.

lady antebellum.  heather looks pretty next to her new g-q beau.  wait.  is she pregnant?  *googles*  apparently not.

world series mvp?  cool.  not sure what he has to do with country.  but cool.  announcing album of the year... jason aldean.  that'll do.

kenny chesney.  you and tequilla make me crazy.  catchy tune, but it makes me crazy. 

wow, carrie.  who is picking these outfits??

apparently, there's a lot of beiber rumors in the headlines.  i don't watch the news.

little big town, lionel richie... oh, wait!  bring little big town back!  i want to hear boondocks!  guess we'll have to settle for darius rucker.  now we're adding rascal flatts.  interesting song.  where's the country in this?

awe.  country is working to keep music in schools.  gotta love that.  chevrolet and the cma.  maybe i need to buy a chevrolet? ;)

the band perry.  fast-forward.  wait.  i like the classy look of this red dress and back-ground.  but i must. fast. forward.


leann rimes.  wow.  did everyone get extra-extra skinny for this shwin-dig?  vocal group of the year... lady antebellum.  yeah!  it's not the band perry.

sugarland.  is this guy your boyfriend?  where's your usual duet partner?  he has a nice voice, but has a garage band look.  oh... there's your partner.  hi.

brad paisley and carrie underwood sing.  finally.  remind me.  beautiful.  love this dress.

new artist of the year goes to... the band perry.  ugh.  i may need to go on a cma strike. 

scotty mccreery.  at least you're keeping it country, right?  jason aldean.  i think i like this song.   hello, reece witherspoon.  you look comfortable on stage.  and male vocalist of the year goes to... blake shelton.  good for him. 

martina mcbride.  hey, i know her.  well... i attended one of her concerts, anyway.  i'm sure we made eye contact.  i'll take her vocal range, too, please.  a white suite?  she normally wears all black.  she's skinny.  she can wear all white.

a tribute to glen campbell.  sweet.  maybe we shouldn't do a closeup on vince gill's glasses, mkay?  awe.  this is sweet. 

faith hill.  she could be a model.  her makeup is a bit cat-woman-ish tonight though.  i'd like to have her vocal range.  i think my vocal chords are tired from listening to all these ranges tonight. 

more actors to announce female vocalist?  miranda lambert.  really?  deja vu anyone? 

wow.  that's the strangest dress, carrie.  that wardrobe person should be fired.  reba announcing entertainer of the year... taylor swift.  look at that teenage excitement.  cute.  writing names on your arm?  cuter.

i am clearly no longer a teenager, thus mama needs some zzzzz...  that's a wrap.

did your faves win?  {if you love the band perry, please disregard this post and chalk it up to delirious ramblings.} ;)


  1. You are not the only one who doesn't get ' If I die young'. I do kinda like their song 'You Lie' though. I thought they won last year for 'If I die young'? Perhaps I'm confusing my award shows. Thompson Square is married. I like that song. I only saw bits and pieces of the show.. I'm a big fan of Tim and Faith both : )

  2. I didn't get to watch last night! Thanks for the entertaining recap! Loved it! Is it scary that we think on the same level?? Nah.

  3. I have listened to just about every type of music for a long time and there was so much talent last night at those awards. It saddens me to see these smart and talented women who can *sing* and be wonderful examples for little girls that they too, can be anything instead choose to look like a corpse in a trashy dress.

    Have a great Thursday, my friend!

  4. Fun post! I did not see the awards last night but after reading your review, I feel like I did! (I too, wish Carrie would get a stylist......)

  5. I'm actually not a country music fan, but this post was super fun to read!

  6. Oh my! You have a lot to say on this! lol...I LOVE country music. I am sure where you live, that is totally normal, but it is totally NOT here. We don't have any country music stations :( I have to rely on my satellite radio for country and I have so much going on all the time that I hardly listen....but I do love Brad Paisley!

    And I didn't like that "If I should Die Young" song...I saw that part of the awards last night and I didn't understand why it won, either!

  7. This is wonderful. I did not watch the CMA's [don't like country..shhhh or I will be kicked outta Bama] but your recap makes me wish I did. Great stuff.

  8. This post was so entertaining! :) We aren't huge country music fans, but 7 years ago we stayed in Nashville on the way home from vacation. We couldn't figure out why all the hotels were full and there were tons of limos and dressed up people...oh, just the CMAs. Crazy! I know we saw tons of famous people, we just didn't know who they were!

  9. Ha! Your thoughts and ramblings made me laugh. I was watching and thinking many of the same things.

    Some of Carrie's dresses were AWFUL! What happened there???

  10. You are so funny! Reading this made me wish I could watch it in person with you! :)

  11. Funny! Since I live in the boondocks and do not have Television except for the 1 PBS station that digital so kindly will let us receive and the fastest internet service provided in our out back location is dial-up...I learned a lot here! :)

    Also wished I hadn't been stuffing my face with that Homemade Cinnamon Roll while I read this...:)

  12. Carrie IS awesome for sure but YES,the dresses... esp the last one wowsa!!!!
    I thought Taylor Swift was cute too!!


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