Wednesday, November 2, 2011

let's catch up, shall we?


granny came to texas...  {howdy, granny!}
to see her granddaughter's acting debut.

fortunately, nator also had a piano recital for granny to enjoy.  live and in person.


see her at the piano?
maybe next time we agree to playing a duet, we should ask which side of the piano she will be playing, yes? ;)
playing a jazzy tune, they were the most entertaining {spoken like a true mama}...
including jazz hands at the end.


upon leaving recital, the church was hosting a small pumpkin patch.  we can check this off the list now, too.
right? ;)

cute lil' punkin' heads.


we woke early to join some of our best friends and 15,000 others {give or take a few} in a walk for the cure for juvenile diabetes.


cutie-patooties.  the girls were so excited to raise money for their friend.

i'm just realizing the greenery behind gracie's head makes her look like she has crazy, static-filled hair. ha!


we auditioned for the christmas production at theater.
then finished our final two productions.
think it's safe to say that they love it.

all of this, and more {you know school-errands-life}, might help explain some of the bloggy absence.  and my seemingly inability to remember to snap a picture of jazzy in her halloween tutu.  i know, right?!  what kind of furry-family-member-mama am i?!  i really should take more pictures of that poor doggy. ;)


  1. WHAT, no picture of Jazzy?!?! How could you?? :) I'm glad to see that everyone is doing well. Busy, but well. :)

  2. sounds like a great week! and it's always more fun when grandma is visiting!!!

    so glad you support juvenile mom has type 1 diabetes.

  3. So glad you got us caught up on all things Family Team! I have missed your posts, but I totally understand how living life is just more important than writing about it!

    I'm glad your girls enjoyed their debut theater experience. I'm thinking there will probably be more productions in the future for you? We are into rehearsals now for Christmas Carol. Yep, I'm in this one too! Minor roles, but fun.

    I think it's time for another vlog--what do you think?

  4. Oh, how wonderful that Granny came for the performances! What a great lady! Just love involved grandparents. :)

    May I ask, what kind of camera you use? You always have the best pictures!

  5. Yay for granny coming to visit! And for pumpkin patches and piano recitals...sounds like a lot of fun :)

  6. I'm very sad to have missed Jasmine's tutu. Can she wear it for Christmas (as the Sugar Plum Fairy)?

    Cute girlies though :)

  7. So glad Granny got to see the girls perform. Love those pictures in the pumpkin patch. And yes...more pictures of sweet Jazz please. ;) Your girls are so dang cute!

  8. it is so great when grandparents can come in for events. :) I bet your girls were so excited

  9. Aww such precious time with Grandma :)

    You need to put Jazzy's tutu back on and do a photo shoot ;)


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