Thursday, October 20, 2011

name that play

wednesday was a day of painting theater props and piano lesson.
by 5:00 pm mama was ready to call. it. a. day.  really.
i'm not getting old... and i may or may not be in denial.

today, gracie and i woke together, just shy of the alarm going off.
i was greeted by her big smile, as she leaned over to snuggle and wish me good morning.
love that.

waking to the sound of an alarm is an annoying way to start the day anyway.  agree?  unless you're nator.  she's a light sleeper and only needs the smooth sounds of a light-classical-piano-alarm to wake her from behind her eye mask.  cute, yes? 

she's always been that way.  getting that girlie to nap when she was younger was a monumental task.  the slightest noise woke her.  gracie on the other hand, needed 'white noise' for sleep... and a rock, bounce, pat motion to do the trick.   to this day, gracie is known for falling asleep before we finish a movie.  nator will see it to the end... like her mama.

i digress.


we started our thursday with a full run-thru of the production. 

then it was off to diffuse a little drama happenings at theater {imagine that. ha!}.  late lunch.  edit pictures, taken during rehearsal.  {i always take too many!}  print theater invitations for the girls to hand deliver.  drop off girls at dance.  order a handful of 5x7 pix for the theater.  clean kitchen.  feed dog.  change litter.  take out trash.  talk to hubs via cell.  pick up pictures ordered.  pick up girls.  prepare dinner.  initiate showers.  blog multiple ramblings {aren't you glad?}.  eventually crawl to bed. 


now... aren't you tired, too?  soooooo it's not my age, it's this daily grind thing wearin' mama down. *ahem*


in our home, we are currently housing bet, charlotte, orphans, old sally, old lady {not me-the play, silly}, flower seller, and a milk maid.  which play am i?

oh! and thank you so much for all of the well wishes.  i have passed them on... and they were received with a big, thankful smile.  :)


  1. I know that exhausted feeling all too well. Your girls look great in their costumes! I have 4 pre-teen/teen girls at my house this weekend. Lots of giggles! My husband is kind of glad he's in your state right now and not at home. :/

    I hope your performances go great!

  2. The girls look fantastic! I love the final picture, it looks like she could just step out of the screen and sing!

  3. I cheated! Can you believe I've never seen Oliver before? Well, I guess I saw the movie at some point, but I don't really remember any of the characters :)

    It looks like a lot of exhausting fun!

  4. The girls look great in their costumes! Super pics!

  5. The pictures look wonderful! It's you who gets a standing ovation from me, though; your exhaustion is very much understood considering how busy you are! Love your devotion and good attitude about it all. I'm sure your girls will remember it when they're older.

  6. I'm thinking Oliver-looks like fun! Hope you get a nap this week : )

  7. Ahh Oliver. I can't wait to hear all about it. We finished up Mockingbird week before last. I am STILL recuperating. Love the picture of Gracie with her flowers.


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