Thursday, October 27, 2011

{grace} under the influence of hormones

when hubs called, i informed him that he almost lost a child yesterday. {of course, i'm kidding.  please don't get your bowels in an uproar (as pops used to say).  our kids are well taken care of.  promise.  just ask us.  not them.  ha!}  after he giggled {wait.  do men giggle?}, i mean... belted a manly chuckle, he asked what happened.


let me just say that when you have all girls fluttering about the house, some things are completely open to discussion... at any given moment.

and it had been a trying day.  it seemed that after several weeks of daytime theater rehearsals, simply jumping back into a 'school' routine was being met with several grumbles.  

*gasp*  i know, right?  

i confess.  we try to make school fun, but sometimes schoolwork can feel a bit dry when you're trying to just 'get through a few things'.  such is life.  i figure that's preparing them for the future, too.  not everything in life is a walk through the park, right? ;)

mama may or may not have given a speech on the privilege of education... and homeschool.  and the fact that "extra-curricular" activities (theater, dance, field trips, etc.) can be lessened if studies are met with complaint.  mama's not playin', y'all.  mama is tired from said activities, although great distractions when dad is out of town.

we consider homeschool a major blessing.   truthfully, non of us would have it any other way.   just felt the need to put that out there.  ;)


so, since we have such open communication, we were discussing how little things that normally bother you... well, reeeeeally bother you A LOT when hormones are running amok.  which may or may not explain why mama spouted an earlier speech {while tripping over toys, bedding, and cups} in search of a girlie's missing grammar workbook... only to be found where it was supposed to be.  on her shelf.  oi.

this ended in a group hug.  mama needed it.  maybe we all did.

{nator throwing water on one of her friends! this part of the play cracks. me. up.}

we made it through schoolwork {thankyoujesus}.  honestly, they enjoy our educational discussions and songs, once we dive in.  

before i headed downstairs, i noticed 6 or 7 cups that needed to be returned to the kitchen.  without giving a speech, i told them to bring their cups downstairs when they came down.

then gracie spoke one of the forbidden phrases one should not say when someone under the roof is slightly influenced by hormones.

are you ready for it?

"i'll be glad when your period is over."

wait...  did you *gasp* or *giggle*?

and this, my friends, is where grace steps in.

mama took a deep breath.  told gracie them were punishable words. warning noted.  then proceeded downstairs.  just walk away, hmama.  walk. a.way.

mama may or may not have dove into a dark chocolate bar for comfort.


i shudder to think what it will be like when all three of us are raging with hormones.  menopause around the corner anyone??  better yet, hubs {poor guy} should just enter the house initiating hugs and carting dark chocolate.  great idea, yes?


and i record these words because hubs told me to.  he thought it was stinkin'. hilarious.  as did i.  once i took 5 or 50 deep breaths.

good thing she's so cute.  you know, with that deep dimple of hers.

and her innate need to belt out the star spangled banner while showering also brings a smile to my face.


  1. Oh my word! I laughed so hard! (Sorry)

    I feel your pain though, I really do. We now have 2 out of 3 girls in our house having to put up with that. Hubby has talked several times about building a shed out back for him to live in. Really?!

  2. I love your posts! I get so excited when I see them in my Google Reader!! I always wish you lived closer!!

    First of all, I completely agree with you that not everything should be a walk in the park and that prepares them for the future!

    Secondly, we have two in our house now in that hormone addled predicament, thankfully so far we are not at the same time. I can't imagine when we add the third what will happen--Jason coming home with dark chocolate sounds pretty darn good!

    Lastly, Gracie is adorable. And I love that she sings the Star Spangled Banner in the shower. Allie sings Christmas carols at the top of her lungs...the other night Piper and I recorded her singing in the shower on her ipod...and surprised her when she got out of the shower...ah, all in the life of a mama of girls!

  3. Ha-this made me smile. I used to tell my hubs I'd put a big red circle on the calendar and he best plan an out of town trip that way...three women on the roller coaster of emotion at the same time-whoa!

  4. I gasped and THEN I giggled. I think the next biology lesson should be that you can joke AFTER the fact, but not DURING. If you value your life :)

  5. Oh boy!!! She's is TOTALLY lucky she's cute!! That was funny, though.

  6. HAHAHAHA!! Much funnier for us to read than for you to hear, I'm sure!! I thank my lucky stars that I am the only raging hormonal female of the household. All my guys steer very clear of me during that special time!!

  7. lol yes! my hubs will join him. as dads of girls, they need to know that chocolate is a "must have on hand at all times" thing! :)

  8. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but...I definitely giggled!
    Good thing about being in a house of boys: they wouldn't DARE have said that to me! :D

  9. LOL That just cracked me up. Doncha just love girls? We have a girl only house, except poor Nomad and things get crazy at times. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that she sings the Star Spangled Banner in the shower. I have stood outside the bathroom door so many times listening to my girl sing. Sweet music. Love the pictures too!! The final one is GREAT!

  10. LOL!!!

    Wowza! I can't begin to imagine what your household is in for. And...I won't have to worry about that happening here, either. After an emergency hysterectomy at 30...and no HRT going on, I'm pretty mellow. So, we just wait for the girly's maturity to someday wreak havoc on us with her own hormonal swings and well....dread that day. But at least it will only be one!;)


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