Wednesday, October 19, 2011

consuming life lately


birthday party for a bestie-friend turning 12.

each of the girls made her a throw pillow to match her new bedroom.  {i hope it matches}  the stitching is a bit rough, but it's the thought that counts, right?  no, really.  i think they were giftable...  is that a word?  anyhoo, the luvable webkinz we brought will match any lil' girl's decor. ;)

i'm in complete denial of the fact that my oldest will be turning 12 in 5 months.
not. believing. it.  
and my youngest double digits in 3 months.
lord. help. me.


theater.  we are using a different (much better) theater this round.

the hard part?  day-time practices [3 hrs (extended to 4 hrs lately)/3 days a week + driving time] and performance prop preparation, which has been eating into our normal school hours; however, the experiences gained??  priceless and irreplaceable.  the girls have grown so much and have looked forward to each rehearsal.

{i'm so glad you're not checking my horrid grammar.  you're not checking that on this blog, right??!}

i've determined to pause schoolwork this week due to the logistics of theater performances, piano recital preparation, in combination with dance schedule, hubs out of town, and honestly... exhaustion.

i've also determined to bring my good camera soon. 


pretty sure a few of the kids don't care which camera is used. ;)


dance.  dance team competition.  dance solo for competition.

yes, the show must go on, in all departments.  even if one girlie wears a knee and ankle brace and watch from the sidelines, as recommended by our wonderful chiropractor.

at least we are finally experiencing fall temperatures.  this has made us all giddy!!  i'm pretty sure i looked at the employee in academy like she had two heads when she said she hated this cooler weather.  is it just me, or is something wrong with you when you want triple digit temps all of the time?? 

jazzy is excited.  more car rides.  however, she is apparently disturbed when 6 kids crowd around her personal space the window to ask me a question about her.  she growls.  and gets in trouble.  this is her mama-just-fussed-at-me-but-i'm-still-keeping-an-ear-on-those-kids-out-there face.  notice how she sometimes sits in the seat like a person.  one of us really should tell her she's a dog.  geesh.

i wish i could tell you more that been filling up our days, but this pretty much sums up my bloggy absence.  the daily grind.  *hangs head in shame*

tomorrow is our last day-time rehearsal... and school will resume in full-speed.  i'm sure the girls are excited.  {insert mad scientist laughter}

so, what's new with YOU?  i've missed making my rounds in blogdom.  hoping to catch up with you soon!!


  1. I love how enthusiastic and happy your girls look in the photos! P doesn't mind her picture being taken. But A has begun to roll her eyes at the idea. :(

    I considered switching to Wordpress, but decided to stay with Blogger. Such big news in my life! lol.

    Jason is going away this weekend. I do not know how you do it. I am an anxious mess at the idea of it!

  2. that is one of the blessings of homeschooling, right?! being able to be flexible during busy seasons!!!

    sounds like life is full but fun!!!

  3. Not much exciting here, but I made some yummy muffins this morning ;)

    My dog does the same thing. I tell her to get in her seat and she gets in the passenger seat and sits like a human :)

    I hope the girls have fun with their theater.

  4. Kei is reading this over my shoulder saying, "I wish I could do that play too with them". I am like "REALLY???" We just got finished with Mockingbird [thankyoujesus] and you are wishing for another one? I know exactly how you feel. We punted..errr put on hold, school for her show week. We can do that ya know...we homeschool. ;)

    Tell the girls to break a leg from Karen and Kei in Alabama!

  5. Ugh! My oldest will be in the double digits in four months, so while I'm not quite where you are yet, we're sneaking in right behind you anyways. Who gave them permission to grow up in the fist place? :)

    Crazy busyness rocks my world too, so don't feel shamed, just go with it!

  6. life does get super busy doesn't it? they look like they are having so much fun with theater. :)

  7. I've missed your posts. Glad to hear everything is well.

  8. I always smile to see your girls in action :)

  9. i loved doing that play it so much fun


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