Sunday, October 9, 2011

dancin' in the rain

today, we enjoyed a relaxing-family-day!
and guess what?!
it's been raining aaaaaall day.
i'd almost forgotten what those rainy dayz were like.


oh, how i've missed them!

when taken for granted, rainy dayz have the potential to be cumbersome...
in the midst of the daily grind.

when they are few and far between...
mom might tell you to go outside.
and you might look at her, like... huh?!

one free-spirited child might dash out the door, without hesitation.
the other might contemplate it, then decide it would be okay...
with umbrella in hand.


these pictures captured our second shower over the summer.
there were maybe 3, total.
this one lasted 5 minutes.
then disappeared as quickly as it came.

the first shower, very light, lasted 2 hours.
and we wonder why our grass is not the plush lawn of our dreams?


even a 5 minute rain shower is something to get excited about in this texas drought.

today, the girls played on the trampolene for a few minutes.  rain was no deterrent.  then, they had an unexpected play date, when a friend needed me to keep her kids.

all had a blast this afternoon...


in the midst of the rain.


  1. Hard to even imagine only 3 rainshowers all summer long! As always, love the pictures of the girls! A little surprised Nator was the one who hesitated...she usally seems to be the go-getter to me! lol
    Have a great week!

  2. LOVE it!! and those pictures are so cute!!!

  3. We have had such a little bit of rain too. Supposed to rain here a few days. Kei loves playing in the rain. I always did too. We used to ride our bikes in the rain, as long as it wasn't thundering or lightning. Love the pictures of your beautiful girls. :)

  4. Fun! But I'm probably more of a Nator girl than a Gracie one :)

  5. so so fun. :) I need to let my girls play in the rain!

  6. So fun! Playing in the rain makes great memories!

  7. Adorable pictures! Love those joyful smiles!

  8. There was a moment here last weekend when the rain hit the glass in our kitchen and made the most wonderful "thrumming" noise. It was fabulous.

  9. awww look at your little cuties :D we are having a rainy day here today, but it is cold & dreary. blah.


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