Thursday, August 11, 2011

where there's a family team, there's a road trip... and errands


i think i remember how to do this here lil' bloggy thingy.
but then again, it's been a while.

before i catch you up on our current events, i must say a huge {texas-sized} thank you.
from the bottom of our hearts.
thank you.
for all the wonderful warm wishes at such a heart-heavy time.

so... what have we been up to?

we made our way down the bayou for pop's funeral.
sometimes, you just put aside your schedule for more important things.
theater camp would have been a blast for the girls, but there will be more next year.
for now, the need was with family.

it's funny how the seemingly important things in our busyness seem less important when much bigger worries come to pass.

hubby had to travel many miles to florida after the funeral services.
{insert tears}

the girls and i traveled many miles to and fro granny and grandma's houses for the rest of the week in louisiana.
we handed out lots of hugs.
shared tears.
and had conversation that still has my head reeling. 

attended a cajun wedding reception.
of which i could create an entire blog post.
but i shall refrain.
let's just say...
nator has determined that alcohol will not be served at her wedding. 
mama had some splainin' to do.
and mama wanted to put some adults in time-out.


then we made our way back to texas.
road trip.
i believe gracie ate an entire plate of grapes before we were 30 minutes out of granny's driveway.  grapes are her weakness.

just in time for nator's first lego camp.
piano lessons.
gracie's fashion camp.
picking up hubs from the airport.
and jasmine from the dog-sitter.


a homeschool swim party with sweet friends.
celebrating august birthdays.
gracie shocked us all when she went down the big slide into the deep end.
{last year, she merely made it half-way up the stairs before returning.}
nator is thrilled to have a slide partner.


the party was meant to welcome in the new school year.
of which i'm not ready for.
as seen by our unorganized school room.
but will be.
next month is soon, right? ;)

that's what ensues when life happens.
priorities shift,
but we eventually get to all of the important things on the list, right?
just smile, nodding your head in agreement.
it makes me feel better.


and mama ended the week with a bang.
remember the mystery pain that took mama's breath away last year?
it happened to poor mama again, friday night.  this is no walk in the park, people.
mama had to lie on the floor to keep from passing out from the pain.
mama finally had to wake the sleeping papa to help when mama got sick.
not pretty.
but at least mama kept it neat for papa.
mama loves effecient cleanup. ;)

guess mama will have to break down and go back to a doc again soon.
*insert more random complaining*

mama was slow moving {with a heating pad} for nearly 48 hrs.  was well for a day.  then came down with severe body aches.  better the next day.

and that's the end of mama's geriatric story.
wow.  aren't you glad i blogged again? ;)

i'm sure there were many more stories to tell, but that's about all mama's got for today.
mama needs a vacation.
of which she and the girlies will take soon.
sooner than our school room will be organized.
road trip, baby!
*crossing fingers that daddy can meet us out there*

and for any who've missed the added vloggy...
the girlies have missed it more, i believe.
they enjoy watching all of our past videos.

oh sweet memories.
and beautiful blessings.

how are you guys doing?  are you enjoying the pool this summer?  or are you ready for cool temps just as much as we are? 


  1. Definitely ready for cool, fall temps!

    Yay for videos again!

    It was really nice to get caught up on your lives. I've missed your posts!

    Hope you get that vacation trip!

  2. very glad you are blogging again! :) we have had two cooler days in a row and it is so nice!!!

  3. Glad you are back. Missed your fun updates. :)

  4. Gee, it's too bad Gracie didn't get any personality! :)

    About this disorganized classroom....I asked Nator when you guys were starting school and she said you were ready but were just waiting on your science book. Hmm.

    And also, yes we were very excited to hear we were using the same science and so that means we have to go on field trips together, right?

  5. I love that picture of Nator in the bean bag chair. too cute.

    I am so sorry to hear about that pain. I hope it is nothing serious.

    I hope you ladies have another great road trip!

    We are not starting school until September either.

  6. I loved reading about your family minus the pain part, of course. I'll be watching for your next update. Good luck with your homeschool adventures. We have a son we're homeschooling and several other kids in public school. School can be busy any way you look at it.

  7. So glad to see your smiling faces again! And yes -- I am SO ready for the cooler temps! We are running around like mad people over here too. And for what it's worth, our classroom isn't quite put together yet either ;) Guess I should probably get to finishing that, huh? :D

  8. So, I've been on a very long blog vacation and was shocked when I started reading this tonight and saw that your pops had passed away. I am so sorry for your loss. I read your beautiful post on "moments with pops" and was saddened with you at his passing, but then so glad to hear that he is in heaven. I know it still hurts to not have him here on earth, so please know that my prayers are with you.

    Looks like your beautiful family has been keeping very busy! So great to see your vlog again! :)

  9. Oh, and if you need a place to road trip to, you always have a place to stay here in Iowa! It is the heartland, you know... maybe it'd be good for your mystery pains?

  10. Glad to hear that you are all home safe and sound and hoping that phantom pain is not going to be something major!

  11. Somehow I missed the post about your pops. So sorry for your loss. Hugs to you!

  12. Oh my Gosh I so enjoyed your update! I was laughing at the wedding hoopla. :) Make your doctor appt and find out what the mysterious pain is! I am so sorry about your papa.

    Kei and I watched "The Gracie" err "The Nator" show and loved it! Kei would get along so well with your girlies! What a great idea. I am going to steal it! What camera did you use and how did you film it? You were driving..did the dog film it???? I must know these answers! :) Too cute.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your's never easy to lose a loved one! I'm also sorry to hear about your mystery pain and I hope you get it figured out soon, so you don't have to suffer with it again!

    Your girls are simply personality plus and I just love watching their videos! :)

  14. Sorry you're having so much mysterious pain - I hope they can figure it out soon. (You ARE going to let them figure it out aren't you?)

    I love how Gracie's weakness is grapes - much more healthy than mine!

    Your girls really are seriously cute. And that Jasmine :)

  15. Cooler temps was what we had on our vacation. I was in pants and sweatshirts!! Ridiculous!! I was not happy.

    As for your pain, yuck. :( I hope the doc can figure out what that was. That would be scary.

  16. The pain: Is it your gallbladder? Or is it in a completely different area? It's a tricky thing, alright. Hope you figure out what it is soon!

  17. sorry about your loss... *=( Alas... glad time with family went really well... hope the pain thing gets itself sorted out... we have a lot of mystery medical stuff in our world... no fun... yipes!!


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