Saturday, August 27, 2011

a break

it was well over a week ago, but since we hit the ground running,
it feels like an eternity ago.

i was going to get my hard drive situation cleared up before i posted, but...
photoshop won't let me edit,
much less save anything new on the hard drive.
mama's computer is officially maxed out.
but the days are turning into weeks, so here are several pix.
mostly unedited.


on saturday, after the girls finished theater auditions {the second round},
we hit the road.  minus daddy.
ironically, he's been working crazy hours here at home.
as his office is in transition, changing their physical address, merging with other offices.
a huge project.
so leaving with us is out of the question.

the girls and i met up with granny and the fam in louisiana.
then loaded up our 2 cars to complete the trip.
orange beach.
less beach, more pool.


a lovely, relaxing week.
lazy river.
breakfast on the patio.
complete with panera bagels we picked up on our way there.
hazelnut cream cheese.
lazy river.


reading the help.
lazy river.
fun card games.
and the lazy river.

i made one trip to the hotel's gym, for good measure.
but swimming in the lazy river was much more fun.
and can be quite the workout when going against the current. ;)


the girls had a blast on the slide.
but we had to share with the adults, too.
right, uncle b? ;)

we ventured out very little.
to eat...
lambert's cafe and the hangout {next door to the beach}.
and shop...
gracie picked a feather for her hair, t-shirt, and a fashion designer notebook.
nator picked a small space shuttle, t-shirt, and an owl bank.

we also found a great sale on books at books a million.
nator spent some time gasping to the point of nearly depleting the room of oxygen.
too cute.  so fun to see kids excited about reading.


hubs flew in on friday to join us.


2 full days with everyone there.
before we hit the road for the long trek all the way home.
which, thankfully, didn't feel as long as we thought it would.
road trips induce great conversation.


there's video, too...
but the hard drive is not ready for that download.

all of the memory capturing, uploading, burning of dvd's, dumping of old files, etc... is stressful.  am i the only one who worries about that chore?
mine may have something to do with having lost a whole year of our lives in pix and videos,
due to a hard drive crash years ago.
since then, i have issues with deleting pictures.
even though they are now saved on dvd's.

confession:  i currently have 3,779 pictures in my iphone.  non of which i shared in this post... because of the can't-upload-to-hard-drive-issue.

just call me h-mama, the bagel-eating-lazy-river-riding-beach-lovin'-picture-hoarder.
*hangs head in shame*


  1. Ok - I've been wondering where you are! I miss your posts!! and sorry about your harddrive issues... I'm having them too with my new camera. :( way too many big pictures! praying your husbands work stuff evens out soon. have you started school yet?

  2. That's quite the title you've given yourself! How 'bout I just call you fun-lovin' memory keeper? Then you wouldn't have to hang your head in shame. : )

    I'm so glad you had a good trip!

  3. Looks like a great trip - I wanna ride the lazy river! Although that would involve a swimsuit I'm guessing. Hmmm...

    Mike & I save multiple copies of pictures all over the darn place, but the idea of actually cleaning off my hard drive? Yikes!

  4. I wondered where you were...glad it was somewhere nice : ). You can never have too many pictures.

  5. Thank goodness there was a lazy river, huh? =) Every trip needs one of those.

  6. Wow...where do I begin. I've been MIA for almost a month. Your pictures are awesome, even if they are unedited. I read the Help over the first part of the summer and LOved it! I haven't been able to see it in theatres, but hopefully soon. Glad you and the fam enjoyed your trip....I'm envious!:)

  7. Great photos!

    Do you have an underwater camera??? How did you take those underwater shots???

    My husband was looking over my shoulder and saying how cute your girls are and he loved the bookstore part and said it reminded him of our girls :)

  8. You are so beautiful--and so are your girlies! I had no idea an iphone could hold so many pictures!

    Glad hubs was able to join you!

  9. Oh believe me, I had sooo many pics on my computer I crashed it. Now I have them stored on an external hard drive, working on uploading them to an photo site, and backing them up on DVD. You are not alone!

  10. What a fabulous week... love your new title btw!! ha ha... I am so sad our beach trips are over... and soon school will take over our days!! *sniff* Hope your hard drive issues get resolved soon... I need to protect my pics before I get another virus on my laptop... almost lost 2 years of pics in June!! *yipes* Blessings~~

  11. What a great week. We love Orange Beach. We haven't gone in awhile but it is one of our favorite places. I love the underwater pictures. Gosh it looks like you all had such a great time. Sorry about your HD issue. I hate computer problems! Just ruins my day. :)

  12. I'm hanging my head in shame with you! I'm a picture hoarder, too. I so need to free up space on my computer. I think you've induced a guilt complex on me! :) LOL!

  13. I'm glad to see that you're having fun this summer. Hope you're feeling better. I've been kinda ick, so bloggin hasn't been high on the list. (sigh)

  14. I have been absent form the blogsphere as of late and decided it was time to jump back in, then I noticed I have not been the only one. Still my head is hanging in shame.

    Hate that you are having computer issues...yuck, but at least you got to partake in a lazy river! I'm jealous!! :o)

    Oh well, time to catch up on tons of other blogs...this could take a while!


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