Wednesday, August 31, 2011

post vacation life

living life and blogging in real-time are the same as singing your abc's backwards,
while solving an algebraic equation.
at least, as far as my bloggy is concerned.

we hit the ground running.  daddy had to go out of town again.
{excuse me while i grab a klennex.  really.  the overtime has been a bit much lately. only he doesn't get paid by the hour.  okay, i'm moving on... thankful he has a wonderful job.}
so, the girls and i hit chili's for kids eat free.  {woot!}


dental appointment.
a minor repair.
insurance covered.
thank you jesus.
donkey-kong anyone?


this is how we cope with missing dad.
silliness is the key to distraction in our home.
{and, apparently, no makeup - with some sort of pepples flintstone ponytail.}


piano lessons resume.
as do visits to the gym.


i upped my gym membership city-wide so that i could utilize the time the girls are in theater to get my workout in.... but feeling 'at home' in a new place takes time.

mama is not lacking in the cardio department.
each visit has resulted in an hour of full cardio... because someone may or may not be intimidated by the people in the weight area.
or maybe it's the tv's that are attached to the cardio machines.
pandora via iphone plus tv with subtitles... i could stay there all day.
i won't be testin' that theory.

oh.... and we had rain!  rain, people!
that's exciting news around here, y'all!

after a hard workout, mama needed some green tea,
so jazzy caught up on some puppy whip.
she would make a great spokesperson for puppy foam.  dontcha think?


and ummm... nothing like one of those visits to jolt you back to reality.
seems my severe pains {you know the ones that leave me blacking out and ultimately throwing up? TMI. i know. sorry.} have baffled the medical community.
the only diagnosis they can give me is a complication with my PCOS. 
i was warned there may be more {pains}.
PCOS is now dead to me.

as if the infertility issues weren't enough years ago...
or the fact that i seem to be able to look at a piece of cake and gain 5 lbs?
good thing i lost 3 lbs since my last appointment.
a year ago.


grilled goodness.
this means daddy is home! :)
we've enjoyed evenings of him coming home at a great hour this week.
rare treat these days.
even a few family games.
cookies {made with a stick of butter}.  broccoli.
which do you think was mom's idea? dad's?  or paula deen's? ;)

which are your family's favorite games?


  1. UGH for PCOS pain!!! People do not know how much that hurts until you are in extreme pain. Super cute pics!

  2. Cute pictures! You really did hit the ground running after vacation! I'm so sorry about PCOS and the pain. Praying you'll be able to manage it!
    Your grilled food looks amazing! YUM!
    We played a couple lively rounds of Old Maid after school today! That crazy gray haired lady really makes the kids go WiLd!

  3. Grilled chicken and broccoli, I'm on my way over. :) Is that bad that all I comment on is the food?? :)

  4. Life has been a little crazy busy here these past few weeks too. Glad to see you on your blog : ) Enjoy this long weekend, with hopefully Dad at home!

  5. So glad to catch up with you!!!

    Yea for RAIN!!!! we were so happy to get some last week too!!

    We love ANY game in our family, really. With the college kids, we love Settlers of Catan. But we also love card games...Garbage is our new favorite one!! all you need is a deck of cards and pennies!

    btw, did you get your hair cut? it looks like it in that last picture!

  6. Good to hear from you again!
    I'm sorry, I don't know what PCOS is, but I know it's causing you problems, so it's dead to me too! I'm sorry you're in pain.

    Games, huh? We play a lot of cards, Sorry, Apples to Apples, and Wii Bowling.

  7. ugh. weights are so overwhelming. I always feel like I need someone with me for that part. the tvs are totally better on the cardio machines! :) sillyness really helps in our house too

  8. Okay, not sure where my comment went. Ignore this is you get too from me okay?

    Ahem, as I was saying...

    Mmmmm.... Your grilled food looks yummy!

    I like the way you update your blog. It's random, and full of fun and life (I like how I wrote it before but now I can't remember :(

  9. We must have missed that rain in our neighborhood!

    Sorry about the pain too. Although you are cracking me up taking the picture while there! There really isn't anything they can do?

    You know, whenever hubs is out of town....we're sitting here doing nothing. The girls can come swim!

  10. Leave it to you to be a medical mystery - I'm really sorry, & I hope that they can figure it out SOMETIME.

    Love the puppy foam pics - she's too cute. As are your girls.

    It's good to see you!

  11. I am laughing at the puppy foam pictures!!! I think Jazzy and Higgins would make the best bff's ever if we lived close enough!! You know Higigns started a blog...right?? You will get a kickout of it, or maybe Jazzy will! Like I have nothing better to do, ahem... anyways, check it out in your spare time, hmm, spare time, what is that? Anyhoo, .


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