Monday, August 23, 2010

Project 365 - Week 34

I was hoping that week 34 would bring more excitement... and excitement it did bring, but I suppose I should have been a lil' more specific, eh?   It ended with good excitement, though. That's what counts.  Right?  :)

Hubs started off our week with some wonderful, yummy pancakes and scrambled eggs.  I had good intentions of going to the gym, you know, to break my month long boycott.  Sigh.  When hubs sends up daughter #1 with breakfast in bed for Mama, and daughter #2 with hot tea... Well, needless to say, it was like kryptonite to Superman.  I stayed home, and we had a very lovely day together.

Monday morning, I awoke at 4 a.m. with a pain I hadn't felt since active labor.  I nearly passed out, and woke DK as soon as I realized this could turn into an E.R. trip.  Because I'm hardheaded, I really didn't want to go, so I rode it out.  DK later told me that he was about to start doing Lamaze Breathing with me.  I nearly needed it.

And HELLO, Mama was gettin' ready for a wax.  My legs were not lookin' very lady-like.  Just sayin'.  I know.  From what my nurse-friend tells me, they've seen a lot worse.  ;)

Later, after getting a recommendation from a friend, I called her doctor to make an apt, but the young girl answering the phone {obviously naive to labor-like pains} wasn't the least bit sympathetic nor concerned about my symptoms it will be a while before I can get worked in.  I'm just taking it easy and hoping the pain-attack doesn't come back.  {If so, I'm calling a different doctor's office.}

DK started going to the gym early each morning, before work.  The girls and I are so proud of him.  He has a great setup, working out with co-workers at the same gym.  A healthy support system is priceless!  For his first week, he may have 'overdone' it just a bit.  His legs gave out on him one day.  Like Jell-O. 

Between the both of us this week, we are now looking into assisted living homes. 


Maybe.  ;)

This week, Mama's schedule could handle art class... and art alone.  ;)

The girls think they have the bestest mama in the whole wide world were more than willing to jump into some art projects this week.

Gracie had her background painted, but wanted Mama to paint a horse for her.  Ummm... Okay.  She named her Posey.  :)

Nator painted a character from one of her favorite shows, Fetch with Ruff Ruffman.

I must add... When one listens to Classical music while painting, one feels quite cultured. ;)

We even brought our sketch pads outside to show that no 2 artists express their creativity the same, even when drawing the same tree.  Gracie wouldn't reveal hers until it was completed.

Pottery treasures were picked up from last week, and painted... for the last time this summer.  Is it really possible that we are saying good-bye to 2010's summer??

Nator finally lost that tooth.  And guess what?  The Tooth-Fairy must have been booked solid again.  Can you believe she didn't make the great tooth exchange until breakfast?  That's one busy fairy.  She's done this once before in our house.  ;)

After a long week, and feeling a little more confident that I may not have another attack of pain {specifically in public}, DK and I decided that our family was due a vaca stay-cation.  There are many attractions within an hour of where we live, so we decided to take advantage of a couple.  First, we needed to take Jasmine to our dog-sitter's home. 

Does anyone catch the irony in this photo?

First, we decided to explore our local boardwalk again.  So much fun... More on this to come!

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  1. Hooray for breakfast in bed!! (that pink bowl in the background is super have lots of fun colors in your cooking arsenal, don't you?) Not hooray for the pains. Any idea what it was? Just praying it doesn't come back!!
    Good job on the horse...I'm impressed.
    No pets allowed...what? Must be a Texas thing. :)
    Glad you are having a stay-cation. Hope you have enjoyed and gorgeous pic of the family together!!

  2. I am also impressed with your horse! great job! :)

    sorry about the pain... that is no fun. and that is a great family photo! precious :)

  3. Oh no! I can't imagine what the pain is from. Hope it doesn't come back before you get in to see the dr.
    Beautiful picture of y'all on the boardwalk. Sometimes exploring/re-exploring things close to home are the best times!

  4. H-Mama, I always enjoy your entries, and therefore am awarding you the Sunshine Award for being one of my favorite blogs.Please stop by my page and read today's entry to see how to 'pick up' your award, and how to pass it on to your favorite blogs. Peace and love, Blondee.

  5. Gosh, hope you're feeling okay and the pain didn't return!

    Hooray for stay-cations -- they are always awesome!

  6. Yikes--hope you're feeling better now! (Do you still have your appendix, by any chance?)

    Love the art pictures!

  7. Love your blog! And hope the pain doesn't come back!

  8. That's scary about the pain. I blame the pancakes (just kidding - that was really sweet).

    Great pic of the family - can't wait to see the rest of the adventure.

  9. so have you ever figured out what is wrong?

    so sweet...breakfast in bed!!! love it!

    ok, so I don't get the irony of the picture....what is it? am I slow?

  10. thanks for your well wishes. i have an idea as to what this pain could be related to, so i'm off to the vitamin shoppe this morning! as far as the severe pain i felt, i guess i will leave that up to the dr... and hope it doesn't come back before then. {crossing fingers}

    i think the irony in the pic is... this is where our 'dog-sitter' lives... yet the sign says... 'no pets allowed'. funny, yes?

  11. What a great picture of your family! Also hoping that pain stays fun & scary when you aren't sure what's causing it.

  12. Oh my goodness! I can't imagine having laborish pains without the baby! Hope you figure it out!!

  13. Yikes! I hope those pains don't come back! If so, you'd better get to a doc asap!

    That boardwalk looks beautiful!

  14. I hope you go to the er if they do come back. Awesome your dh is going to the gym with support. We need to get back. Love this post but pray that everything is ok.
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  15. Boo to labor pains with no baby! :) Hope you can "fix" them!
    I love your girls' art projects! They are talented!
    Can't wait to hear more about the stay-cation! :)

  16. seriously? i am this far behind!

    hope you have not had any more pains! i've had kidney stones and gallbladder stones both feel like labor. or worse.

    lovin' that ruff ruffman painting


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