Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Happiness {and a Giveaway}

Watermelon.  Cold.  Right from the fridge.  I think it's the main thing that we've enjoyed this summer.  It's made this Texas heat tolerable.  From the very first melon that was cut this year, we've eaten it every. day.  Except on days that we didn't have any.  A run to the store would soon follow.

I haven't been able to get into the pool scene this year, but with an 8 and 10 year old, it's unavoidable.  This summer we watched Nator face her fears.  I think the passion to face her fear outweighed the fear itself...  going down a fast slide, into water she could not touch.  {insert mommy-*gulp*}  Yes, she's 10.  We took swimming at a slow pace.

It took her 2 tries before she decided that she liked it. {She figured out which slide was a lil' slower.} Now that's almost the only place you'll find her at the pool.  She loves it!  {Even when they told her she couldn't wear her goggles down the slide, she wiped her tears and braved it again.}  We are so proud of her.

While sliding down, she can be heard screaming through the tube, "This is the best slide eeeverrrrrr!"  Splash!

Gracie walked half-way up the stairs, and promptly walked back down.  Maybe next year, Gracie.  Maybe next year.  In my book, you get points for taking those first steps.

The girls and I viewed old pix and videos this morning.  It makes this mama heart *sigh*.  Big.  Nator was 5, and Gracie was 3.  Be still, my beating heart.  I'll post more of these next week.

I think art is my favorite class.  I've decided to put most other subjects on hold till next month.  It seems only fair since that's when public schools begin here.  ;)

This week in art, we started with watching YouTube tutorials (I used this one to help me with Gracie's picture). Within minutes, we had a table full of art books, glue sticks, construction paper, markers, colors, canvas paper, paint brushes, and acrylic paint.

I'll show our canvas papers soon.  I {heart} paint.  So relaxing.

Whole Foods.  I {heart} Whole Foods, too.  I recently discovered that hubs works right next to one.  Unfortunately, it's at least a 1/2 hour away from our house, so he's offered to pick things up that we can only get there.  Isn't he the best?  Sigh.  I found these measuring cups and spoons there.  Don't they just scream happy-fun?  {*Edit:  Hubs just reminded me that I picked these up at H-E-B.  Oops.  That's what I get for grocery shopping at 5 different stores.  For real.  Maybe I can pick up an extra set then?  Hmmm...}

We were also thrilled that they carry Rice Cheese!  I know.  Different, right?  Sorry, I'm just not a fan of things that come from a cow... or pig, for that matter.   It's the little things in life.  Really.  I was so excited, I even clapped.  It didn't last long, as to not embarrass my family.  ;)

Oh... and eggs, too.  We've been eating them for years, but they kinda gross me out.  This vegetarian can't dwell on what they are... or where they come from for too long.  I've tried vegan, but it's quite challenging.  Told you this was a 'random' post, right?

And the giveaway... Sadly {for you}, is not my new measuring devices.   I just wasn't thinking 'blog' when I grabbed these.  Sorry.  So, as a consolation prize, I'll gift one of you a $10.00 Target card

***giveaway is now closed***

So, what do you say?  Are you in?  I'll announce the winner next Thursday!


  1. I am home alone today and it is thundering outside (yea!)...getting ready to take my son to college tomorrow. so here i sit looking at old photo albums....sigh...BIG! how did it happen so fast?

    love the measuring cups!! may need to go over there and look for some myself!

    btw, I, of course follow your blog

  2. I also have your button on my blog!

  3. Oh, I love me some Target! Too bad they don't carry those swanky measuring spoons there...

    Okay, so I'm already a follower - of course! And I have your darling button! But I don't tweet yet... so I get at least two entries, right? :)

    By the way... have I told you lately what a beautiful mama you are? And how your blog is truly one to be envied? ;)

  4. Oh....I already follow your fun blog. That's how I knew about the giveaway. lol. Love the measuring "devices" you scored! Have a great day. Blessings, SusanD

  5. I'm drooling over those measuring cups and spoons too :)

    I'm a proud follower! :D

    P.S. Never heard of rice cheese before... interesting.

  6. Enter me!!! I'm already a follower! :)

  7. I love you baby, you're the best!!!

    BTW, we picked up those measuring thingys at HEB.


  8. ok - that was a random post! uhmm, rice cheese? lol I think just walking the steps sure counts and I also think you should post your old pics on Wednesday and link up with wednesday's walk! good idea??

    oh, and I'm a follower!

  9. I added your button to my buttons page!

  10. Great pictures!
    I really like your colorful measuring spoons.p

  11. Who doesn't love Target...count me in. Your pictures always just jump out at me...thanks for sharing and we are also a watermelon family (yum!)

  12. Oh my, I LOVE those spoons! What fun, brilliant colors!
    Your girls are so cute! I know Cloe would just love them!
    I'm a follower...of Jesus and H-Mama. :)

  13. Button, Button,
    Who's got the button?


  14. Tweeting about it as we speak...or read...

  15. HI! I feel like I already am getting to know you from this random post. I love that sister hug picture. One of my all-time favorite pictures is of my girls when very little hugging in their sleep. I'm following your blog now. You take great pictures. :)

  16. Nator's legs are a mile long in that picture!! I guess I usually only see her close up. Good for her and overcoming her fear!!
    That picture of the 2 of them is too sweet! Hope you had kleenex near by! :)
    You know I love your blog and am officially now a follower.

  17. OK, what up if you already follow and have your button? I think it should count double since we're old friends now. Or maybe triple.

    Yeah .. summer down here ... unbearable.

  18. Mmmkk....SO I totally follow you. I love your blog :) and totally already have your button :)

    Oh yeah....and I heart Target :)

  19. Savannah needs to come hang out with your girls...maybe their bravery will rub off on her - she is SLOWLY getting used to the pool, but it's not her favorite thing to get her head underwater. Ah, well, little by little...

    Target - woohoo! :) I can't go too often because I get in trouble...I always want to redecorate my entire house when I step foot in there. I'm a follower! :)

  20. Watermelon is my favorite summer food...YUM!

    Love the colors of those measuring cups, maybe that would make me want to cook more.

    I'm already a follower of your great blog!

  21. Oh yeah, I already have your button too.

  22. it really is sad how far behind i am in my blog reading!

    i heart watermelon too! so yummy in the summer. i love mine with a dash of salt on it...yum! makes me wanna go cut the one sitting on the counter right now.

    i LOVE those measuring spoons/cups! so cute. and yes, happy colors.

    i'd like to be entered ;) i'm already following your sweet lil' blog

  23. Mmmm, watermelon. It makes life so sweet.

    Your girls always.always. make me smile. They are so sweet.

    Yay Target!!

    I'm a follower! :-)

  24. Bright kitchen tools always make me happy!
    I'm a follower and would love to be in your giveaway.

  25. How cute are those measuring devices. :) And, of course, I follow you. :)

  26. I wish I could, but I can't copy your button code. It won't let me. :( I'll keep trying.

  27. I love these colorful photos!!


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