Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A {sweet} trip down memory lane.

Our lives, full of pitter-patter.
Cute, chubby arms.
Rocking little ones to sleep.
Siblings sleeping together... because they wanted to.

Girlie chatter.
Big hugs.
Daddy playing the role of  "cheese monster".
Mommy making fast grocery runs,
before the snacks ran out that occupied lil' fingers.

Big sister.
T.V. completely hidden by masking tape 'art'.
No Tooth Fairy to make an appearance. 

Little sister.
Bare feet.
Band-aid bandit.
Scribbler on skin.

Living room tents.
Dress up.
Tumbling on toddler bed mattress,
on the floor.

"I do it myself."
Eating colors.
Art with Mom's favorite lipstick.
"Swing me higher!"

"That's too high!"
Hair bows.
Counting... "2,2,2,2,2,2".

Dora The Explorer.
Veggie Tales.
A refusal to potty-train from a certain 3 year old.

An answered prayer to infertility.
Toy-strewn house.
Content heart.

Strong spirit.
Simple faith.
Unconditional love.

This was over 5 years ago.
One of my first {picture-happy} photo shoots with our girls.
Point and shoot Kodak.

Same spot, different year.
Where has the time gone?
In the hearts of those we hold dear.

Sweet Shot Day


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  1. Love love love this! Feeling sentimental here tonight, too!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!

  3. I love your memory post! so pretty! I love the way to edited your pics!

  4. Beautiful. Also, I think your girls looked a lot like the other when they were little. Just precious.

  5. Oh gosh, this just squeezed my heart in a hundred different ways. It's so bittersweet, the passage of time... Your adorable, round-faced little ones have blossomed into lovely young ladies!

  6. This is just a beautiful, beautiful post!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photo's. Time flies so quickly.

  8. Beautifully written! Stopped by via "Wednesday's Walk".

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous photography of adorable subjects. Makes me want to freeze my girls at these ages.

  10. Gorgeous photos of your beautiful girlies. My how they have grown. They time flies by faster than the speed of light. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  11. I absolutely adore this post and the photos are gorgeous, but of course they would be with such beautiful subjects! My how this makes me
    miss those days oh so long ago, with my kids! I don't know what happened... I blinked and now they're grown. Wait a minute, does that mean I'm old now? How did that happen? Lol.

    I love how you edited the pics, the sepia tone is lovely. Did you use a sepia action? Do you mind me asking? It's hard to find a sepia tone that I like and I love yours so I just had yo ask. :)

  12. Oh my word - I LOVE the photos of them standing in the same place, but older! Time goes way to fast. Awesome pictures!

  13. Beautiful post! Lovely photoshoot!
    I just posted pics from 5 years ago too! =)

  14. okay, you totally made me tear up ;)
    oh, girl, this is just beautiful! the girls are just precious!

  15. Oh! MY! What absolutely beautiful photographs!!! Your girls are adorable! I love your narrative that go along with the photos. And how sweet is the love of sisters :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (Ah! trying to get around still to more Walk Down Memory Lane links!...and it is almost time for the next one! I would love if you get a chance to stop by mine :o)


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