Friday, July 22, 2011

sounds like life to me

you've heard it said, or sung...
mama said they'll be days like this.
somehow, knowing that doesn't really prepare one for the feelings that ensue when those days co-exist in the mirage of perfection.


sometimes, the laundry feels never-ending.
pictures turn out below par.  sorry.
the dust settles against my disapproval.
the gas tank empties.
termites make an unwelcome appearance. 
groceries need to be bought.
tempers flare.

and children.
well, regardless of what we teach in our homes,
we know they will make decisions that leave us scratching our heads.
but, sometimes, those decisions will break our hearts.

i had a dose of that today.
and thought...
may i please have the middle-of-the-night-feedings-insomnia-back?


truly, they are their own individuals.
and not an extension of ourselves.

or am i the only one who felt that way, upon leaving the hospital with baby bundles?


cute, lil', sweet baby bundles.

it's been a day around here.
if you follow me on twitter, you may have heard a hint of it.
i'm certain the events of today will have me buying my next box of hair dye
sooner than expected.
i know. you thought i somehow managed to bypass the gray-hair-fairy?
no such luck.
at least i buy close to my natural color.


it's all good, you know.
because when mom is upset about something...
she usually cleans.
today, this meant the kiddos get to help mom sand and prime table and chairs.

physical labor develops character, right?
or at least makes the kiddos thankful for the little things.
like air conditioning.
we were a sweatin'.
workout.  check.

we ended the day with a shower.
little house on the prairie, game night, and beauty and the beast.
we're looking forward to daddy coming back home tomorrow.


someone should tell disney that happily ever after doesn't always look like this.

the bad feels worse.
but the good is so much gooder. ;)


  1. I feel your heartache at a day gone wrong. Sometimes it just gets away from us and no matter what you do the yucky just keeps piling on. I hope today is better for you. I think they heat has us all a little bit fried.

  2. Hope today is better!

    Oh and I find myself wishing back those middle of the night feedings all the time!!

  3. It sounded like a good ending to a not so perfect day! Good-smelling girls in pj's watching Beauty and the Beast. Just perfect.

  4. Things were easier when they were babies, weren't they?

    I'm sorry about your rough day. I do truly know what those are like and I feel your frustration.

    Yay for getting husband and daddy back for a while!

  5. Had one of those days just the other day. OY! Why do they have to sneak in there like that?

  6. I know about those tough days! Sounds like you had a good ending to that rough day, though.

  7. I love the end of beauty and the beast... such a good moment! :) my girls have bonnets like that too!

  8. There's good and bad in all the seasons of this journey, isn't there? Sending you hugs, my friend...

  9. there will be days....

    oh, and scrubbing the kitchen floor with a toothbrush also builds character, just fyi : )

  10. we all have those days... days when the kids need to feel the mama's chores... and work... and see how much she puts into their little lives... first hand... =) Disney is so over rated... I should write a book called Disney ruined my life ... (I kid) do you know the book Jane Austin Ruined My Life? light hearted and funny... similar story... happily ever after isn't like the movies! ;) *snicker snicker* but you are right... the good is better than the movie fairy tails... yep... tails... not tales! ;) Hope your today is filled with a smiles and a bit of sunshine!


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