Thursday, July 21, 2011

eggs, brains, and cell phones

how's that for a title combo?
well, it has to be better than this combo...


unless you really are into dipping your cookies in beer?
honestly, i didn't realize i lived right smack in the middle of redneck-ville.
who knew?


we looked for eggs.
or the people who stock them.

when organic is on sale,
it's a big deal.

we've done it in fashion.

tutus are always in style.
side ponytails are 80's, but don't tell gracie.
she's bringin' it back.
she's also into half shirts, layered on top of other shirts.


we've painted pottery.
seems we're always thinkin' of ice cream, you know.
with sprinkles.


we've exercised sibling generosity.
gracie bought nator a gift with her own money.
a token of appreciation for nator having done this before, as well.
this is a bigger deal than eggs.


we've made brains.
these girls understand much more in education than i ever did at their age.


we bought the girls their first cell phones.
we always told them they'd have one when they needed it.

when you have 2 kiddos, so close in age...
two phones are more for the parents' survival, you know.

with a few activities away from mom, we feel better knowing they have easy access to us...
they just... ummm... look so young for phones, ya know?
many youngsters have them these days.
up until now, we'd say if they needed mom, they only had to look to their left.

they were sooo excited.
we told them we were getting dad a new phone.
we're sneaky like that.
imagine their surprise.

no, really.
imagine it.
because i can't seem to upload my iphone movie into imovie.
mama needs an updated version.
mama also needs to be less tech-challenged.


we went to a splash park.
{ignore the roof caving in. the mom-wagon is getting some tlc soon.}
it was a homeschool-planned field trip.
minus all the other homeschoolers.
imagine our surprise.
we played anyway.
we were hot.
we came home.

and that, my friend, has been a sliver of our july, thus far.
how's yours going?
are you ready for cooler weather, too?!


  1. So ready for some cooler weather. We have to get through the next three days of heat index of 105 (I know this pales in comparison to you) but for us up here in CT, that is H-O-T- hot! Then next week looks like it will be much cooler. I can't wait to get the iphone in the fall. I made a big mistake getting the android.

  2. OK, so.. the CVS sigh is a little scary! OH MY! But, you guys look like your having fun as always!

  3. Um, is Gracie actually that much taller than Nator?

  4. Sounds like a fun July!!

    What happened with the splash park? No one showed?

    I love the play doh brains idea...thinking of what we can do with that!

    I let me girls borrow my phone when they go somewhere without me, but I know the day is coming...

  5. That sign looks like something we'd see around here! Sisterly love: your girls are so stinkin' cute!

  6. Yeah, I'm ready for January right now.

    I enjoyed your sliver of July!

  7. Love to see your girlies as usual. But for some reason now I'm craving ice cream :)


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