Saturday, June 11, 2011

confessions and wonderings

hubs and i are in the final planning stages of our alaskan get-a-way and we have no activities set in concrete.  yet.  i'm super excited.  on the inside, i'm jumping up and down like a squeal-y school. girl.  on the outside, i'm calm-cool-and-collected.

what would you want to do in alaska?  so many choices.  the squeal may come bursting through soon.  yes, i'm that giddy.

i'm also nervous about logistics.  of which there are many.  i will miss my girlies.  if it weren't for my hubs, i'm not sure things like this would happen.  i'm a home-body at heart... with a flare for the adventurous.

we were hoping it would work out to surprise the girls with a trip to disney by the end of the year.  we wanted it be a surprise in case it didn't work out... and to get their reaction on film.  you've seen those commercials, right?   note to self:  one should never leave tweetdeck open on computer when one has sent direct messages to a friend about said trip.  11 yo may read it.  and cry because she realizes she shouldn't have.  oh well... surpriiiise!!! maybeeee!  ;) 

i'm wondering how long a cat can stay home alone?  you know... before retaliating against parents for leaving said cat for an extended amount of time.  i don't want any presents upon return... if you know what i mean.  i think said cat will be fine.


even with doses of melatonin, my body has seemingly found a loophole.  once awake, i'm up.  not cool.  so i find myself googling other things to try here during crazy hours of the night.  i think my next step will be taking L-tryptophan, an amino acid.  it's supposed to help your body produce melatonin on its own.  or induce funny dreams.  i don't know.  don't listen to me.  i'm sleep deprived.


gracie's camera ready "cheeeeese" smile and nator's sweetness.  kills me every time.  doesn't nator's expression {on the left} make you *giggle* just a little? ;)

i'm wondering why i ever thought short hair was a good idea on me.  these are the flattering pix.  really.  the others.  not so much.  i'm sure it had something to do with having small children.  if a third had come along, shaving the head may have been next.

there was a window of one year in which hubs and i were on the same page in having a third child.  it didn't happen.  infertility is not fun.  the other years, one of us talked reason into the other.  we took turns in that role.  sometimes i still wonder what one more may have been like.  *sigh*

i have been on the verge of old-picture-induced tears.  can these girlies pause growing up for just a little while?  please?


old cameras with cute babies are a crying shame.  cameras have come a long way, baby... and these are sooc.  the quality of older photos makes me seem much older *cough* than what i actually am *cough*.

i'm sure i have more to confess, but i'm off to see if this second dose of melatonin will sneak me in a couple more hours of age-defying sleep! if there are any grammatical errors or messpeltings, i blame it on the melatonin.

oh... and also, i don't like 'labeling' my posts.  i have too many labels. ;)

okay.  i'm done.  night-night... or good morning.


  1. Sweet pictures! I wanna go to Alaska! Can I stow away in your luggage? CH & a couple of friends rode their motorcycles to the arctic circle a few years ago; quite the experience! That is soooo exciting!

  2. I love the old pictures!!! So cute!!! They do grow up waaaay too fast!!

    I go through short hair phases too and then wonder what I was thinking. Actually I always wonder what I was thinking. lol. In my mind I think I look different than I actually do or something like that.

    I am so, so excited for you about the Alaskan adventure!! I can't wait to see your photos!! You are such a great photographer!

    I'm pretty much a home-body too. As much as I would love a vacation, I seem to get distracted in the planning...should we do this or this or this and then I start researching and complicate the whole thing and exhaust myself and we end up at my parents' lakehouse! lol.

    Maybe you can figure something else out with Disney. Tell them it's not going to work out or something and then surprise them in a few months.

    Hope you got more rest!

    Have you tried herbal teas made for sleeping? That always works for me.

  3. Oh they are so adorable and chunky!
    Have you tried Natural Calm before bed?

  4. I love old photos. Your girls were just adorable little sweethearts... and still are! Alaska! So jealous!

  5. You don't like to label your posts... and yet you still did. Can't help yourself?

    You know this little walk down memory lane makes me sigh too, because mine aren't really that far behind yours.

  6. Oh my gosh!!! Those pictures were wonderful. I'm thinking I may have to grab a few from my scrapbooks and dust off the scanner. I would love to show them off. And cry....

  7. Ooohh a trip to Alaska would be awesome. Can't wait to see all your pictures and hear all about it!!

    The pictures of your girls...oh my...too adorable. I can barely stand to look at pictures of Kei. I am with you. .SLOW DOWN ALREADY!!!

    I have several friends who do quite well on the Melatonin and Valerian root. Have you tried that?

    And I think your hair is tres' adorable short. :)

  8. I really did read every word...but all I can think of are those sweet, sweet pictures of little girls! Ah so CUTE! Don't they really grow up too quickly? Enjoy all the snuggles you can get!

  9. Wish I were planning an Alaskan adventure! Sweet pics of the girlies. I may be visiting one of mine as I type : ).

  10. i know this might not be a solution for you but i battled insomnia for years (mostly because i would rather stay up when it's quiet than sleep) but i've discovered i fall asleep pretty quickly listening to books on my ipod. i usually put some easy listening fluff on their and start off by concentrating, the story helps focus my mind which tends to race around at night, then i'll drift off.

    this doesn't always work. if i have to get up in the morning i'll still have trouble sleeping.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing those photos with us. I loved them completely! Hope you get some more sleep. UGH! That sleepless stuff can wear on a body.

  12. Oh my! Those pictures are just the sweetest!

    Alaska! How fun!

  13. They're so cute! Of course they still are, but toddlers... Sigh. Not that I want any - oh no!

    I just finished a Kate Shugak mystery (by Dana Stabenow) - they're set in Alaska. I can't decide if reading them make want to go more or not. I think I definitely want to go & I'll just pretend that the folks who live there aren't laughing at me behind my back for being so green :)


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