Wednesday, June 8, 2011



i thought when the girls were little
that as they grew older...
things would get less busy.

go ahead.
you can laugh.

i've come to realize over the years that things simply...


instead of poopy diapers, middle of the night feedings, foreign objects in mouth, bulky car seats, and abc's...

i'm scheduling activities, shuttling the weary mom-wagon to and fro, discussing presidents, mending hurt feelings, and sore feet.

all with a side of insomnia to boot.

it could be hormones... or the schedule.
all i know is that a dose of melatonin has done wonders.
hubs suggested it for me.
you know, since your body makes less of it as you have more birthdays.
he uses sneaky wording.


this young lady.
our a-nator.
{only we never call her that name.}
has seen many changes in her piano ability these past 11 months.

she was so excited to show off her private work in public at the end-of-year-recital.


we couldn't be more proud of our girlies.
they keep us on our toes.
but we wouldn't have it any other way.

we hold these moments close to our hearts.
one day... these girlies will be on their own.
giving this mama a whole new set of things to think about...
before the melatonin kicks in.


  1. Wait, it just keeps getting busier and crazier?!?!


    The photo of you and your girls is absolutely beautiful.

  2. A mother never runs out of things to think about : ) Maybe I need melatonin....hmmm...I need somethin'!

  3. Yep, I feel the same way about my two. Not easier, just different. And praying that they will be competent, capable, God-fearing, God-serving adults who turn around and raise another generation in like manner. :)

  4. I am enjoying this moment between dirty diapers and dating. I am holding on to it very tightly...

  5. Great post! You always have such a way with words!

    We ended up having to weed down this year. We started off with too much. We are carefully selecting what to add next year!

  6. I'm just going to say AMEN! to this--especially those last two paragraphs. You made me get all misty-eyed.

    The melatonin thing made me laugh, because I just finished writing my post for thursday, and I mentioned having just discovered it too!

  7. So, so true! Love seeing the pictures of the piano recital! Beautiful!

  8. I love the B&W of Nator @ the piano. You and the girls look so lovely. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  9. Melatonin is my best friend. The children appreciate a well rested mama too.

    What Beautiful pictures.

  10. they grow up so fast!! the recital pics are adorable. their dresses are so cute! :)

  11. Changes indeed! Time insists on marching on and sometimes it is hard for this mama. Bittersweet. I love watching them grow, but I so miss the younger years.

    Love these pictures! Beautiful!

  12. Grinning at how your hubby uses kinder, gentler words!
    Enjoy...they'll be grown in the blink of an eye!
    I did have the song "Changes" by David Bowie in my head as I read this post!


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