Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday, after an afternoon of homeschool events and evening dance classes canceled, we had a lot of this...

"Is it snowing yet??!"

Times 83.

The anticipation when we tucked the girls in was the same as Christmas eve.  We had high hopes for morning.

However, this was our result...


A thin sheet of ice.


Our outdoor thermometer threw itself down in a tantrum of absent snow.

The weather person failed to mention that it would lightly snow in our surrounding city... and skip our lil' town.  Boo.  Apparently, global warming has happened.

Hubs is working from home.  Several spots in the road leading to his office have been closed.  People in our neck of the woods don't know how to drive in this kind of weather.  From what we've heard, the roads that were operating, were speeding along at 5 mph.  Ummm... Safety first.  Right?

Schools are closed.  Ours isn't.  These girlies are excited about that.  I'm full of all kinds of sarcasm today.  Well, that's what we get when we take a day off, while others are 'in' school.  Love the beauty of a flexible schedule.  And wardrobe.  {you'll catch a peek of our school uniform -pj's- in the video below.  gotta love nator's pink/orange pants, blue/purple socks, and red snoopy shirt combo. ha!}

Okay... for the real reason you came.  The giveaway results.  Unless you really came here to see if it snowed, that is.  ;)

Congratulations, Amy!  Send me your email and I'll send you the code! 

I'm off to discuss the pancreas, ancient China, spelling and vocabulary.  The party never stops around here. 

How many snow days have you had this year?  *sigh*


  1. ahahaha! I love how the thermometer "threw itself down in a tantrum" because there was not snow. Crack.Me.Up!

    Congrats to Amy for winning the CSN giveaway.

    Have a fabulous weekend. Blessings, SusanD

  2. those girlies of your ...... adorable!! loved the little video.

    sorry y'all didn't get any snow! our little town doesn't know how to act/drive in snow either. Just the mention of snow a couple weeks ago, they closed the public schools. next snow....none at all! poor kiddos will have to make that up in the spring.

  3. We have had a record-breaking 21", and are getting another 4-6" today, here in Oklahoma. We haven't had school this week, and I am making an early forecast that we won't have school next week either. Your girls would be in heaven here!

  4. Best drawing E.V.E.R!! :)
    We had a snow day Weds, Thurs and a 2 hours delay this morning. Our school system never closes, so you know it has to be bad!!
    Hopefully your thermometer can come to terms and pull itself back up!
    Have a super weekend!!

  5. I feel ya' sister! Just ice here, but everything closed.

  6. We just got our first snow day...although I've been dropping off Cloe while the temperature is -1! Yikes!
    Hope that pancreas study worked out well...sounds fun!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I actually came to find out if it snowed...what a nice surprise!!!

    When we lived in Arkansas we got a lot of ice and not much snow...I guess these days down in those parts they are getting an awful lot of the white stuff!!

    Thanks again and I just sent you an email


  8. Oh! Sorry you didn't get any snow. We have about 14" maybe we could ship some your way?! :)

  9. That's so cute to hear them anticipating the snow! Too bad old Mother Nature let them down. :)

  10. we had schools closed up here Tues and Wed and 1/2 Thurs. But us? We schooled right through the storm! We took 3 weeks at Christmas and are hoping to be done by the end of May... :)

  11. Your sweet girls are so creative! I go to school in my pj's,! YAY for online schools!

  12. Love the beauty of home schoolin in my pj's too... great teacher dress code if you ask me... =) cool sheet of ice... did it last long? we had an ice storm once or twice... it was so cool!! sorry about the lack of snow... we have only had two snow falls... less than 24 hours each time... my kids are hoping for a BIG one this year.. the whole country gets to have it except us!! lol!

  13. No snow day or snow for us. We had cold temps all of December (in the 20's) but sunshine mixed with it so no clouds to make the snow. Lately though we've been in the 60's with temps in the 30's at night. Crazy stuff.

  14. LOL the picture of the thermometer was cute.

    Sorry you did not get any snow :(

  15. YAY to Amy! I laughed when the girls pulled out my name and you said I was in there lots of times! I actually replayed that part a few times to make sure it was really me;. too bad there weren't consolation prizes! But, I can be a good loser! Sorry the snow skipped right over you; that happens quite a bit here. But, we've had 9 snow days so far, including 1 for the snow that didn't come that day.

  16. I'd MUCH rather have snow than ice - that stuff is dangerous! LOL at the 5 mph - I would have been having a heart attack - can't we go at least 40? Huh? LOL

  17. That is WAY too cute!




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