Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mom-Taxi Chronicles: Week 6


The mom-taxi started this week by attending a performance with area dance studio competition teams.  We were so proud of Gracie.  She always gets nervous right before a performance.  But her passion overrides her fear.

It was neat to see what the other teams have been practicing... and confirmed that we chose the right {modest} dance studio for us.  ;)


Nator's ankle/foot was a little sore last week.  Her teacher has been introducing the pedals to her.  I just love her hat.  Fun and colorful. :)


The temps dropped this week.  We loved it... even though playing outdoors was a bit limited.


No snow for us, but the girls enjoyed finding these, when possible.  ;)


Holding them was equally exciting... until you couldn't feel your fingers.  ha.


Gracie has been hopping in bed with me in the morning, wanting to take silly cell pictures.  There are some crazy-lookin' pix in the stack.  I spared you.  Well, maybe not from the crazy, no make-up, morning hair.  Sorry.

{let's hope youtube changes the still-screen like i told it to.  yikes.}

The look on Gracie's face was priceless, when she realized we bought her a new mattress.  It may be because she was completely distracted by this... 


 Gracie just wanted to know where the T.V. was.


Everyone liked these Tempur-pedic mattresses, except daddy.

We compromised on a Hampton and Rhodes, Altitude Plush.  King-sized.  It has the individually wrapped coils, which we think our old one mattress was lacking.

Every mattress we tried, hubs asked, "Do you like this one?"  I always said, "It feels so much better than ours."  He finally said, "They will all feel better than ours."  That was his way of saying... Pick one!  ha.

Shopping for a mattress just feels weird, yes??  You know.  The whole... trying out the bed part?  Or maybe that's just me?

And yikes.  Our eating out budget may consist of more beans and rice and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... until we can replenish our budget for a family trip.  Oh well.  At least we'll all sleep better about it, right?  ;)

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  1. Love that still photo from youtube...cracks me up. (not laughing at you only WITH you)

    Love all your girlies activities, they are so creative and active.

    Congrats on the new mattress, finally now some sleep.

  2. Y-A-Y for new mattresses and pillows! I love your videos each week. They are so fun. How did your workout go? Thanks for sharing. Have a fabulous week. Blessings, SusanD

  3. I'm glad you got a new mattress! When we got married we were using a mattress from 1956 (it had the date on it!) that we got from Dr. M's grandmother's house. That was in 1990. About 5 years later we got our first new mattress & it was pure heaven :)

  4. I don't enjoy shopping for a new mattress...awkward for sure.

    always enjoy your pictures!!!

  5. I'm loving the new Mommy taxi feature! I used Jasmine as an example for Pepper to show her how nicely some dogs sit in the car, but she was having none of it. She looked at me like she was saying, "Seriously?", then plopped her head back down on the couch.
    Puppy foam: I had no idea Starbucks did this! Maybe because Pepper is a wild dog in the car so she doesn't get out much.

  6. Your blog is so fun....I stalk it often, but don't always comment. However, since I feel the same way about mattress shopping, I thought I'd cast my vote with you. :)
    BTW, if I looked that good with morning hair and no make-up, I wouldn't apologize. ;)

  7. I had so much fun watching the video! The whole puppy foam thing was pretty amusing. I hope you sleep well on your new mattress! (Was yours also one the kept nightmares away?) : )

  8. My computer won't play the video so I guess I miss out :(

    I haven't mattress shopped in a very long time and back then my husband and I were newlyweds and just wanted a real bed and not an air mattress. Thankfully we picked a good one that still loves us.

    Great pictures, as usual :)

  9. I need a new mattress desperately & I'm hoping to get a Tempur-Pedic this year.

    Have a fantastic week,

  10. Mattress shopping is definitely awkward. I feel so funny laying on those beds. Then I start wondering what they would do if I started jumping on the mattresses and jumping from mattress to mattress.

    But yay for a cozy bed and a good night's sleep!

  11. Fun post!

    I've never been mattress shopping, but i can only imagine how awkward it must be. Hope your purchase was a grand one! :)

  12. My girls danced for years...there is definitely a wide range out there in the 'costume' department.

    We got a new mattress when we moved into this house. I also got a new pillow which I think was key. I have not had a neck ache since I got this is one that conforms to your head. I wasn't sure I'd like it but I love it.

  13. Totally jealous...I want a new mattress for our bed, but it is way low on the list of priorities right now!

    Great week!


  14. So good to know there are still modest dance schools!
    Such a lovely still video! :)
    I don't think you can really shop for a mattress. I mean who wears there jammies, has the right blankets, their body pillow etc when shopping. There are just so many factors! Glad you were able to find one and hopefully more rest too!!
    Have a super week filled with more icicles!!

  15. hey, good sleep is worth a few pb & j's!
    the girls look so pretty all dolled up for their dance competition!! my 4 year old started dance this year. I hope she sticks with it.

    sleep tight!

  16. I am with momma frans... a good nights sleep is worth beans and rice and rice and beans!!!

    I DO not like mattress shopping ranks right up there with tennis shoe shopping and bra shopping. I think those are punshiments... not a rewarding time!

    Glad you shall sleep well.

  17. Loved the pic of you two in the bed. It reminded me of when my daughter was young. Your girls are so cute. Love the mattress day...I love a new mattress. Enjoy yours.


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