Monday, February 7, 2011

Think on these {favorite} things

It's the little things in life.


You know.  Like when you complain endlessly of back pain happen to mention that you need a new mattress, and hubs suggests we go shopping with our Uncle Sam check.

Like I said, little things.  ;)


My goal is to have the ability to sleep as soundly in my bed, as my dog does on the floor.

I'm afraid those fancy pillows we bought aren't quite as rejuvenating as they claimed to be.  Back is doing better, but the neck... Oi.


Think she's dreaming of Starbuck's 'puppy foam'??

I digress.

Oh... the little things.

Like when hubs begins breakfast on a Saturday and/or Sunday morning and fills the house with the aroma of good things to come.  Nator has decided the smell of turkey bacon is her wake-up call.

Here are a few {little} things that have made my day run more efficiently, lately.

Because I always have to watch what I eat {did you think it was something other than food? ha.}, it's nice to have ready-to-go snacks on-hand. 


In addition to fresh, organic fruit, I love...

1.  Pomegranite Green Tea.
Sometimes, I use this to curve an appetite.  Yea, it doesn't always work.

2.  Unsweetened Almond Milk and Jay Robb's Chocolate Whey protein.
With these two combined, I'm getting a sugar-free protein {chocolate} fix, which helps stabilize blood sugar.  I'm on the look-out for unsweetened coconut milk, too.  I'm out of whey... must. get. more.

3.  Raw Almonds.
Raw simply means that it hasn't been through a heating process, which leads to it's oils becoming hydrogenated.  I'd like to think the almond milk is raw, too... thus my search for coconut milk. ;)  And I'd also like to believe that any 'chipping' of the nuts is due to having been through some machine to crack the shell... and not some... *gulp* rodent.  eeeek!

4.  Triscuits and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.
A container of hummus is not safe around me.  I should make my own.  Seriously.  Why Triscuits?  It's part of the whole 'keeping the blood sugar low' concept that seems to work for me.  Who cares if it tastes like hay bales.  Not that I've eaten them before... unless you count Shredded Wheat cereal biscuits.  I just cover that baby in hummus!  Maybe that's why I go through containers so quickly.  Hmmm...


5.  Oh... and I almost forgot.  These Fiber One bars are pretty good, too.  But I only buy the 90 calorie bars.  At 5 grams, they have the least amount of sugar.  They're yummy.  Just don't eat the whole box in one sitting.  Not that we have.

Tragically, none of these companies are sending any freebies my way for this post.

That I know of.  *sigh*

It's simply my lil' favorite things {snack-food edition} gift to you.

The list, that is.

What are some of your quick-go-to, healthy snacks?  I know.  I had to throw that 'healthy' in there, huh?


  1. Raw almonds are always my go-to snack! I must confess though that I LOVE the Dark Chocolate Almond Milk that the Silk brand produces. It's definitely not low-sugar! Oh, and I like Triscuits too, but I've found that I prefer the Triscuits Thin Crisps better. They're not quite as "hay bale-ish." When I'm in a hurry for lunch, my usual fare is a stick of string cheese, some baby carrots, and almonds. My husband thinks I'm weird.

  2. Not that it is uber-healthy but a small piece of REALLY good dark chocolate makes me happy. They also have cocoa roast dark chocolate almonds. I think emerald makes them in 100 calorie packs. They aren't chocolate coated just have a dusting of cocoa powder on them.

    So there...chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!

  3. Oh if I could sleep just one night like my dog...just one night of loud snoozing and grunts, like my Higgins, how refreshed I would feel for the next 6 years of my life! I kid not...a bomb could go off and he would not stir one ounce!

    I have very recently stumpled upon Red Pepper Hummus and can I say LOVE!?! Why has this stuff been hiding from me?? I have eaten way to much and just purchased another tub of it! I have used it on crackers to turkey sandwiched!!

  4. I actually ♥ Triscuits and don't buy them because I eat too many! What can I say, I'm a country girl at heart and hay bales appeal to me! I buy huge bags of raw almonds at BJs and keep them in my freezer.

    LOVE hummus and now make my should try it, but will making your own cause you to eat more? Because you know, too much of a good thing is still....too much. ;)

    I like the Fiber One bars, but I think I'm allergic to chickory root =( , so my chocolate indulgence = Zone Perfect Double Dark Chocolate Bars. ♥

    Happy Monday =)

  5. I love hummus - & have to only get it sporadically because I overeat it if it's around. I like triscuits - especially the rosemary olive oil ones - yum!

  6. I am always watching what I eat too!!

    Hmmm...I have to try that tea...and good to know about the "raw" I did not know that!

  7. The rosemary/thyme triscuits are really good (I think that's the combination). I don't know how low fat they are, but YUM!

  8. Toasted whole grain pitas sliced into triangles are yummy with hummus, too.

    I could live on almonds if I wasn't addicted to chocolate and just about anything with cheese. :)

  9. It's great to catch up. Your family is so beautiful! Blessings Catherine

  10. oh some yummy snacks! :) love them all. except fiber one bars... they do not agree with me! lol :) I'm not sure I could have them now anyway because of gluten.

    and yeah for a new mattress! we need one. badly. ah... one day :)

  11. Oh sleep like that...Ahh!
    I have never tried the almond milk, just gave up milk because of the sugar but now I am intrigued!
    I eat South Beach protien bars for snacks or even a quick breakfast. Good source of protien and the sugar is low.
    Gosh, now I'm hungry, must go have breakfast! Have a great day!

  12. I LOVE Triscuits. Shredded Wheat, however, does taste like hay bales. Or how I imagine hay bales taste.
    Sweetheart is addicted to crackers. Can't keep enough in the house. And she's really skinny. I should follow this example, but I'd rather have cheese. :)

  13. Hi! I am loving your Taxi posts:) I just gave you the Stylish Blogger award over on my site:

  14. Your snacks sound so good! I love Trader Joes' raw almonds and dried fruit mix! Apples are our biggest go to snack around this house!


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