Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{good} reasons for procrastinating homeschool this morning

It's our 'day off'.

I gave my nails some TLC because they looked like I used them as tools to build a house 'mom nails'.


I'm rethinking this whole idea of learning Latin.  I get the need to understand root words, but do we really need to understand the whole language?  I was thinking Spanish.  Then, I was told that the 'proper' Spanish we'd learn would not sound the same as the 'street' Spanish that's spoken all around us on a daily basis.  We would at least be able to pick out every other word or so, yes? ;)  I don't know.  For now, I'm sticking with Latin.  The girls seem to like it, and I'd planned to add Spanish at a later time anyway.  #toomanyspinningplates

If we nail English, I'll be proud.  Don't judge my teaching abilities by my {lack of} proper grammar via this blog, please. ;D


I'm lamenting the fact that my little girl, namely Gracie, now thinks her room looks 'too girlie'.  {first the baby dolls, now this?  how much more can a mama heart take?}  She announced that she wants something more 'grown up', along the lines of Paul Frank or Jonas Brothers.  #notifIcanhelpit  #addittoyourevergrowingchristmaslist


We could eat our words, but we don't think we'll be one of those homeschooling families that has their children taking multiple college courses early.  I want my kids to enjoy this season of learning and simply being a kid.  Once adulthood hits.... #theresnoturningback


Thinking about my sweet {SWEET} hubs.  He just landed a new job, which means we can -OFFICIALLY- announce that we. are. NOT. moving.  {So proud of him and excited for him in the opportunities that lie ahead.}  It's been a long road, transitioning from the institutional church ministry occupation.  That was a mouthful.

Shall I go delete the whiny posts of me lamenting over the logistics of a possible move now? ;D


He will be getting a check for his unused vacation {so -over-due a vacay}, and guess what he bought me??  Okay, I'll just tell you.  A new laptop!!  Apparently, he cares for me and doesn't want to see me get carpel tunnel with the handicapped laptop I've been using.  You know, the one that's going thru menopause... or as some say, overheating??  The one that sits on a fan thingy and one of Gracie's headbands for better air circulation?  #youcanthideredneck

Guess which laptop has a doctor's apt today?   {Hubby is also taking care of that little detail, too.  See?  I told you he was sweet.}

The new one.  I was the proud owner of a MacBook Pro for only 2 days when its symptoms occurred.  I'm already wondering what the hype is with Mac??  I'm all about second chances, so I won't give up on it just yet.

I'm currently developing carpel tunnel to type this post now.


After a yummy breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and strawberries, we go outside.

The weather is gor.geous.  Oh my.  Fall is my favorite.  Winter is pretty good, too.  Most southerners crave cooler weather, yes?

This weather draws the girls to the trampoline like bugs to a light.  Mama, too, but mama has issues.  Other than speaking in third person.  #bladderfail

Listening to my girls sing Jingle Bells.  Christmas is around the corner, y'all.  #howisthatpossible

{here's a quick preview of our morning for the fam... bloggy friends, too, if you'd like}

I think we're all lovin' this season in weather... and in life.


  1. Congrats to your hubby on the new job! That is awesome for all of you :)

    Have fun with your new computer (once it's back from the doc's!)

  2. Yay!! to the not moving part, and the new computer. Now you can relax. I have a great excuse for not doing school today also. Took Sassy to the ortho and found out she needs 5 teeth pulled this month.

  3. I love my mac but it did take some getting used to.

    I understand the course work thing. Childhood is so short.

    Congrats to your hubs on the new job!

  4. Breathing a sigh of relief for you on the not moving part. Moving isn't all its cracked up to be...oh wait it is hard and nightmarish...ok it IS all its cracked up to be and I am glad you don't have to do it. All the more reason to un-girly Gracie's room :)

  5. How wonderful that you don't have to stress about moving! Congrats on hubby's new job....and he bought you a laptop?? What a keeper! ;)

    I have often thought the same about allowing the kids to take college courses early....I am not in any rush to have them thrown into adulthood. The longer they are mine, the better as far as I am concerned. This season in life is so short, I just can't see myself rushing it.

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Hang in there with the Latin...if you want! It does sound so intriguing--just to even learn the basics would be cool! Some friends of ours do Latin and then have a local Spanish speaking friend come in and give some personalized Spanish tutoring. It looks so fun for the kids!
    Congrats on the new job and the new gift! I've been a mac user for 3 weeks and everyday I adapt a little more. I wouldn't go back! Hope yours is fixed quickly!

  7. Yay for not having to move and a new job for hubby! What a relief, eh?

    I've been a mac user for almost 2 years and I LOVE it. We had sooo many problems with our PC, but zilch with the mac. And I mean, we had so many problems that I literally became friends with a Microsoft techie in India. No kidding. We still keep in touch.

    Enjoy your days outside!

  8. audrey hung pictures of tinkerbell in her room (from an old calendar) she has since replaced them with pictures of the jonas brothers. which i guess i'm a little okay with since it's not metal hairbands from the 80's which is what i had on my wall hahaha!

    i hope no one judges my ability to teach the girls at home based on my grammar, ahem, lack of grammar on the 'ol blog.

    yay! macbook. woot! David has one, he has been trying to convert me since he got his (a couple years ago) i'm still scared of that thing and have to get emily or audrey to show me how to do stuff (open new tabs, close tabs) i have finally decided that i want to get the 24inch mac desk top. that thing is sweet. {plus, i figure it can double as a tv with netflix adn instand watch stuff)

  9. I know y'all are super-excited that you're not going to move! YAY!!!

  10. You had me laughing!!! I totally understand about bladderfail! ;)

  11. My kids took Spanish in high school and then worked with some Spanish speaking folks and did just fine. But, Latin is great too! My middle son took that.

  12. You make me giggle!! I love how you think!! =) very me ish... only maybe funnier! ha ha! yep... that bladder fall is uh... not the only thing fallin if you know what I mean! lol!! Yay for a job for the hubby and the new laptop!! I have not used Mac since 1993?? =)


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