Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project 365 - Week 40

I would tell you it's been a crazy week, but that would be redundant, yes? 

This is our week in review... with crazy picture sizes, of course.  Yeah.  Still having Blogger issues.  I will be taking the time to read more about Wordpress soon.  Not complainin', just splainin'. ;)

Waiting on Drama class.  Gracie is always up for entertaining Nator and me. :)  During this rehearsal, they practiced trying out for speaking parts in this year's Christmas production. 

I could hear the adults instruct the kids through the door.  Apparently, the accents in their voices need to sound similar to the characters in Harry Potter.  *cringe*  My girls have never watched Harry Potter.

Nator said she was shaking the first time she stepped up in front of everyone.  Gracie read a line, too.  So proud of them.  Sigh...

The real try-out is next week.

I enjoyed a quick sun-set, in my rear view mirror, while on the run.  Can you see it?  If you squint, and tilt your head sideways, then {maybe} you will.  :)

And there's a lil' pic of Nator assisting daddy with some vehicle maintenance.

Lunch at Quiznos, one of our other 'go-to' places.  Then, it was off to pick out the girls' costumes.  Can you tell what they will be this year?  {hint:  they are wearing the same theme from a fictional child's story}

What's with the feet, you ask?  We were weighing down our backpacks at the library {the girls are really into audio books right now}, and headed to dance practice...

Then, two hours later, we were on our way to Gracie's first competition team practice and team pictures.

The fisherman ate a shark?  Killed?  Died?  Fainted?  I'm thinking we need to watch more shows with rainbows and puppies?  ha! 

Blogger cut it off, but it says, "My Amazing Sister."  You just never know what will be on these white boards around here.  They keep me entertained. :)

The cool, crisp mornings and evenings have been de.light.ful.  The girls couldn't resist.  They ran outside, stretched their hands to the sky, and shouted, "I love fall!!!!"  :)

It's made the trampoline much. more. fun!  Yes, Mama couldn't resist the urge to join the fun, too. hehee...


How was your week?  Feel free to link up with Sara.  If you haven't visited her, go.  She's great... and I may get to meet her soon?? :)

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  1. I love their Halloween costumes! Adorable!

    Those fill-in-the-blanks are hilarious :)

    Yes, I love fall too :D

  2. Fun week! Your girls are so beautiful--there's always a lot of sweetness and love that comes through in those pictures! Hope you have another great {busy} week!

  3. I love their costumes!! Mine are Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina, from Prince of Persia. They should arrive in the mail today. Yippee!!!

  4. loved your pictures this week....but then again, I always do!

    I wasn't looking forward to Halloween this year b/c it has been so hot. We like to set up our fire pit and offer s'mores to the kids and families as they go by...not fun when it is H.O.T. But now that things are cooling off....

  5. "Killed" ... funny.

    Yeah, the busyness just doesn't stop, huh?

  6. Busy their costumes. Super cute and sassy.
    My kids want a trampoline so bad and I love fall too!

  7. Yeah, mine haven't watched Harry Potter either. We don't think we'll participate in that whole deal. Not for us. It sometimes creeps up on us, though, just like it did you--when people just assume everyone and their grandmother have been part of a craze. Anyway, I know the girls will do fine. I can think of several other good films to watch to learn that accent...

    That worksheet cracked me up. Should we be worried someone's going a little "postal" on us?! ;)

    I love fall, too!

  8. awww the girls look so cute & happy! looks like y'all had a fun week.

    goodness, i'm an adult and i would have been shaking too ;) i don't do well speaking in front of a group lol

  9. I love Harry Potter - but no way could I do the accent! Although since I'm from the south maybe I could come close. Nah - drama is NOT my forte. Sigh.

    Your girls, as usual, are exhuberant, beautiful & so much fun. I'm glad you share them with us :)

  10. Good luck to the girls at try-outs next week!!! That's awesome that they want to be a part of a production, and aren't shy. That will serve them so well later in life.

    Have a wonderful week!

  11. Great photos! Sorry you're having trouble with posting them :( One of the reasons I'm reluctant to move away from blogger since I'm technically challenged anyway :)

    Love the pure joy you manage to capture in your daughters' faces!

  12. Beautiful, delightful, happy memories. So good to come back and see your girls again.
    And I hear Sara might get to meet you?!


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