Thursday, September 30, 2010

on coming and going... and stuff

I met myself yesterday, but I wasn't sure if I was coming or going. 

I thought it was Tuesday, which would have been wrong anyway...  So, I must have really thought it was Monday's schedule.  That confusing statement is only to say that I showed up at piano an hour early yesterday, on Wednesday.  Ugh.  It's the second time I've done that.  Better than late, right?

So, I seized the moment, as any good mom would do, and took us 3 gals to Panera for a late lunch.

During that lesson, I begged asked if we could change our time... and now we have 2 1/2 more hours every Monday, and 30 minutes on Wednesdays before piano to get more schoolwork done.  Or eat a proper lunch.

I think the angels sang a chorus from Hallelujah.

Having said all of that, please don't judge the quality of these pix.  Just marvel at the cuteness {not the mess... or picture blur} which lies within.  *grin*

Some have asked about the workbox system we just started using.  I really do like this system.  You may even be able to catch a glimpse of our boxes in the background {in 1 of these pix}... If you can see past Jasmine's sleepy head. 

Don't let her fool you, though.  She can go from 0 to 90 in 2.8 seconds.  {yes, we timed her in math.} ;)

We are doing some of our subjects, lying on the floor, in the loft again.  We do a few major subjects together, but the girls have still enjoyed putting their numbers away.  It gives them such a sense of accomplishment.   I'll post more on the system later.

My only challenge is making it work with our curriculum.  Everything is so time intensive...  Honestly, I've got to learn that it does not mean failure if we don't get to science, etc, etc. every. day.  As of late, if we get past 4 boxes, I feel like an overachiever.

Science will have to wait till next week.  We've been too busy studying the Nomads and Roman Kings in history.  {Oh, and we -all- love the timeline we chose.  Gracie says it's like a history scrapbook.  Muy cool, no?} Oh, and we're making our way through the presidents, too.  We're just now wrapping up John Adams. Like I said, I'm an overachiever. ;)

I'll work on a more definite schedule soon.  You know, history on MWF and science on TTh??  Then alternate. You know, something like that.

Are you still with me?

Have you figured out who the class clown is?

My computer keeps having hot flashes overheating, then shutting down, so it stays propped up on one of Gracie's headbands, which is sitting on an external computer fan thingy.  So, I'm anxious to see which comes first... carpal tunnel or a new computer?

I make a lot of these.. :) ;) :D :.) :-/.  If only you knew how many times I go back and edit to remove some of those silly faces. :)  Maybe I do that because text can be so easily misinterpreted.  I never intend to come across harshly. :D  I should stop over-analyzing now. ;) 

I'm now getting up a lot earlier than the girls, so I can get a head-start on our day.  Thus the blog post. ;)  My body will only sleep 6 hours on a good night... and when we drift at 10, early mornings are the result.  Long gone are the days when I could sleep away my mornings.

She's a cool cat, my lil' book lover.  Did I mention that her favorite princess is Belle?  She covets her library.  Gracie's favorite is Aurora.  She covets her pink dress.

If you guessed Jasmine as our class clown, you would be correct.  She likes to lie between us, and many times, stretches out across our books and papers.  She's 22 feet long when she does that.  Yes, we measured her in math. ;)

So, sometimes, she must go in time-out.

What was your favorite subject in school... or which is your favorite to teach?  If you teach, do you alternate your subjects?  {*closing eyes*  please say yes, please say yes}


  1. Love the photos. We have a boxer named Saffaron who likes to come and lie right on top of any papers the kids may have out drawing on or what have you. I commend you for homeschooling. I actually was getting my masters in early ed when I found out I was preggers with my 1st. I did my student teaching but never finished my last semester..because I had a baby and moved and had another baby.I have been thinking about homeschooling but I wouldn't even know where to begin? Where did you begin?

  2. I would highly recommend The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Bauer. There's a lot of great info there! And take a peek at this site...

    Hope that helps. Our girls love homeschooling and tell me so. Almost daily. :)

  3. So, so cute! Everything! Even the clutter (was there any?) It's all real and beautiful and fun!Oh and Jasmine... what a gal! I used to have a cat named jasmine (she had to leave us 3 years ago but she was ours for 12!!)

    Going to follow along your hectic life! Please drop by my history blog and follow along too if you like! I'd love to have you!

  4. Hey! I'm your 100th follower!! How neat!! I feel honored!

  5. My fave subject was definitely French! (Yes, I know I'm a nerd...) And then I taught it in a high school for a while.

    I always love your posts and your pix. Good thing the class clown is so stinkin' cute! ;)

  6. I love teaching everything. I honestly can't say there is anything that I truly dread. I do switch up their classes and routine. We really don't do the same thing on a day to day basis....but that's one of the reasons why we chose to unschool, instead of traditional homeschooling.

    Love the doggy in the middle! That's so cute. :)

  7. We're changing things up on our schedule right now...not sure if it is going to work or not. We have only done it for a week. If it's a success I'll let you know! ;););):)

  8. My favorite was choir geek!! I also loved English, both the reading and the writing.
    I think you are doing an awesome job with the girls, and Jasmine for that matter! :)

  9. your dog is cracking me up! :)

  10. My favorite subject was English! LOVED it!
    So, I know I'm not technically a teacher right now, but I do homeschool checks as a licensed teacher for 10 families. ALL of them alternate subjects, with exception to the core subjects of reading, math, English/lanuage/spelling. Science, history, art, music, foreign language, computer, p.e....all of these subjects are on some sort of rotation. Hope that encourages you! :)

  11. Do I alternate subjects??? HA! Let's just say that instituting "backwards Wednesdays" was the best move I ever made. It means we start at the bottom of the schedule and work our way up. THAT WAY....the things we nev..seld..sometimes don't get to are done first. AT LEAST once a week.


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