Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 41

I just tucked my family into bed.  It's late and I'm eating my last turtle.  A sweet reward after a long day, helping someone organize a garage sale.  Blech.

Hubs bought me a box of turtles as part of our 18 year wedding anniversary celebration.  It's sort of a theme in our relationship.  He bought a box of turtles for me on our first Christmas together.  It was about all we could afford.  #charliebrownchristmas

I'm also celebrating the ability to post pictures... at all.  {Still having an inability to adjust picture size html in blogger, too.} Just so you know, if you are trying to upload pictures to your blogger blog via a Mac using Chrome, and it's not working, you might want to try Firefox.  I {heart} Firefox.  There's probably a way around it, but I couldn't figure it out today.  #technologydoesntlikeme

Between all of life's business and technology challenges, a blog can be a bit of a chore, yes?

I was reminded, once again, this past weekend why I started this blog to begin with.  I started putting together our book and it made me thankful to have {otherwise forgotten} memories documented somewhere.

Here's a few cell phone pic highlights from our week... Last week, that is.  ;)

We were in search of homeschool necessities at the office supply store, while Nator took important calls.

It's been so nice outside, we couldn't help but bring school to the trampoline!  Yes, this is how I really look on a typical day.  No makeup.  Scary.   And because I'm tired and under the influence of chocolate, it doesn't seem all that important. :)

We're just finishing up a chapter in anatomy studying bones.  Meet Presley {Anyone remember our other guy we named Elvis?}.  Halloween stores are not just for costume fun.  Ha.

For moments like this, I'm thankful the cell phone was in the back pocket.  Love that dimply smile.  Since God didn't design my smile with one, I'm so glad He saw fit to mold my girl with them so I can admire often.  *sigh*  She gets them from her daddy.  *sigh*

Gracie learned how to make a tea cup with a hands-on project... and turn it into an Eiffel Tower, too.  #shegotsskillz

I know.  The excitement around here is palpitating, yes?

And what's a week without our signature piano lesson picture?  She's learning The Pink Panther this week.  So fun {and impressive} to listen to.  I'll have to video soon!

Gracie is more than happy to hold daddy's dirty shirts on the way to the dry cleaners because it was a lil' chilly that morning. 

We look forward to the day when it's not so warm in the middle of the day.   :)

We are really enjoying our new vocabulary book.  I have the girls make sentences using their new words.  One of today's words?  Colossal.  #4 is Gracie's sentence.  And no, she didn't really do that.  Ha!!

We kicked off our anniversary weekend with a bang.  A family trip to the gym.  This smells of togetherness, yes?  Ha.

Hubs showing me where you need to hit if you really want to *knock-out* someone.  Maybe that will come in handy one day??

I know.  Try not to be jealous of my quality cell pix... or {lack of} boxing skills.


I'll post the rest of our family fun anniversary celebration next.  AND I believe that no cell phone pix or video will be used in the making of the next post.  #ihearyoursighofrelief

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  1. I don't mind cell pix. I wish I had an iphone, so I could do take some also. And Sassy loves to see what you girls are doing everyweek. I think yours is her favorite blog. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! A healthy, smelly family...does it get any better? :) I love that you were implementing a little kick boxing in there too.
    I will take Nator as a secretary any day. I bet she is a great phone answerer.
    Gracie looks quite proud of Presley. Good work!
    Once Nator has really got Pink Panther down, I think Gracie should do a little choreograpphy to it! Not that your ham it up family would ever do that.
    BTW, I think you look absolutely beautiful on the trampoline!
    Have a great week!!!

  3. Ah, the tea cup! And the Eiffel Tower! I loved playing with those ropes? strings? whatever with my girls. They always got it before me. Shocking I know.

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. so glad you can upload pics! they are fun to see each post and I'm glad you got it to work for now anyway! :) the turtles sound delish!!

  5. That video is adorable. Really. You guys are too cute. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! I love the pictures and the fun at your house! Colossal...used hilariously well! :)

  7. Fun and games.
    Smiles, dimples.
    18 years of lovin'
    and play fighting?!
    Great balance ;)

  8. Your girls have such a great sense of humor! Sentence #3 about "colossal" is priceless!

  9. I love the use of colossal ... hysterical! My little girl is very into the Pink Panther right now... what level piano is it? I wonder if my little girl could learn it as well?!! ;) Ah... our family time at the gym is usually "under water"... ;)

  10. As always, I love your photos! Even if they are cell phone quality....ha ha! I (heart) Firefox too...but still can't figure out how to change anything via html! MaybeI should ask my programing son for a lesson since #technologydoesntlikeme either!


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