Thursday, October 14, 2010

after 18 yrs, we've learned to be flexible, if nothing else

My original plan was to attend a Sugarland concert.  You know, a date night.

Didn't happen.  Poor planning.

Another idea was a weekend at the beach.  Probably our first option, if given a choice.

Nothing available.  For now.

So what does a couple, celebrating 18 years of marriage {with two lil' gals in tow} do?

We head back down to the Boardwalk, of course!  Only this time, you cannot make us ride the merry-go-round, girls.

Our view from the restaurant.

The girls enjoyed driving race boats.  I'm pretty sure they enjoyed spinning in about 2,471 donuts.

"A winner every time?"  Of course, we'll play.  Ha.

We watched people, and boats, but we should have been running for cover from the birds, as one defecated on my head.  But let's not focus on that...

Let's just focus on these lil' sweeties.  I'm pretty sure they thought it was their anniversary.

Then it was off to feed the stingray.  What?  Everyone doesn't do this on their anniversary?!  It seems I was the only brave soul to volunteer.  Let me just say, I will never be swimming with these critters on purpose, if I can help it. 

There were instructions posted on how to do this properly.  You know, having your hand inches below the water, put the lil' fish between your knuckles and tuck your thumb in.  Huh?  No, thank you.  I just sort of slide the lil' fish over the edge and let the stinky stingray suck it up.  Technical terms, of course.  He always thanked me with a nice splash of smelly water.

If I was a stingray, I'd want to be one of these.  They seem to know a lil' more about fashion, yes?

Nator says that she would never marry something like this.   Ummm... sense my relief?

A lil' window shopping.  She couldn't resist.

Did you know that Marble Flab Slab sells ice cream with only ingredients one can pronounce?  That means it's healthy, right?  ;)  It was a fun indulgence, I must say.

I left smelling with memories of bird poop, smelly fish, and ice cream {cheesecake ice cream to be exact, dipped in heath.  close to health, right?}.

My sweet hubby did gift me with 24 roses, turtles {the chocolate kind}, and a sweet card... including a spa gift certificate for a facial, massage, mani & pedi!!!  Wait, what??!  Oh, be still my beating heart!!

The best gift of all?  His friendship.  And two sweet girls.  What more could a girl ask for? 

Absolutely nothing.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Looks like you guys spent it the perfect way. :)

  2. you deserved the ice cream after getting pooped least in my book!!!

    Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to meet you face to face this weekend!

  3. happy anniversary!! and gross on the bird poop but awesome on the spa GC!! yeah for you!

  4. Awww...y'all are so sweet! (Do I say the same thing every time I comment?)
    Happy Anniversary! May y'all have many, many more!

  5. What a fun anniversary! And wow - feeding a stingray... that's quite the memory! :)

    Congrats on 18 years!

  6. Happy Anniversary! What fun pictures! Enjoy those amazing gifts! :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a fun day to me...especially the part about the spa day : )

    My hubs swam with the stingrays in Grand Cayman...they fed them cheez whiz which is the way I'd like to do it. You squirted it from a can which meant you didn't have to put your hand in their mouth!

  8. Looks like a great celebration! Maybe next year it will be minus the stinky water and bird incident! Have a great weekend and enjoy meeting Sara. She is a wonderful friend!

  9. Awww...happy anniversary!! My nephew love driving those race boats thinggy too! =P

  10. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like aside from the bird poop and stinky fish you had a wonderful time!

  11. Happy Anniversary!! never mind the bird ... um... ya know... I had that happen twice in my life... seriously icky! anyway... the boardwalk looks fun! great way to spend the day with your best friend! ;) love the cool green snake shot!! ;)


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