Sunday, October 17, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 42

What a beautiful, busy week this has been! 

We started our week volunteering for a local garage sale.  I mean... Do we know how to have fun, or what?  ha.  The girls did a teensy-weensy bit of shopping.  Nator made the comment, while paying for our items, "It's like we're paying you to volunteer."  Oh, dear.  Ha!

The girls have their dollhouse people act out their new poems.

Sometimes, school at home looks too good to be true.   :)

Poor baby girl's mouth was uncomfortable till her loose molar came out this week. I think the whole family was leaping for joy when it finally came out.  We almost had a trip to the dentist to help 'encourage' it out.

If you've ever heard the phrase... Can you scoot down just a little more?  Then, you know what Mama had to do this week.  There is nothing attractive about these gowns.  Ugh.

I was not happy to find out that I've gained 23 lbs over the past 4 years {although, I'm thinking I should have at least taken my denim jacket off for this weigh-in}, but my new doctor is now my best friend because she called me 'slender'.  ha...  

I asked the girls to set out the breakfast supplies.  They couldn't find our usual mixing bowls, so instead of downsizing to a smaller bowl, they pulled out this huge salad bowl.  Ha!!  Guess they were hungry?  :)  I know.  Probably one of those 'had to be there' moments.

Dance practices and dressing like friends.  Fun memories.

I had the opportunity to meet TWO bloggy friends this week!  It was so much fun.  If you ever have the opportunity to do this, I highly recommend it.   It only confirms that there are real people behind all of the pictures and stories.  {Sorry, we didn't coordinate our outfits like the lil' dancers.}

Linda is a bloggy friend I met through other bloggy friends.  I'm so glad I took the recommendation to visit her blog.  I was not disappointed.  She is witty, fun, beautiful, honest... and just plain down to earth, in blog-land, and in person.  We connected so easily, and I'm looking forward to visiting her again.  She lives within an hours drive of where I live!!  {I'm looking forward to that beach date, Linda.}

Sara hosts the weekly 365 each week.  I don't remember when... or how we became bloggy friends, but once she befriended me, it was easy to see she had a big heart.  She always leaves such heartfelt comments and is every bit as sweet and kind as you'd expect her to be reading her blog.  {You're right, Sara, 2 hours flew by!}

We also had the opportunity to meet her lovely daughter, Alyssa.  Sweet like her Mama, with so many wonderful opportunities ahead of her.  Can't wait to read more about her journey.

My Saturday started like this.  Hubs got out of bed before I did and had our littles deliver Mama breakfast in bed.  Sweet, yes?  I highly recommend starting your day like this. :)

It ended like this.  {Let me splain.  Ha!}  We spent the evening with great friends and instead of cooking, my friend and I picked up pizzas -to go- for our families.  Our friends highly recommended this place, which happens to house a large pub.  I snapped this pic to send to my hubs for a good laugh while waiting.  I warned my friend that I still blog... so you never know know what will get published.  ;)

Maybe we should have named this blog... Box of Chocolates.  You just never know what you're gonna get.  :)

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  1. Loved your week. I need to show Dr. M the picture of your breakfast :) Now I'm craving pizza...

    So glad (& jealous) that you got to meet Sara!

  2. How very cool that you got to meet two bloggy friends! I've always wanted to do that! So the next time you're passing through Iowa, stop on by! :)

  3. so that's the doctor appt you had before we met...OH YOU POOR THING! Your expression is hilarious!

    And now seriously, I was hoping you'd have a better photo and not the same shot of me looking like a stinkin' chipmunk with the mint in my mouth. I'm so grateful I get to call you my friend H-Mama! ;o)

  4. I'm totally jealous you got to meet Sara. I've been following her blog almost since I started blogging. I did the project 365 with her last year. It was great fun. So thankful you all were able to get together. Maybe one of these days we'll meet face to face! Blessings, SusanD

  5. I would say that most of the days school at home (at your house) looks too good to be true!!!

    the picture of you at the doctor...made me LOL!! I know that expression well!!!

    So much fun to meet you and Linda!!! and who knows...I may be coming more often next year!!!

  6. I really want to come to school at your house! Ugh to "that" doctor. Definitely necessary though.
    When I first saw the dancing picture, I thought Gracie had a cast on her arm. Had to look again to make sure she was ok.
    I am so glad you got to meet Sara and Linda! Now I really want to come to Texas to meet you!!
    I think DK needs to do a post encouraging hubbies to do the breakfast in bed at their respective homes! :)
    Have a super week!!

  7. Love the picture of you waiting to see the dr.! Priceless!
    Glad your meeting with the other bloggers went well! Sooo jealous!

  8. I love when bloggy friends become real friends! Tell Nator she makes the perfect school at home model. Such a cutie! :)

  9. awwww so jealous right now. seriously. i'm not jokin'

    you got to meet linda and sarah

    and linda & sarah got to meet you.

    so not fair. ha!

  10. OK so you weighed like 77 pounds 4 years ago? because you are so skinny. You look great! I have lost 4 pounds over the past 4 years and I still don't look as good as you. :)
    Yeah for meeting Sara. What a fun time. So jealous that you all got to meet.
    Cute friend picture. I love it when my girls dress like their friends. Too cute.

  11. I am laughing at mimi's comment!! you totally don't need to loose the 23lbs you gained... me on the other hand... could use a few less um... rolls! ;)

    I have yet to met any blog friends ... but look forward to the day! what a wild and crazy world, eh?!!

    and... uh... you are a brave woman capturing your picture in that gown... not me... no way. never! =)

  12. Yep--when you come to Iowa to see une autre mere, I'm in, too! (we live close to each other!)
    Fun week! Beautiful girls! The gown made me feel squeamish...but pretty sure you read the scale wrong, Miss Skinny Minnie! :)
    Have a great week!

  13. LOOKS like you had a great week.

  14. And just like that box of chocolates, whatever get is good!
    Sorry you had "the exam" this week. No, those gowns are never pleasant.

  15. How cute about the dolls and poems.

    Ewww. I'm not a fan of "the gown" either. Or the day.

    So glad you got to meet up with Sara! She's great!!

    Oh, yeah. Breakfast in bed. Nothing beats it.


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