Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Q & A {Random}

I wasn't sure I expected people would really read my little bloggy and comment on what our Family Team was up to.  I honestly thought this was just for the sole purpose of letting Granny know what was going on... and one day getting this printed for our girls. :)  

It honestly surprises me when I run into someone 'in person' that says, "Hey, we made that fish recipe the other night.  It was good!"  or  "So, are you guys still moving?"  I think... How did they know?  Oh, the blog!

Bloggy friends have been one of the biggest, and best, surprises to come of this online world.  {My girls even have pen-pals because of this.  How cool is that?}  While I love the comments that we get, I really {heart} the personal emails.  They're more... well, personal.

I've had a Q & A post in the works for a while now, but due to its heavy content... Well, needless to say, it hasn't traveled from heart to keyboard, yet.  It's ministry related... and well, those answers are not quite as simple as these.

So, let the fun-random begin!

"How long is DK expected to work long hours?"
Really?  Are there any other choices?  Ha!  First of all, I must say that {as of right now} DK's work with BP is officially over.  I think he is 'on-call' just in case they need him, but for now... Well, he has other projects that are demanding his attention and I can't say that his work hours will be shortened much.  Not working at BP may mean that he will have a weekend off... eventually. ;)  Sometimes, it's hard to live with a 'wanted' man.  Ha!

"Do you have a southern drawl? haha"
I had to ask hubs this question... I mean, does the person speaking really know when they have a 'drawl'?  Ha!  His response?  'Not really.'  So there you have it.  Not really.  Although... I do recognize when I say something that comes out wrong.  You know, it sounds like I'm trying the word out for the first time.  Ha!  I know this because DK laughs at me.

We're from south La, but I don't have a Cajun accent either.  Seriously.  Hubs, on the other hand, can pick up his Cajun roots quickly. :)

"Do you plan to have any more children?"
The fact that anyone would still ask me this question is flattering; however, that would be a negative.  I was open to the idea of a 3rd child for about a year when our girls were younger, but as the girls got older... well, it's not in our plans now.

"Which protein shake do you use and why do you give it to your children?"
I've searched hi and low for a protein shake that was a cold-filtered whey, sweetened with stevia and didn't include a lot of fillers.  We love to use... this shake by Indulgence HSP, or Jay Robb's strawberry shake.

When the girls were younger, I started out by freezing the shake, mixed with rice milk, in small glass containers.  The girls really didn't know the difference between this or 'real' ice cream.  {Unfortunately, they've been introduced enough to the 'real' stuff since then.}   One builds their immune system, while the other... well, that's a whole other post.

Now that the girls are older, I give them half a scoop of protein when I've noticed that we haven't had enough that day.  {My girls eat little, if any, meat throughout the week.}

We've just started making organic fruit Popsicles with the shakes for this hot weather, too.  Yummy!!

"What kind of camera do you use?"
Hubs knew that I enjoyed taking pictures of the girls, so one year... He bought me a Nikon D80!  Yep, he's a keeper! ;)

"You do your own waxing?"
I suppose this question was more like... "You do your own waxing?!?!!"  Ha!!  Yes, ma'am, I do!  Do we need a tutorial?  You would have to mute your sound though... There's lots of screaming!  Ha!  Just kidding.  I had a friend do it for me the first time... highly recommend that!  Now, I can do it while chatting on the phone.

"How did you get started on the road to healthy eating and nutrition?"
You're asking the girl who has a weakness for dark chocolate, glazed pecans, and dark chocolate? ;)  It's been baby steps over a period of about 11 yrs now.  The very beginning was seeing how eating differently made me feel better, lose weight... and eventually I was able to become pregnant.  Although, I promise... eating spinach alone will not make you pregnant.  Just wanted to put that out there. ;) 

"Do you plan to homeschool through grade 12?"
As of right now, that's the plan.  My youngest is already asking to homeschool college.  Ha!  Although, I must say... the end of the school year is not the best time to ask. ;)

"What is your favorite subject to teach?"
Honestly, I feel like I did less 'teaching' this year.  Much of the curriculum that we used this past year is teaching them to become independent learners... but I do enjoy numbers.  Growing up, Algebra and Language were my favorite subjects.  History?  Not so much.

"Your least favorite thing to do around the house?"
The things that 'need' to be done vs. the things that 'have' to get done.  I much prefer decorating over cleaning the floors.  Ha!  Maybe it's the floors... since I don't do them nearly as much as I should.

"Your favorite place to shop?"
I really love Marshalls and Ross prices, but just wish our local stores had more English speaking employees and customers.

"Biggest blogging peeve?" 
Hmmm... I really have to think about this one.  Ummmm... Maybe when someone is using me to follow them only to build their numbers?  Then forgets I exist.  Leaves me feeling a bit... cheap.  Or maybe when someone 'unfollows' right after a giveaway.  Not cool.  Just sayin'.  ;)


I also wanted to thank Jenny and Mary for the sweet bloggy awards!  Really, I'm honored.  You are all kinds of wonderful! :)


Feel free to send more burning questions my way. ;)  
The 'ministry' Q & A will be in the works, soon.


  1. LOVE the Q & A! You can tell that it is a "yankee" asking about the accent: I don't know of any southerner who would say "drawl"! I love to notice differences in different parts of the country!
    Waxing: I tried it once and ended up with bruises! Yes, I need a tutorial!

  2. I am way too nervous to do my own waxing. :) I love these Q&A posts. They are so fun to hear what's on people's minds. :)

  3. Great questions and answers...I laughed out loud at the spinach comment...I eat lots of spinach and if I got prego's let just say, I would not like spinach anymore! HA!

  4. Love the Q & A!! What a fun idea :) And holy cow--I would be so nervous about doing my own waxing!

  5. You are a super woman...doing your own waxing. I do like Spinach and my full nights sleep, so I am glad they aren't connected :)

  6. This is great! And I'm with everyone else, your OWN waxing :)!?!?

  7. I'm so glad someone else asked these questions so I didn't have to! :) Thanks, everyone! What a fun way to get to "know" you better! :)

  8. I'm always asking my husband if I have an accent. And I know it comes out strong when I'm angry or talking to the girls, trying to explain something!

    My question:
    What do you use to "write" on your photos?

  9. Really love the Q&A. I need you to come live with me for a month and help me with the healthy eating. I always do good for a few days and then it back to the junk food. HELP!

  10. huh? own waxing? what did i miss???
    love your answers! girl, you are too cute.
    well, we are here at the beach and wanted to check in with ya...... i'll hop back on next week once we are home and settled. tell the girls...the girls....say hello. ha!

  11. Lovely Q & A! With all the BP coverage on the news, I'm relieved for your husband to be onto the next project! Hazards of being stinkin' smart?
    Can't wait for the ministry Q&A! It's fun getting to know you more!

  12. I am going to have to check out those two smoothies - that sounds awesome!

    I do my own waxing too - but I am NOT proficient enough at it to chat on the phone at the same time! I wanna know...what wax do you use? Maybe I'm using the wrong thing...

  13. Great answers. The blog peeve cracked me up....but so true. Oh, I'm going to try those protein powders. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  14. loved reading your q&a! such fun questions and answers. and congrats on the awards. :)


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