Saturday, June 12, 2010

A {good} Mom

What makes a good mom?

I had a light-bulb realization while my girls were with their Granny last week.  

I'm a good mom. 

Such a small statement, but a huge confession.  Maybe you've already made it.

When I told DK of my realization, he looked a bit shocked.  "You're just now realizing that?!"

I promise, I'm not looking for validation when I say this.  Over time, I've had moments of feeling like a good mom, and those who really know me have been generous with their compliments... but I've never told myself these words.  I'm a really good mom.

I suppose, deep down, I felt that self-confession was reserved for mothers who never had an 'off' day.  Some days I felt like I just blew it... I got impatient over something inconsequential, didn't reserve room for enough one-on-one time, or maybe didn't keep my word, etc.

Darn you, mommy-guilt!

I could tell you the heart-heavy story of a mom I witnessed yelling at her teary, sleepy-eyed baby girl in Ross last week, telling her "shut-up!" and "I don't care!"  It was not a normal situation, y'all.  I was 'this close' to calling authorities myself; however, hubs gently reminded me that unless she physically harms the baby, there was really nothing I could do.  So, so sad.
I can only hope that on a daily bases, my girls know that they are loved beyond measure.  By us... and God.  He's part of this Family Team, too.

I know there are many answers when it comes to the makings of a good mother.  However, to keep it simple, I will say that it comes with... time.  Time well-spent, together. 

Sometimes, it seems just like last week that I was carting the girls in their baby seat... Time goes by too quickly and I have limited time with them in 'this' season, as an 8 and 10 yr old.  My goal is to make time more of a priority.  Unplugging from anything that requires an electrical outlet... and plugging into their needs more.


Spending some fun-quality time requires an outlet! :)

Seriously, y'all... Would a 'bad' mom get up before the roosters {we don't have roosters, but I've always heard they get up early}, take hubs to the airport, return home to cook scrambled eggs and pancakes, attempt Just Dance on the Wii for her girls, taking a break only to make homemade Popsicles??!  That was my morning.

A mom should get extra points if she allows herself to be videoed when she has I-went-to-bed-too-late-showered-and-slept-on-my-hair-wet-didn't-brush-it-no-makeup-soooo-sleepy-look.  Just sayin'.  This may require a nap, in which your dog may decide to have her first potty accident in over 2 years. {weird... because she is good at holding it...  and because she doesn't whine at the back door, but just stands there.  how is that supposed to wake me up?  I could blame the cat, but I don't think her bladder is that big.  Oi.}   More points.  Again, just sayin'.

Pst... Don't judge too harshly.  This was my first day with the game.  I was honestly thankful for the grainy upload this time.  {Does anyone know how I can avoid the grain?  It was recorded on my Flip video and played fine on the computer.  Upload on blogger = grain.  Boo!  Why?  Please email me.}

Even though I didn't work up a good sweat, it served as my workout for the day, too.  Time with girls and a workout.  Double check!  See?  I'm a good mom. :)

If you're a mom and you haven't told yourself this before... 
Give yourself permission.

I'm a really good mom.

Positive things can come of positive confession anyway, right?

Now go un-plug and cuddle your baby {big or small, if they're close} or plug-in...
I recommend Just Dance via the Wii.  Lots of fun!  But if my girls ask, I totally did it for them. ;)


  1. Of course you're a good mom...haven't you been listening to all of us?! Love the video; y'all have so much fun! And, you know when the girls grow up and have babies of their own, they're going to be terrific moms, too, because they've had a wonderful teacher!

  2. HA! Love the video! I have to say you look as young as your girls here. Yes, a good mama, indeed!

  3. love, love, love the video. so fun! my girls would love that, i must look into that one.

    and yes, you ARE a good mom!


  4. Well, you're a better mom than I am. I would NEVER let myself be taped dancing. :)

  5. Love this post! :) And the video, of course! We too are fans of Just Dance. And hey, I thought those moves were STELLAR! Have you been practicing...? :) And by the way.. you're a GREAT mom!!!

  6. awwwwww we wanna come play! the video is too stinkin' cute!!

    love this post! and will definitely have too look into this game!


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