Monday, June 14, 2010

Project 365 - Week 24

Our week in review...

It was a quick weekend, but we enjoyed our visit with family, celebrating Granny's {surprise} birthday party and a baby dedication.
Sunday, it was time to head back home.  

I remember feeling like my life was becoming very full again as our car was filling back up.  Our girls... and even the dog.  I had little blessed creatures to nurture again... The break was nice, but this felt good.

Picking up Jasmine from the dog-sitter's house, we were beyond elated to find that she did so well.  This will give us options when we are ever able to go on vacation.  The girls enjoyed petting their horse. This family obviously has a heart for animals... they told us they had 17 dogs in their care the weekend before.  Yikes!

The girls are showing symptoms of post-vacation-at-granny's-syndrome.  Gracie says, "Mom, I'm bored."  That's not something we ever hear around here.  My response?  Sorry, sometimes... that's life.  So, we all play a board game. ;)

We brought our dance teacher her gift since we were unable to visit with her after the recital.  She has got to be one of the nicest, most patient teachers I have ever met.  {Notice Nator's Little Women book. It's the 3rd time she's reading it.}

Sweet girls and homemade Popsicles!  Does it get any better than that?  We make them with whey protein, rice milk, frozen organic fruit and stevia.  Healthy and yummy!!  I finally found a great mold!  Tarjet.  ;)  {The band-aid?  Yes, that's another mosquito bite. Oi.}  Don't you just love the zebra striped headband with the hot pink camo?   Happy, happy!

Daddy surprised us by buying a few Wii games and 2 extra controllers.  Finally, we can all play together. :)

I've enjoyed a quick, yummy salad this week... Organic spinach with organic strawberries and gala apples, tossed with raspberry vinaigrette.  Mmmm...

I don't even know what to say about this girl.  She gets 'antsy' by the back door {without sound} when she needs to 'get sick'.  {This pic was taken after such an occasion.} She learned that early on {thankyoujesus}.  The vet says she's healthy... possibly just nervous tummy?  However, she just stands there... or even sits by the back door when she needs to potty.  She should learn to whine or even bark on such occasions.  This had better be a one-time accident!  I'm sure that my taking a nap had nothing to do with it.  Just sayin'.  Good thing she's so stinkin' cute. 

And here's a cutier-patootier.  Yes, I'm sure that's a word, right?  And just ignore the wires hanging from the TV. I know, now that I said it... you have to look.  It's okay... I don't know what to do with them.  DK knows, I'm sure.

We brought daddy to the airport, so that means... girl-movie-nights!  First up... Little Women, then Sound of Music.  Here, Gracie is singing "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria"... complete with ballet dance moves and all!

Saturday night, we watched Steel Magnolias.  It's one of my faves, but it's been years since I've watched it.  Hindsight being 20/20, it wasn't the best movie for my 8 and 10 yr old.  It's rated PG, but I'd forgotten about the men's locker room scene... among others.  The girls said they loved the movie.  Gracie thought the 'full moons' were funny.  Oi.

I will be around to visit blog-land soon... I'm having a crazy busy week!

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  1. Little Women is one of my fav's, and that salad looks yummy!

  2. Oh wow, Little Women is one of my favs too and I haven't seen Steel Magnolias in years, but it was certainly a favorite of mine.

    Such cute pics of the girls and so glad y'all had a nice trip!

    Hope Jasmine's tummy is feeling better now....that's never fun to clean up....ew! I had to laugh about her going and sitting by the door and not making a sound when she needs to go out, because my Sophie used to do the same thing. I taught her to speak as soon as I got her and made her speak (bark) before I let her out, but she wouldn't do it until I made her. So then I hung a bell on the door and taught her to ring it before she goes out, well that's only worked a few times...normally she waits til I get to the door and then she rings it.

    And now she's finally decided to not be patient any longer...when she has to go, she will come and bite your pants, your sleeve or your hands growling and try to pull you to the door to let her out. If I ignore her, then she barks and bites and pulls harder....ok this has become very annoying, so I'm trying to break her of it. LOL Dogs are funny!

  3. As usual...I love the week! I miss having younger kids (my "baby" is now 16)
    I have been wondering about the rice milk - still using soy and not so happy. My friend bought it last night (I talked her into trying it first) and said she would let me know. The popsicles look yummy!
    The dog? Well...I hear ya.
    Glad I popped over, I am sporting a smile after seeing your smiley girls! :)

  4. heehee! i love steel magnolias! it is one of my favorite movies. i can't wait to watch it with the girls. i've thought about doing it through clearplay but don't know how they will handle the end {and if you cut that out, well you may as not watch the movie teehee} I always ball my eyes out. how did the girls do?

    that salad looks yummy! and i didn't notice the wires until you said something! i had to go back and look.

  5. great pictures this week!

    I love homemade popsicles, however, seeing as I am not quite a "healthy eating" organic type girl (let's just say I take after Paula Deen in my cooking), your ingredients sounded a bit weird...just being honest!! what is stevia anyway?! :)

    the salad looks!!!

    I have had the same problem with old movies that I loved and showed to my kids, only to realize I had forgotten about some inappropriate part....ugh!

  6. I love the pics of the girls with the horses! Noticed the band-aid right away and thought it was probably those pesky mosquitos again! :(
    You got Just Dance!! Do you all love it? I am sure the girls are awesome at it with all of their dancing!!
    Now I have, How Do You Solve a Prolblem Like Maria running through my head! I'm going to have to get me a dose of The Sound of Music!
    Steel Magnolias...haven't seen in quite a while but LOVE! I think Wheezer if hysterical!
    We have a bell on our back door that Reese rings, works well except when he just wants us to take him out to play. Then we don't know if he's being serious or not! Hope Jasmine is better!!
    Have a super week!!

  7. Little Women and Sound of Music -- two of my favorites!!

  8. Sorry! I grew up playing that game, and love it.

    I am quite fond of Little Women and The Sound of Music too. I had a friend several years ago whose name is Maria and I might have driven her crazy singing "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria" a few too many times :)

  9. While I haven’t played a game of Monopoly is years (the last time was on a cruise to Bermuda many years ago), the game and its rules are still fresh in my mind. Nowadays all the board games we play are slightly more complicated than Monopoly (games like Settlers of Catan or Dominion) but Monopoly still holds a special place in my heart.If, however, you were to look back at the game itself and compare it to real life, you’d find a lot of differences. Some of the differences are inconsequential, like the prices for properties ($400? $120?) because they reflect both and earlier time and a need to improve playability (no sense having people count out $50,000 in $500 increments, a bill that itself doesn’t exist). Others are more subtle and, if a child were to use Monopoly as a proxy for the real world, really misrepresent the world. They, in short, lie.

  10. We have the same Popsicle molds...but I don't think my frozen yogurt would hold a candle to those yummy healthy concoctions!
    That fruity salad looks amazing!!!
    Always...super cute girls!

  11. Your blog makes me smile~ Great post!

  12. The salad looks yummy! Pepper (my Jack Russell mix) does the same thing when she needs to heave! You picked some good movies; I had forgotten about the locker room scene, too. That's such an awesome movie!

  13. Poor Jasmine!! Singing to Sound of Music...she is a girl after my own heart. Misquotes suck...ha ha. (Sorry i crack myself up sometimes)

  14. Wow. 17 dogs?! At once???!!! I feel sure I'd never survive that!

    Funny. My kids did the same thing with the whole being bored once they were back home! I was like, "Who ARE you people?!"

    Cool, colorful Wii remotes!

    Salad looks and sounds divine.

    You girls always have such a good, girly time. Little Women and Sound of Music are two of my faves, too!!


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