Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Project 365 - Week 23

 What HAVE we been up to??

The day after the recital, DK had to work, but we'd already bought his early Father's Day/Bday gift.  Uncle B managed to put this together for him before he got home.  Too bad we didn't have meat ready to go, too!  For everyone else, that is.  I'll stick with my black bean burgers. ;)


Everyone was excited about the girls spending the week with Granny.  It was time to go... and surprisingly, there were no tears.  My lil' girls are growing up.

I, on the other hand, suddenly noticed that the house seemed rather large with no little ones around.  On the verge of tears myself, I chose not to work on this...

I did some shopping therapy instead.  Just needed to get out of the house.  I opted to skip the mani-pedi and spend the money on clothes!  Oh, the to-do list above was just the beginning of things I'd planned to do.  With a handful of days to call my own, do you think any of it got done?


Absolutely not!  More shopping.  When do I get the opportunity to go kid-free shopping?  I had to take advantage of this.  I mean, who wants to go swimsuit shopping... much less with an audience of lil' ones in tow?  I was unsuccessful at finding the perfect suit {because it doesn't exist}, so I just had fun browsing more fun stuff again.  ;)

And look at what I came across.  Loved this.  We're a fruity family.  Ha!  Reminded me of my blog header, but at $50... Well, I managed to use some self-control. ;)


DK was given tickets to an Astros game.  Fun!  Our poor Astros managed to win one for us.  And what made this evening better was the stroll around the entire stadium in search of the perfect baked potato.  {Right, hun?} ;)  That was a rare, but yummy treat... and the glazed nuts that followed.  Lord. help. me. good.


Another date night at a local Japanese hibachi.  So yummy!  Sorry we didn't get a good 'before' pic.  I know... I know... Although I did go to the gym twice this week, I have much to make up for next week in the gym... and in my meals.


After dropping off Jasmine at a dog sitter early in the morning, DK and I drove out of town on a luxurious vacation... or work.  Which do you think?  I thought it better to let him handle this task.  I mean... you all know how tech-savvy I am. ;)  My ability to help him was only confirmed when he suggested I go shopping for a while 'till we could go check-in at the hotel.  I was more than willing to help in this capacity.  Ha!  No, actually... I felt bad leaving him.

Late that night, we ate at McAlister's Deli and saw Iron Man 2.  I only wish that I didn't feel old when going to the movies in the evening with all the 12 yr olds.  People our age should get out more, but maybe not quite so late.  Ha!  When you're this tired, you may be tempted to sleep during a life-sized, action movie.  Just sayin'. ;)


In the morning, we drove the remaining distance... just in time to help celebrate a surprise {70th} birthday party for Granny!  AND see our girls!!  There were over 80 people in attendance... proof that she is one loved lady!  You're the best, Granny!!

Next, it was time to swim at Uncle B and Aunt D's house.  Uncle B made a yummy jambalaya!  I think the newest members of the family had the right idea.  Nap.  I had a good time cuddling and feeding them.  Precious!

We were told that the girls enjoyed swimming all week.  It seems they picked up where they left off last year.  Let the summer fun begin!!

Whew!  Aren't you glad you asked what we've been up to? ;)  I have much blog reading to catch up on... Hoping to visit you soon!!

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What are you looking most forward to this summer??


  1. I have that same problem...such a long to do list but it is not the same as my 'want to do' list : )

    I love the baby picture-they look precious. Glad you enjoyed your week!

  2. Woo Hoo for shopping and hubby time!

  3. girl, you are A.DOR.A.BLE. {not just a capital A...but all CAPS ha!}
    love your green and brown necklace! i wanna go shopping ;) kid free shopping haha!

    the family tree necklace is beautiful.

  4. It probably felt like those few days just flew by!! Love the swimming pool shots, I need to jump in. That semi toothless grin in priceless. I hope you found some good deals...easier without anyone in tow, including hubs.

  5. Good for you and your therapy!! That necklace was really cute...maybe it will go on sale sometime.
    Glad the girls had fun with Granny and that you and DK had some time too.
    Love the pics of the girls in the water and those babies are adorable!!
    Have a super week!

  6. Shopping is always good! I love that family tree necklace, too!
    I bet Grandma and girls were bursting with excitement for their time together!

    *You can come sing with us anytime! How cool would that be?!?

  7. Ah! Break time at your house too, huh?! Good for YOU getting out to shop!! I'm with you on how much better it is to shop kid-free. I just can't THINK when I've got all my littles with me.

    Besides, cleaning/organizing/painting...all that will wait, right?!

    Love the swimming pictures and the sleeping babies, of course.


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