Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby, why don't we just dance

Ready... Set... Go!
That's the way it felt the morning of the dance recital... mostly due to the fact that someone decided running through dress rehearsal (starting at 8 am) AND having the recital (starting at 4 pm) all in one day was a good idea. 

I suppose it didn't really matter.  The girls had been counting down the days, while I was busy making sure we had the right color and brand of stockings.  I'm pretty sure the arm and leg I donated will go to good use.  As far as the girls were concerned, you would have thought it was Christmas morning.  Not to mention the fact that family drove from out of state to join us in our dance extravaganza.

Is there anything more adorable than lil' girls, dressed in ballet?

As crazy as it was, I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.  Seeing the joy in my lil' girls' eyes made it worth every wrinkle.  They had so much fun... from each costume change... to performance.

I mean... look how angelic they look.

So angelic, they even sparkle!

This was one of Gracie's best dance friends all year.  I lost count as to how many bracelets Gracie made her.  Too sweet.

So much hustle and bustle going on backstage.  Not to mention, some mama-drama... May I put a mom in time-out next year if she gets out of hand?  I think that would be a good idea.  ;)

The girls are having such a great time.  Nerves begin to build as they line-up, but they look cool and calm.  I manage to snap pix in the narrow hallway, as moms and volunteers are buzzing by.

After their ballet, Gracie asked if our family was in the audience.  When I told her yes, she said, "Awesome!"

Seriously, is there anything cuter than a lil' girl in a jazz costume?  Gracie loved all of her costumes, but said this one was her favorite.  Can you tell?

For dress rehearsal, we forgot to grab Gracie's jazz hat, so I called DK.  He had requested this day off.  It was his first day off in... a long time.  I felt bad waking him, but didn't want his daughter to be scarred for being the only one without her hat either.  When he dropped it off, I told him that he just won father of the year.  He said, "That was easy."  Gotta love 'em.

Is there anything more adorable than lil' girls dressed in tap costumes?  Seriously.

Tap was our last performance.  Nator waited patiently for me to finish with Gracie's jazz class.  While she waited, I'm sure she was helping little ones with their costumes... She's such a lil' mother hen, always nurturing and looking out for those around her.  I love that lil' girl.

They did a wonderful job.  Gracie told me beforehand that if she got nervous, she would use the advice her previous dance teacher gave her.  Picture everyone in their underwear.  Ummm... nice, huh?  It made her giggle.

It ended with a bang.  Literally.  Poor Gracie slipped in her tap shoes when entering the large changing room and hurt her bottom and back.  Darn tap shoes.  That would explain the tears in the rest of the pix.

Uncle B and Aunt D gave the girls stuffed animals that Aunt D sewed tutus on.  Isn't that adorable?  And Granny presented the girls with flowers and ceramic ballerinas.  So thoughtful!  I'm so glad they were all able to make it!

DK and I bought the girls their recital t-shirts, a total of five costumes, monthly dance lessons, gas to and fro, lots of stockings, hair pieces, jazz-tap-ballet shoes, leotards, and dance bags to carry it all in.

The memories and looks on their faces made it all... completely worth it. 
And dare I say... Priceless.


  1. Oh so cute! And no, there is nothing cuter than little girls in dance costumes. My Adeline wants sooo badly to be in dance too, but it does sound mighty expensive. However, your pictures are causing me to think twice about it... ;)

  2. No. There is nothing cuter

    Time out for moms? Sounds like a good idea. I've been backstage before. I think I may have met that mother : )

  3. I just love looking at dance pictures. The girls looked so cute. Even Gracie looked cute through her tears. Poor thing. Atleast it happened afterwards. :)

  4. Such great costumes! The girls looked great, just like mama!

  5. Beautiful girls! Thanks for sharing this special day with us!

  6. aww poor Gracie :( Those outfits were so cute, your girls look beautiful.

  7. So beautiful! Love the outfits! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  8. Ah ... dance recitals. Love 'em and hate 'em at the same time.

    Your girls are precious.

  9. Glad it went well! At least she didn't fall going onto the stage, on stage, or leaving.

  10. I wish there were time outs for lots of situations. They looked adorable, even pouty faces. I love watching my daughter dance and the way she holds herself and is so proud on stage. It really makes me see her in a different light. Congrats on a great day and thanks for sharing.

  11. No there really isn't anything cuter than little girls in their costumes! And might I say, these two girls look amazing in their costumes! Poor Gracie, I hope she got over the tears! These are great pictures of y'all...I love the mommy/daughter ones! ~ DEBRA

  12. I love all of these pictures and totally want you to help me get ready for a dance recital! (I'm probably beyond the looking cute stage though!)
    One thing I love the most is that you helped your girls look and feel special without looking gaudy and all made up! They still look like Gracie and Nator...beautiful!
    Great job Mom and now you need to take a bow!!

  13. so many great pix!

    i love how their costumes were cute, yet modest, all at the same time!



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