Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Project 365 - Week 22

What a weekend!  However, for this post, I must back up a bit so that you can get a better 'picture' of our week.  Please feel free to join in Sara's Project 365... You'll be glad you did!

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No picture today.  DK was working.  The girls and I kept it low-key.  I actually watched Glee online.  Just me, not my girls.  They watched non-teen related drama shows.  ;)


Gracie loves making bracelets for her friends and family.  This is one she made special for me.  She knows that I like turquoise.   Sweet girl.


After dance practice, we did our grocery shopping at Target.  It's been a while since we've browsed the shoe aisle.  We didn't see anything we couldn't live without.  Although, it was nice to have a lil' breathing room in the budget if we had seen something.  Hubs working extra hours has its benefits, I suppose.

Then, it was off to eat dinner with Dad.  Gracie likes to say, "And the sun hasn't even gone down!"  I suppose that's a sign that daddy works a lot of crazy hours.  The weather was perfect for sitting outside... Panera style.  Jasmine thought so too.  Nator tries to imitate her for a second.  ;)

After dinner, we bought a Wii Fit.  I figure we can use this on rainy days and in-between days for our P.E. class, when needed. :)

Upon arriving home, poor Gracie jammed her thumb in the car door.  I thought we might actually have our first 'field trip' to the ER, but after a quick Google search, I determined that she probably needed ice and some lovin'.  Thankfully, we were right.  The Biggest Loser finale was a good distraction.  Lots of tears though.  Poor baby girl.


Today, we started making 'Smoothie Queens'.
Ice + Frozen Fruit + Whey Protein + 1 packet of Stevia + Rice Milk =


In an attempt to start the cleaning process, I ask the girls to remove 10 things from their rooms {big or tiny} and I will give them 50 cents.  {You know, the Fly Lady's method.  I will do this more often.}  To my surprise, they come out with more!  So, they get 75 cents!  However, mom tucks things away in a space bag... instead of the donation bag.  I mean, I'm not ready to part with their old Halloween and 'dress up' costumes.  You never know when you'll want to pull them out and cry because your babies have outgrown them use them. ;)


Not long after family got in town, we headed to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  I snapped this cell pic of Gracie teaching Uncle B a certain B-I-N-G-O patty-cake. 

I came 'this close' to posting the video of Gracie teaching Granny how to do it.  Good stuff.  But I've been accused of making everything blog-fodder, so I will resist the temptation.  But just know that it was funny!  We love you, Granny!!  ;)


It's all things girlie today!  A full dress rehearsal and performance... all in one day!  Also known as a full marathon.  Just sayin'.

While we were at dress rehearsal, DK and Uncle B picked up a trampoline for the girls.  They were so surprised and excited!!  Remember their poor swing-set?  I've wanted to get them something ever since and thanks to DK's extra hours, we finally replaced it.  The girls thought this was one of the best days... ever!

More details to come!  For now, Mama needs a break! ;)


  1. I think that I could tell you every day how BEAUTIFUL your girls are......but something tells me, you already know ;)

  2. Ya know, this is the first summer I have not found any shoes I like at Target.

    Girls look great in their dress costumes! :)

  3. What a sweet bracelet. And a sweet thought behind it.

    Yeah, I get accused of the same thing. Every time I pick up my camera my husband (and even my mom) will say, "Oh, the blog..." Funny. I do believe they enjoy looking at all those photos online!! Ahem...

    Lots of great pics this week! I especially love the dance photos you got. And congrats to the girls on that trampoline. Way cool!!

  4. I think Gracie made a beautiful bracelet! So sorry about her thumb but glad it was ok!
    I love that you are saving some things "in case you need them"! I know I'm not ready to get rid of some things either.
    Love the dance pictures...gorgeous and I spot a wee bit of attitude in them!
    Hooray for a trampoline! Can't wait to see them jumping.
    Have a super week!!

  5. Your girls are just beautiful! And I will definitely be trying that smoothie recipe :)

  6. Oh how fun - a trampoline! I'm sure they'll get a ton of use out of that!

  7. they are so adorable!!! i love their little dance pictures....cute!

    i've been accused of putting everything on the 'ol blog too. ha! i'm always like and your point is haha!

    great pictures! looks like y'all had a wonderful week. Has dk's schedule slowed down any?

  8. Those dance pictures make me feel all sentimental and nostalgic.

    So, have you been on the trampoline???

  9. Yum...that smoothie sounds delicous!

    I agree with Lori...I think at the end of the day the family likes reading about everything that happens in their lives. And for sure your girls will eat it up when they are older.

    Nice to have family in!


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