Thursday, May 27, 2010

I should buy stock in band-aids

Besides the 102 degree temp in the car {so far}, there is only one other reason this season becomes nearly unbearable...

I promise our children are not abused as some may think when we leave the house... covered in band-aids. Including myself some days.  This is only to prevent rubbing off the anti-itch cream and creating scars on skin that will be there for years to come.  See?  I'm a caring mama.  I even buy the sensitive skin brands as to not cause further rashes.  See?  No signs of abuse here... other than those pesky mosquitoes!

Dear Mosquitoes, 
I know my kids are simply sweet and edible sometimes, but let's not take that literally.  Mkay?  I mean, we DO have a dance recital coming up and who wants brightly colored band-aids clashing with complimenting all those expensive absolutely adorable costumes?!

Having said that... Curse 'you' mosquitoes!

Not my bloggy friends, of course... because YOU are all sorts of wonderful!

If you read my last post, you must be thinking...  She has a list of things to blog about on her iPhone and she chooses this?   

I know.  I was thinking the same thing.  

Really, I shouldn't be blogging at all today.  We have a weekend full of recital to-dos, family coming in town tomorrow, and my check-list is far from completed.  However... I find myself completely distracted with giving TLC to some mosquito injuries and searching homeschool curriculum online.  {just haven't settled in completely on a Language curriculum}  I'm not one for curriculum hoping because learning gaps are created, but I find the hunt intriguing... and overwhelming.  Updating our homeschool page is one of many blog ideas on my iPhone list... just in case you were wondering. ;)

Okay, I'm pushing away from the computer now.  Just say no, right?  If you see any comments here, it's only because I'm checking in with my iPhone.  I'm pretty sure that doesn't count. 

Oh!!  And your Q & A  suggestions have me giggling.  Keep 'em comin' via comment or email.


  1. my girls are all bit up too! lots of itchy bumps all over them. the really not so fun part of backyard play! :)

  2. Bless your heart, Nator. You are too cute. :) I hate those little buggers, too. No ammount of anti-itch meds help. I hope they clear up before the recital. I'd lve to see a pic of those poor angels covered with band-aids. BTW, how in the world did you get bit on your backside??? That is a talented bug. :)

  3. Eww, that makes me itch! Hope you bought stock in the anti-itch cream!

  4. We're all bit up here, too. The darn things are everywhere.

  5. The one good thing about living in CA as opposed to Iowa (where I grew up) mossquitoes. But gladly have a few itchy bumps to be back there with my mom and sibs. And boy was I a scratcher!!

  6. Oh those curs-ed mosquitos! Wow, they were really targeting her....I mean...even her backside? Poor child!

    Does Avon still sell Skin So Soft lotion and bath oil? That stuff works....mosquitos hate it.


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