Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Project 365 - Week 21

"What's today?"  That's a question we hear almost everyday at our house.  With DK's work schedule keeping him away everyday for an entire month now, it's easy to understand why we might be struggling to keep track of our calendar.

This is so different from the life we once knew.  DK and I did everything... together.  From travel to shopping, to... you name it.  We enjoy spending time together, so sometimes... this is hard.  For a couple years now, he has been traveling off and on without me and I've been running this little thing we like to call home.  Sometimes, us gals like to paint the town pink... or stay home.  I wish I could choose the latter many days, but life calls.

Here's a few memories we wanted to highlight from our week...  Like I said, please don't ask which day they were taken.  I couldn't tell you. ;)

Outside fun in the sprinkler!

We did this two days in a row.  As you can see, we're serious about our fun.  Gracie is rockin' the air guitar.

Not to worry, though... We got our homeschool on too! ;)  Gracie is deep in thought.

How do you like my teacher's desk today?  For those of you who homeschool, you know it's not like this everyday, but days like this sure. are. nice.

Really.  These girls keep me on my toes.

What week would be complete without cell pix AND a girlie lunch date at Panera?  Although, I must admit that I was a bit grossed out distracted by the lady in the background, sitting with legs criss-cross-apple-sauced, wearing. no. shoes.  Please don't put your bare feet on the seats at a restaurant.  Or is that just me??

The girls were so excited about their choice of books from the library this week, we made two trips!

We also adopted Molly, the owl.  Nator says it all in the title she put on my cell pic. ;)

The girls are supposed to 'help' put groceries away when we get home, but instead I catch them 'playing house' with the canned goods.  It's a can-good-family.

We did a lil' dress shopping for an upcoming daddy/daughter date.  The girls were so excited to try on dresses.  I hadn't seen them this giddy about girlie shopping in a while.  They were ALL so cute, it was hard to decide!

This was my second choice for Gracie... I tried not to look too excited that she actually picked my first choice as hers for fear she wouldn't pick it just because it was mine.  Did you follow that? ;)

This was Nator's second choice... originally.  During the middle of the night, after our original purchases, she had a vision of purple and decided she wanted to exchange her dress.  I'm sure you couldn't tell that by seeing what she did to my cell pic.  ;)  So, off to JCP we went... again.

This was also the day that DK originally told me to book a sitter so that I could go shopping and get a mani-pedi with some of the extra pay from working all these long hours with the {dare I say it again?} oil disaster.  That way, I could have some 'me' time.  Isn't he the sweetest?!!  I told him that I'd rather wait till he could spend that time with the girls.  Then, I would feel a lil' less guilty about indulging.  I'm looking forward to the shopping.  Mama needs some clothes for the summer.

Bella has decided she likes the great outdoors.  Not good for a kitty with no claws.  Does she really think she's hiding here?

Meanwhile, Jasmine would much rather be indoors with us. 
Spoiled much?  ;) 

And there you have it.  A tiny glimpse into our week... and a reason or two as to why I haven't been in the blog-o-sphere much lately.  I'm hoping that will change soon... because Mama has much to blog about.  Really, I do!  My iPhone is holding a list of ideas.  ;)

I'm thinking of doing a Q & A blog soon... Much of which is ministry-based right now, but I'm taking questions... Comment or email if you have one!

I'm linking up with Sara.  A little late, but sometimes better late than never, right?  Wait.  What day is it again?  Gesh...  I'm really late this time.


  1. I totally got the dress thing. Can't let on too much how much you like something or they start looking for reasons not to like it so much : )

    And no it's not just you...no barefeet on the seats. eww. I don't even like to see people prop their shoes up on chairs in a restaurant. Gross.

    I can relate to the hubs who travels...my summer will be much the same. Sigh.

  2. Bare feet on a seat in a restaurant? That's just gross. It's so sweet that DK is going on a date with his little girls! Kind of makes me wish I had had one...kind of. :)

  3. I usually find that the times when I have the most to blog about are also the times I have no timem to blog! Looks like you've been busy...but having fun!

  4. Those are very cute dresses. A month of working like that would make me batty. You're still kicking. So, I'm proud of you. :) If DK ever gets the opportunity to come to boring Michigan, you ladies should come with him. I'd love to meet ya'll. :)

  5. oh, and i totally forgot to mention bare feet ----------> totally gross!

  6. girl, these pictures are amazing! beautiful!! the coloring is so pretty!

    looks like y'all had a fun & busy week.

    love those dresses. and that BFF picture is so stinkin' cute. Emily and Audrey do stuff like that to their pictures all the time on their ipods........ they steal pictures from my blog all the time! silly girls.

    questions! i got 'em

    1) how long is DK expected to work all sorts of hours?

    2)Do you have a southern drawl? haha!

    3) Do you plan to homeschool through grade 12?

    4) What is your favorite subject to teach?

    5) Your least favorite thing to do around the house?

    6) Biggest blogging peeve?

  7. Your girls have the most wonderful smiles!! I love all your pictures and I want my teacher desk to look just like yours...

  8. Ewww, bare feet where I pay to eat?! Nasty! Especially on a seat! Now I'll be the crazy lady sanitizing my chair before I sit down. Stinky, stinky.

    Love the girls' dresses. They're too adorable!

    Now go get that mani/pedi! :)

  9. such great pics! i love your classroom! ;)

    i keep a list of blog ideas too...now i just need to get to them!

  10. Love Gracie's smile while she's playing air guitar!
    I think your teaching style would be loved by many!! :)
    The dresses the girls chose are lovely and I totally get the don't show too much enthusiasm over the one you like.
    Keep hanging in their and resting in Him. Your family will be back together soon!!
    Have a great week!!

  11. Such great pictures! Looks like you've been having lot's of fun!

  12. Oh! Your girls are so very photogenic. What fun girly times y'all had!! I know it's gotta be hard having your man gone, though.


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