Monday, May 17, 2010

So you think you can {sew}

First of all, I must apologize if I caused anyone to have nightmares about aliens after my previous post.  If you missed it, maybe you should just trust me.  It was hideous!

Today, I'm sharing a lil' something that Nator has wanted me to make her ever since I made Gracie a horse.  Well, I try anyway.  So, it was time to dust off the amazing sewing machine and refresh my memory on how to use it.  I really do want to learn!

First things first.  Search the internet for anything that might resemble a pattern that fits the description of your daughter's image of an owl.  Nothing.  Much anyway.  Well, there is this cute site, but it's not exactly what Nator wants. 

Also a good idea to keep the phone nearby in case a call to 911 is needed while working with needles.

Nator knows what to do!  Display a nightgown of one of her favorite owls.  Umm... okay.

Gather materials your daughter helped pick out.  Yes, it helps if you bunch them in a pile after you've washed, dried, and ironed them. ;)

After you've picked the main pattern for your owl, take a deep breath, free-hand the outline of the owl and cut away!  Remember one for the front and back. {Use the pattern for the first one you've cut out to cut the second one.}

Using brown wool material, I cut circles for the eyes and a triangle for the beak.  Then I used a zig-zag stitch to attach them to one side of the owl.  Next, I sewed on buttons to complete the eyes.  You may not want to ask your daughter to choose from a hand-full of buttons.  Such an overloaded question could induce tears.

Deciding to make the end result a surprise is a better idea.

Hahhh... She's starting to look like an owl.  I think.  Good thing stuffed owls are forgiving.  They don't demand perfection.

Next, you need to pick out the material for your wings and any embellishments.  Use the body of the owl to help when cutting the wings to their needed size.

Owls are forgiving, but they will appreciate having ironed edges for any exposed material in the middle.  This owl is going to be a girl.  Girls enjoy fashion.  I gave her a lil' 'shirt' between her wings and a bow with a button sewn in the middle.

The small tan strip of material used was from a shirt that I wore at the girls' sixth and eighth birthday party in 2008.  You gotta love a lil' sentimentalism.
Hanging onto old clothes could come in handy after all. ;)

Again, using the zig-zag stitch, I sewed all the pieces in the middle.  This may tickle owl a lil' bit.  They have such cute, bubbly personalities, don't they?

And because your owl is starting to look like an owl, you may attract company asking you to make another owl, a bunny, a puppy, and a cat.

I forgot to take a picture, but I cut brown, wool feet and placed them on the bottom of the owl.  Toes pointing up.

Then I placed the second cut-out of our owl shape together with the first, to start pinning.  Making sure it looks inside out!  Yeah, that's kinda important. ;) 

Machine sew all around, using a straight stitch.  I double pinned where I wanted to stop the machine to leave room for stuffing.

Turn right side out.

Time to stuff!  This is where little hands come in handy!
Or the eraser end of a pencil... to get up into the long ear on the opposite side.

Our owl ended up with long 'ears'.  That happens when you make up your own pattern.  Good thing owls are not self-conscience.  ;)

Put on the final touches. ;)

Sit back and take a moment to admire your hard work.

Letting little sister give big sister her gift will make her day.

Nator loves her new owl!  She said, "I love it!!  It will be like having mommy with me at all times because you made it!"

I was thrilled.  I mean, it's much better than what she said before I started.  "...even if I think it's ugly, I will say it's pretty because you made it."

Let me be the first to introduce you to "Molly"!  She is named after the owl, Molly, we have been watching via live video feed since she sat on lil' owlet eggs {those owlets are as big as their mama now}.  AND Molly is the first American Girl doll Nator received.  AND Molly starts with M and so does Mom.

Gotta love that!


  1. Your girls are the sweetest! The owl looks did a fantastic job with it!

  2. Its adorable! It makes me want to sew : ) I have a machine but it hasn't seen the light of day in a long long time.

  3. You did a great job! So adorable! There is a mom blogger out there (i forget who) that takes drawings her kids make and turns them into stuffed animals. Since your so great at this, your girls may like that as well!!

  4. such a talented mama!!! that owl is adorable!!! I see many more stuffed animals in your future! :)

  5. Oh my goodness that is one adorable owl! We are *sweet* on owls at our house these days! You make sewing sound charming! I know it'd only make me cry...for real...starting at age 12, my mom tried to make me sew a dress.every.single.year. The worst was that she made me wear it, no matter what, thinking I'd try harder.
    Phew. I need therapy. See where sewing will take me? Awesome owl for a cutie patootie girl!

  6. wow! girl, you did that by hand! you need to change the title to, um, yes i can sew thankyouverymuch! ha!


  7. *Sew* adorable! ;) You are one crafty mama! Your girls are so lucky to have you. Great work!!

  8. Wonderful job! What creativity!

  9. This turned out super cute! Way to go Mom - I'm sure you are the hero of your house :)

  10. So stinkin cute. Girl you are so talented. I wish I could sew. I gave you an award today too:)

  11. That's an adorable project and a great way to spend time together!

    Gorgeous pictures of the girls. I especially love the toothless grin!


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