Friday, January 29, 2010


Gracie picked out the material, but Mama couldn't find a pattern for the... gulp... horse that she wanted!  So Mama was left to her own devices to freehand her own.  It was my first project, so even novice sewers should not look closely.  Just overlook the fact that it has 2 legs instead of 4.  I was going for the silhouette look.  ;)

After our girl's movie night, watching The Parent Trap, I got to work!  A few faulty cuts, broken needle, button nose, and a hand-stitched heart later, I was finished.  It was 1:35 a.m.  Don't laugh.   It was the dawn of Gracie's 8th birthday and I didn't want to disappoint.  With DK out of town, the girls were piled in my bed, snoozing peacefully.  I tucked the pink horse in with the rest of Gracie's stuffed animals surrounding her pillow and found my place on a tiny spot of the mattress' edge.  I was cold and the warmth my girlies created was just what I needed.

After the rain storm, she walked sleepy-eyed down the stairs, with her labor of love in hand.

She loved it!  


The night before, we joked.  "If this doesn't come out looking the way you hope, we can just call it a stuffed thing.  Okay?"  Gracie says, "I know I will love it, because you made it."
 I say, "So, Gracie, this means you have about 1,000,002 stuffed animals now?"  She says, "Yes, but this one's my favorite!"  The horse she named Cheetah.  She says it's Cheetah-licious!
The best part?
I got the 'your the best mama in the whole wide world' hug while making her requested breakfast...

Heart{like}-shaped pancakes, eggs and honey {of course}.
She says, "It's the best breakfast... ever!"

Watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua, then picking up Daddy from the airport.
I'd say it's a great start for a great birthday weekend.
Are we the only ones who celebrate the entire week{end}?  :)


  1. awwwww. that's so precious. Thanks for sharing this special moment with us. You did a great job. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Too cute, and I am telling you cuddling up to hubby is great, but nothing like warm kiddos in bed to snuggle with too!!

    Congratulations on a great horse


  3. Wow, I'm impressed that you took on a HORSE for your first project! What a great mama you are!!

    P.S. We have those same pink plates -- did you get them from Target?

  4. You did a great job. I hope she has a great birthday weekend :)

  5. Great job on the horse! I think it looks wonderful!

  6. Very cute horse. :) And, no, you're not the only ones who celebrate all weekend. Ours usually lasts a week. If Sassy saw the American girl box that was just delivered, we'd be celebrating for over TWO weeks this time. :) Happy Birthday, Gracie!!

  7. Cheetah is cute! You did great and I think you have a sweet girl.

    We refer to our kids birthday celebrations as 'the birthday week'...they seem to go on and on.

    Happy Birthday!

  8. I agree great job on the horse as a first project! :) Maybe I don't need to be scared to learn to sew! We have a birthday weekend happening at our place for our eldest son!
    Have a blessed weekend.


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