Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project 365 - Week 5


The Saints are going to the Superbowl!!   
"leh ZEH leh BAWN taw ROO leh"
That's how you say...
Let the good times roll!


On our way to bring DK to the airport.  We were out and about entirely too early... at least for a homeschooling family, that is.  ;)  Too many refineries in these parks.  They say it's the smell of money.  Blech.


I know how you feel, Jasmine.  Tuesday's to-do list always makes me feel like this.  This is after her 2 mile walk.  Mama had already gone to the gym, ran errands, played 'mom-taxi', and.... I think we get the point.


While Gracie is in dance class, Nator and I always get a chance to catch up.  Just the two of us.  She will sometimes ask deep questions about life and God... Does God make bad things happen so that He can show us something?  No.  God does not make bad things happen.  Sometimes, that's just life, but God is always... loving.

We also reviewed schoolwork.

Guess who's at the dinner table? ;)


Our last night with just us gals before Daddy comes back home, so we had our annual all-girls movie night.  The Parent Trap.  However, the girls were a lil' distracted... putting on 'puppet' shows with their dollhouse figures.  Their dialogue is so funny.  Oh... and see how the creativity of using exercise equipment for other purposes begins at such an early age? 

When it was over, I went straight to work on Gracie's special project.

Gracie's 8th birthday!  
"Mom, do you remember how at my friend's birthday party all her friends were tugging at her and didn't want to share her?"
"I can't wait to have that at my party.  I can't wait to be famous."

She was the birthday princess on parade as we picked up DK from the airport.  

From there, we headed straight to Build-a-Bear, then Luby's {a cafeteria of all places}.  That's exactly what she wanted.  She said it was the best birthday ever!  ;)

See the denim "skinny leg jeans"... for stuffed bears?

We took the girls to see The Secret Garden.  I knew Nator would love it.  She had just read the book and watched the movie.  She was quick to point out that many parts were missing.  I had to explain to her that this was only a 45 minute play.   {It took us longer to drive there!}  Gracie, on the other hand, was not so impressed and kept asking when we could leave.  Gotta love her honesty.  ;)  It's all good.  We're taking them to see the new Toothfairy movie tomorrow.  They're both looking forward to that one.

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  1. HaPpY BiRtHdAy Gracie !! Looks like she had a great day!!!!
    Fun pictures this week. Your dog looks pitiful.

  2. It's always fun to see your pictures. Love the dog...too cute!

    And your daughter's comment about her birthday! I love that...we all want our fifteen minutes, especially on our birthday.

    Oh and sorry but I must root for the Colts. Nothing against the Saints but Peyton played for Tennessee back in college and that is where our real football loyalty lies...with the Volunteers. And once a Vol always a Vol so we gotta root for the Colts : )

  3. Laughed at the creative use of exercise equipment :-) Just a week full of wonderful photos!

  4. Those are some great pictures..

    Love the puppet show cover - creative!

    Happy birthday to the beautiful birthday girl!

    UGH - company smog... aggravates me

  5. Loved the early morning smoke stacks. Gorgeous pic!

    Loved the birthday collage! So fun! I hope she had the best day!

    Thansk for sharing!

  6. love to see creativity ...
    great pics :)

  7. i am sure it's not great having all those smoke stacks near by, but that is a gorgeous picture!! your dog is adorable! what a face!

    Happy Birthday to Gracie!!!

  8. what a fun week for you... and I love the picture of your dog... that is just too cute!

  9. Weird...I was reading about your week when I got your comment.

    The Parent Trap is my all time favorite movie!

    How often does your husband travel?

    Beautiful sunrise, even with "progress" in the background.

  10. My daughter had that very crown...she loved it too. My school is doing the Secret Garden, and I can't wait to see it too!!

    I just love your cute.

    Great pictures


  11. I love how you captured that expression on your dog's face.
    Really, great pics all around.
    And *sigh* I just adore The Secret Garden.

  12. Your photos are again fabulous! (thanks for the camera info) I love your creative use of exercise equipment!
    Doesn't Raffi have a song similar to your good times roll?

  13. Excellent picture! Glad Gracie enjoyed her birthday - I love cafeteria food too.

    I'll be pulling for the Colts too - we lived in Western NC when Peyton played for Tennessee so we feel like he's "our" guy!

  14. Wonderful week. I love Build A Bear, but unfortunately my girls think they are too old now. And I love the picture of Jasmine!

  15. those are great photos! and the girls are all so lovely! 2nd photo is awesome! its really glowing literally!

    u may view mine here

  16. looks like you guys had a great week! your girlies are SO cute! I love Gracie's birthday hat. and that is SO funny that she can't wait to be famous!!

  17. Stunning sunrise pic!
    Darling girls!
    Cute doggie!
    Super Mom!
    (And Superbowl opponents ;)


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