Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"God is great... People are crazy"

Yep, that's a partial quote from a country song.  I can't quote the whole thing because we try and change the station before it plays.  Why?  Well, there's something inappropriate about an 8 year old singing the lyric, "beer is good."  Agreed?  I'm getting sidetracked.

I can hardly believe that I've had this blog for almost an entire year!  Honestly, I never thought I'd have one.  I mean, who would want all their failures, mixed with a few accomplishments, plastered all over the internet, for all to read?  Well, apparently many... and I'm thankful to have met many unexpected bloggy friends along the way.  ;)

Now, the one thing I didn't expect to find??  What people would be willing to put in their search engines... and on top of that, land on our lil' Family Team blog.  Are you ready for this??

Bulged out belly
Ummm... did you land on our blog because you thought my belly looked bulged out?  Nah... I'm sure it had something to do with The Belly Fat Cure.  Yep, that's it.

Words for a funny drama work team
Must be the word 'drama' that brought you here?? {insert confused puppy face expression}

Blog of super duper mummy
Well, that one's obvious, isn't it?  Wait, don't answer that.

Clever things to say in a photo shoot
Yes, I can see why you would have come to my blog out of all the completely-creative-photographic-blogs out there???  However, since you're curious... I usually have people say anything silly that ends with an 'eeeeee' sound, like crazyyy, moneyyyy... "Your photographer is sillyyyy."

Roller skate songs
You must know that I spent almost every Friday night as a kid roller skating!  I was cool doing the Hokey Pokey with my skates {white, with peach colored pom-poms laced on top}, in the middle of the rink... along with everyone else, of course.  Enough about me, obviously you came looking for my playlist.  You should check with me again soon, because I'm rearranging my iPod.  Are you scared?  ;)

Mama I just can't get enough
Enough of what, exactly?  Maybe you should have taken the advice from the person who did the next search...

The secret to having it all, is knowing you already do
This is a lesson I re-learn.  Daily.  Yet, this search led you to me??

Waking mama bear
Um, yeah.  Never a good idea under any situation.  Well, unless there's an emergency... Then proceed with caution.

I love God because
Well, for many reasons... Here are just a few.  {However, if your search led you to my blog, you've probably already read it.}

What to wear on the bayou
Anything that can handle moisture and mosquito spray!  And if you're going to be 'on' the bayou, it might be a good idea to put your camera in a Ziploc bag... but don't forget to SEAL it  {you know, just in case you happen to flip your canoe}.  Not that I would know anything about that.  Sigh.

Nest feathers and twine
Were you looking for hairdo suggestions?  I can't think of any other logical explanation as to why this search would have landed you on my blog??

I love being a snob
 At least you can admit it.  I, on the other hand, am not!  Really!  Just ask my hubs {of course, his opinion is not biased!}.  He said that was one of the things he liked about me... that I'm down to earth.  Right honey??

Oh my gosh snobbish songs
 Again with the snob-talk?  I am not a snob and I have given you my {workout} playlist.  Period. :)
 There were so many searched words and phrases {including one very inappropriate searched phrase that made me think twice about this whole blog idea!}, but the one that won most searched??

I plight thee my troth
Apparently, people are still using this sentence in their wedding vows and trying to figure out {possibly after the fact, as we did} what they vowed to their new spouse!  Our excuse?  We were mere babies when we married.  {See here.}

How did the internet survive without my useful tips, tricks, and advice?
My great bloggy friends, I'm sure...
I'm just doing my part.


  1. Congrats on 'almost' a year :) Glad you blog!!

  2. It's always fun to check these out...one time somebody searched using 'questionable terminology' and they ended up on a post I wrote about Moms In Touch. I loved the irony and I hope they read it...I'm quite certain they were looking for something else entirely but God can work in mysterious ways : )

  3. Hey, I skated every friday night or Saturday as a kid too!! I was very pigeoned toed and my dad (orthopedist) got me skating to straighten them out. I had white skates with red wheels...no pom poms though and I loved doing the hokey pokey!!!

  4. Glad you are doing your part!

    (I used to roller skate ALL the time as a kid. Loved it!)

  5. i love roller skating! i was there about every friday night too. sometimes even on sat!

    isn't it funny what people google that leads them to your blog

    {that songs irks me....}


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