Saturday, July 4, 2009

"...and thereto I plight thee my troth."

That's what we said to one another on
October 1992.
Of course, we had to look up what that meant exactly.
Who says that anymore?

The wedding attire is comparable to Nia Vardalos's dress
in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, no?
Don't be jealous.
You, too, could have had a big-bow bottom.

And the hat?
Well, my only defense is that I didn't want the traditional veil at the time.
I went with the first dress and head attire I tried on.
That's what happens when you marry so young and haven't
figured out your own style and mom says...
"Try this on."

This is my step-dad.
It meant a lot to my Uncle to walk me down the aisle.
My step-dad was very sweet & understanding about everything.
He just wanted to be there for his girls... me & mom.

My mom was great help in organizing a lot of the details.

My Aunt was my Matron of Honor. It was never a question.
She has loved me like a Mother over the years.
And to all of my girls... Again, I apologize for the dresses.

My soon-to-be hubby. So young...

His brother served as his best man.
They were all so cool...

DK recorded all of the music to be played for everyone walking down the aisle.
It was "Thank You" with recorded letters from each of us played for our parents.
And "Friends" by Michael W. Smith for our friends.
It seemed appropriate at the time since we were moving far away from everyone.

Go easy on me... It was the early 90's.

We started it off by singing "Always" to each other.
It was so cute to see 'DK' singing...
"...come with me my sweet and let's go make a family."
What a grin. ;)

We signed our license.
We took communion...

Granny made the bread (yummo) and DK ran to the store right before the ceremony to buy some grape juice! Whew! The Pastor who married us, was the Pastor I grew up under. He promised me before he moved away that he would do my wedding ceremony. He kept his promise and drove from Oklahoma to Louisiana for us. He helped to make this day very special.

Giving roses.
Granny Sue... I love you!

DK sang "I Will be Here" by Steven Curis Chapman.

"I now pronounce to you, Mr. & Mrs...."

I know it's hard to see it, but wrapped around my foot is my garter! Yep. It was too big, so I had to drag it under my foot everywhere I walked during the ceremony in hopes that I would not leave it behind... embarassed. ;)

We made it... Back to the limo and off to the reception...
one block away. Well, we took a scenic route.

Every good south Louisiana wedding needs a huge pot of jambalaya!
Thanks to Pops! I could not have asked for a better Father-in-law. We miss him so much!

DK's cake was made to look like his keyboard.
Gotta love black icing. Ha.
I also discovered that DK didn't like the
pineapple filling that was in one of our cakes.

DK's grandmother.
She had 18 children and her oldest had 17.
We are not following in that tradition.

The Family

Thanks for hosting this, Rachel!
I entered late due to my inability to work my scanner;
however, my hubby knight in shining armor rescued me.

Better late than never, right?


  1. DK looks like he's 16. Don't worry ... you still look young.

    The hat and dresses remind me of every wedding I'd ever been to during that era. Funny how we all giggle at our dresses and stuff now. They were the most beautiful pieces ever back then.

    Loved seeing these.

  2. What an awesome day! You and your hubby look so happy. And I love the keyboard cake. :)

    So glad you got your scanner to cooperate so we didn't have to miss out on seeing these!

  3. Actually, he was 17. ;) DK says I aged him. I say... it was church ministry that did it. ;) Thanks for the sweet compliments.

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