Monday, February 22, 2010

Hows about a lil' {ipod} confession?

Alternate title:  The Post in Which You Lose Any Respect You Had For Me
But I thought that title a bit long... and presumptuous.  I mean, are ALL of the songs in your iPod 'goody-goody'?

I admit it.  I used to be extremely black and white, but I've relaxed a bit.  Maybe it's some of life's experiences that have changed me?  Maybe it simply comes with age?  I suppose many would say the two go hand in hand.
Here's the scoop.  I can NOT do a {good} cardio workout withOUT my iPod.  The beat determines the level of intensity.  I have skipped going to the gym when my iPod was not charged.  Of course, I suppose any ol' excuse would do, eh?   Let's just say that if my gym clothes are not layed out, ready to go first thing in the morning, I've used that as an excuse as well.

After seeing a young man {not much older than myself} going from weight to weight via walker, I have no excuses.  Yes, he was very young. ;)   Don't get me wrong, sometimes I really have to do a lot of self-motivation.  Why?  Let's just say that some things will never change without the help of a plastic surgeon.  Big pregnancies were not kind to me. {Sigh}  But, of course, my babies were worth it.  It's all about health... with a little vanity thrown in for good measure, right?

Back to the iPod...
Oh, yes, I have many church-approved songs on my ipod.
But when it comes to my workout playlist??  Well, ummmm...

Here are my iPod confessions.
{i know.  a few of them are... ummm.... inappropriate.  what can i say?  i can thank my hubs for introducing those beats to me. ha! the slower songs i use on a high resistance with the elliptical.}

There and Back Again... Chris Daughtry
What I Want... Chris Daughtry
Shining Star... Earth Wind and Fire
Up All Night... Hinder
{ummm... i know}
Geek in the Pink... Jason Mraz
I'm Yours... Jason Mraz
Curbside Prophet... Jason Mraz
Waiting on the World to Change... John Mayer
{most of his other songs are used for cooling down after my workout}
Walk Away... Kelly Clarkson
Miss Independent... Kelly Clarkson
Happy Girl... Martina McBride
This Ones for the Girls... Martina McBride
Ride... Martina McBride
Smooth... Santana
And Ummm... some Nickelback songs, but let's not go there...
He obviously had relationship issues.
Two Princes... Spin Doctors
{I use another Spin Doctor song as well, but I just realized it opened with a yucky word... oops}
This is Your Life... Switchfoot
Mustang Sally... Eric Clapton
On Our Side... Chris Tomlin
Alright... Darius Rucker
La La Land... Demi Lovato
Yeah, I can thank my girls for that one... among others, like...
A Night to Remember... High School Musical
Why Don't We Just Dance... Josh Turner
{This is one of Gracie's personal faves! So funny to watch her stop whatever she's doing when this song comes on. The child can cut a rug!}
Biggest Loser... Sports Anthems
{I have other Biggest Loser tunes as well, but let's be honest... Much of it is cheese. I usually don't stay on one song long before I skip to the next one.}
Everybody Dance Now
{can anyone really sit still to this song?}

Whew!  Those are many of the songs I've listened to repeatedly during my cardio workout.  I'm ready to give many of them up in exchange for some newer tunes.  Any suggestions?  What are your faves?

Did I lose you at 'work-out'?
Hello?  Are you still there?
Did you just un-follow me??


  1. *snort*

    Glee Album 1 & 2 are da bomb!

  2. Well, I'd be real judgemental about your list except that I have The Black Eyed Peas "I've Gotta Feeling" on my iPod. So I guess I really can't talk :)

  3. I will still follow you. :) The only non christian song, besides the classical/opera songs, that I have is "Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts. We love "Cars". :) It's hard for me to know if the other songs have questionable lyrics by listening only to the 30sec preview iTunes gives me. :) But I'm gonna listen to the ones you highlighted, just to see. I'm curious about a few. Thanks!

    Rock on, Baby!!

  4. I like lots of music so no judgement here. I agree that I need a certain something to successfully work out...hey, whatever it takes. Most of my workout music is secular but I will add that David Crowder's Undignified is one non-secular song that makes me feel like I could run a marathon. I won't... but it sure does make me feel like I could.

  5. I have some of those same songs on my mp3 too. lol But I need more coaching during my workouts when I'm on the treadmill, so I downloaded three workouts that have interval coaching on them. They help me a lot. Hope you find what you're looking for. Blessings, SusanD

  6. My Girls and I would recommend Lady GaGa. Especially "Just Dance" or "Poker Face", Very much get up and move music.

  7. I listen to all kinds of music so you will get not judgement from me :) I do like Lady Gaga's Just Dance and the New Black Eyed Peas Song for working out.

  8. I just started at the gym a month or so ago and have yet to get a good list going... I think I may borrow yours! :)

  9. heehee!
    you're so funny!
    no judging here. and if you saw my playlist you'd see why! ha! {lots of 80's}

    ahhh! my mind just went blank! i had a list of songs for you.

    i just realized you linked to all the songs! yay!

    According to You by Orianthi {i just heard this song LOVE it}

    Check Yes Juliet by We Three Kings {on lego rock band...girls love it}

    Ice Ice Baby ;)

    Supermassive Black Hole by Muse {I know NOTHING about this group, i just like this song}

    Whoopsi Daisy by Toby Mac

    Supersonic by Family Force 5

  10. Oh I agree! You have to have a good beat when your working out!

  11. well, I have to say...we share a lot in common in our music choices! although my list would have a lot of the 80's songs on them too. so great meeting you and guess what? YOU WON my give away!!! send me your info so I can send you the gift



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