Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maybe the next Pioneer Woman?

Pioneer:  being the earliest, original.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this lil' girl turned out to be the next Pioneer Woman.  I'm a recent fan.  However, I can only imagine that our way of eating may be a bit different.  Just this morning, I heard her on FOX News giving her rule of thumb where butter is concerned.  You see, just when she thinks she's drizzled the right amount, she adds more.  Sounds like a true southern woman to me!  Although, I do have to agree that butter makes everything 'taste' better.  ;)

Nator was so excited to show me her newest project in scouts.  Making butter.  As soon as the first spoonful went in her mouth, she exclaimed, "It tastes like butter!"  Yes, they ate some. What kind of mother would I be if I hadn't let them?!  Seriously.  I did put a stop to it after the second spoon reached their mouths.  Again, what kind of mother would I be if I'd let them consume the bowl?

According to Nator, use heavy whipping cream, add 2 marbles and shake till your heart's content.  After you drain the remaining milk, remove marbles, add a pinch of salt and you're ready to go!

I {almost} feel like I'm surrounded by celebrity chefs.  

Some people have a weakness for butter... others {like, say... me!} have a fondness for dark chocolate.... especially mixed with raw almond.  Mmmm...

All this talk of butter makes me feel like I should drive back to the gym.

Oh!  Speaking of which, thank you for all of the wonderful iPod recommendations!  AND for not judging, casting stones, and 'un'-following.



  1. Butter. It's a weakness for me. UGH...

  2. Well, as a follower of Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, I agree with Ree on the butter. A good (as in large) dose of healthy fats every day is good for our bodies.


  3. I love butter, but it hates my thighs :( At least with this butter you know their are no perservatives :)

  4. Mmmm...butter :)

    I have a recipe for homemade whipped honey butter that I'm trying this week with cornbread. I'll eat an extra piece for you :)

  5. Butter. Sigh. I love it but I dole it out sparingly. My pesky cholesterol.

    I'm a little more generous when it comes to chocolate
    : )

  6. Great post. I also wanted you to know I just posted on my big win from Family Team. It took me a little longer then I wanted to get it up on the blog. We are loving the gift. Its been so much fun. Thanks so much~


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