Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project 365 - Week 9


The tents are still up.  After our errands, Nator enjoys some movies online.


I've needed a new cell for some time now, and was at my wits end when the texting stopped working properly in my Blackberry Pearl.  You should at least be able to text, right?!  Hubs bought me the iPhone I've been wanting!!  {Insert happy dance!} I love it!  He says I should be caught up on birthday and Christmas now.  He's right.

It's National Pancake Day!  "Fast, Easy, Delicious"  Who could ask for anything better?  I was tempted to make them again for dinner, but we went for frozen pizza and organic greens.  Well-rounded, yes? ;)


The girls are having a {language} tea party 'study' date... American Girl style!  So cute to see that Gracie stuffed the tea cups with white tissue to mimic milk.


Gracie woke early in anticipation of what the Tooth Fairy left behind.  I came downstairs to find her sound asleep in the sofa, waiting for the rest of us to wake.  {Of course, this was after she'd already visited us in our room.}  ;)

She lost one front tooth a year ago, where the permanent tooth has already taken over.  We've been waiting an entire year for her other baby {front} tooth to come out.  It's been so close for such a long time.  Now that there's more 'wiggle' room.  Maybe.  Just maybe.


This is what happens to the dining room when Mama says it's time to start cleaning up the homemade tents... and Daddy starts moving his office home.  Yep.  He'll be working from home for a while.  And does this room look clean to you?

My scrapbooking table has been overtaken.  Well, I never actually scrapbooked on it due to piles of schoolbooks, laundry, mail, art... you name it.  I suppose it was sort of a community table... with visions of {one day} scrapbooking dancing in my head.  For now, this table in our bedroom will serve as DK's office.

All of this moving around and moving prep has us tuckered out already.  ;)


It's not everyday you see the Nestle' bunny walking through a parking lot during errand runs.  So, of course, we had to stop and snap a quick {cell} picture.

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I also wanted to say a special Thank You to....

Angie @ Angie's Ad Lib  for this award.  She's a new, sweet friend I made with the 365 Project.  She's also a mom to lil' girls like myself.  It's always great meeting others moms in blogdom.  ;)


 Ruthanne @ Eclectic Whatnot for sending me a lovely camera strap!  Did I mention that it's lovely?  And she's lovely too.  You should check out her wonderful, creative photo skillz.  This girl has talent and did I mention that she's lovely? ;)

Linda @ Growin with it sent me a $40 gift certificate to Blurb.  How exciting is that??!  Linda is a brand new bloggy friend.  She is a sweetie and I look forward to getting to know her more.  

I feel so blessed.


  1. I am jealous of your iPhone. But I have an iPod touch, so it's kinda the same. :) I wish I could get an iphone. My scrapbooking stuff and area is collecting big fat dust bunnies. I haven't scrapped since I started homeschooling. How sad is that? :) Atleast I blog, right?

  2. I am jealous of your iPhone too!!

    your pictures are so good this week! I love the one of your puppy!! so sweet!!!

  3. great photos..i couldn't even tell that one was from a cell phone, i had a few of those this week but mine LOOK like cell phone shots...even though its an iphone. its always with me which means i can take those unexpected photos. great week!

  4. The girls can't get cuter! I've got a six year old around here who has the mouth of a hockey player. Sometimes it's a challenge to eat.

    I'm going to hope my husband doesn't see your husband's set up. My man only has two screens; three might tempt him! ;)

    May I ask what kind of camera you have? I love your pictures, although I'm sure it has something to do with the photographer and not just the equipment. I've got a birthday coming up and I'm thinking about a new camera.

  5. I like the teaparty...I see the almonds. Where is the dark chocolate to go with? Did a tea party guest help themselves to the chocolate? : )

  6. How did I miss that it was National Pancake Day! LOL! I love the picture of the dog.

  7. So sweet (and encouraging) that your girls are not too old to have a tea party. Then again, neither are we, right?

    What does your husband do that requires three screens? Very nice setup!

    I can't believe how long they did the tent thing. Fun childhood memories!

  8. I recognize your pancake mix. I have to eat gluten-free and that's a brand I use as well. :)

    Such a sweet picture of your daughter sleeping on the couch.

    I had to laugh at your dining room photo. Mine always seems to end up looking that way and we don't have any tent makers here. LOL

  9. Your phone looks very fun. I would need lessons on how to use it! :)
    Your husband's office looks very reasonable to me. Afterall, there was space for the computers, right?
    Love the Nesquick bunny.
    Super week!

  10. I wish I had an Iphone...Loved catching up thru your post :)

  11. Fun boys love to make tents in our living room too! And I amnot sure I would know what to do with an iphone! Have fun with it though!

  12. My hubby just bought me an iPhone too... I love mine... it is so cool... Have you found any really neat apps?
    I have never seen the Nestle' bunny... how awesome is that!

  13. Your girls are so adorable. Congrats on the new IPhone. I think they look so cool. And congrats on your award too.

  14. Been eyeing an iphone, have a girl who loves tents (and the messes they make), need to scrapbook AND am anticipating a move. We need to get together and hug.

    Great week


  15. Teeth, in general, are so weird. Seems to me they should follow some sort of schedule so that we can all know what to expect. My 16-month-old only has 5 teeth, but now he's FINALLY getting his 6th...only it's way in the back!!! He skipped all the others! That's just craziness.

    About the dining room. Remember, cleaning is a process. At least it is with ME. When I get ready to clean ANYthing, it seems that it has to get WORSE before it gets better. (Maybe that's just me.)

    Oh, and I'm so jealous of your iPhone. I want one so badly.

  16. yay! you got an iphone! I know you are excited! there are LOTS of games that you can add. {the girls have itouches} boggle is my favorite!

    wow! how cool is that? running into the Nestle bunny!

    I love my camera strap!! LOVE it!

    Linda is a sweetheart!!

  17. I enjoyed our peek into your week. I remember that my baby teeth almost always had to be pulled because the permanent ones would start coming out behind them - yet they would never get loose. Made for a funky mouth - & braces later LOL.

  18. Congrats on all the cool stuff you received. The award is well deserved.

    I wish I had an iphone!

  19. I just love cool/free stuff! Congrats!

  20. Sweet pictures!
    Cute, cute girls!
    Healthy eating--organic & almonds!

    I had serious teeth issues, followed by braces for two years. Ughhhh...

    What's a 'language' tea party? (coming from a former language teacher)


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