Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Toothless {Grin}

When you've been waiting an entire year for something, it deserves it's own post.  Nator lost both of her front teeth within the same week; however, Gracie's story is a bit different.
She has always done things her own way.  We figured this out when the induction didn't go as planned.  She decided her own birthday.

She lost one front tooth a year ago, and the other one has {literally} hung on for dear life an. entire. year.
Our dentist says there's supposed to be an order to losing teeth, but sometimes things happen a lil' out of the ordinary.  

That's okay, too.

My theory must have been correct.  Since she lost one incisor last week, she had more wiggle room!  While eating a banana nut Vita Top, it nearly popped out.  Gracie ran to me, watery-eyed, while fanning her face rapidly with her hands.  She had sort of a nervous, light-headed, this is kinda freakin' me out, excited, emotional roller coaster reaction of sorts... yet, remained calm.  I could see that the tooth was poking out in an unnatural manner, so I barely touched it when she asked me to wiggle it. 

I said, "I think you can pull it out.  I bet the Tooth Fairy will be making a visit tonight."  The next thing I see?  She touched it slightly pulled and Wah-lah!!

When I was her age, the Tooth Fairy brought what seemed like pocket change.  That must be quite heavy.
Now?  She brings $3 per tooth!  
This makes two weeks in a row.
I think I know who I'm hanging out with this weekend

I told her that she must stop wiggling all teeth for now or I may have to resort to blending her food first.  I think she agreed that eggs and pancakes would not be as appetizing through a straw. ;)

Friends of ours have a Tooth Fairy that brings $5 per tooth. 
How much does your Tooth Fairy bring?


  1. Wow! That's steep! We have yet to lose a tooth in our house but I was thinking $1. Maybe I'm underpaying :)

  2. Glad it finally fell out.
    My son's 1st tooth he got $5 because he had to have it pulled, but all the others the tooth fairy only leaves 2 or 3 dollars.

  3. I'm sure she's glad to be rid of the wiggly tooth. One of my sons had teeth that came out in 2 successive nights.

  4. Our toothfairy is cheap, but the kids don't mind it. She gives them 50 cents each tooth. She always has two quarters lying around, at the risk she's running behind and has to throw it in the toothfairy bear as the child is walking down the hallway. :)

  5. $5 bucks a tooth? Holy buckets! Just the other day I was moaning about how it seemed to be taking forever for Lily to GET all her teeth...now I'm thankful she's not LOSING them! The going rate sure has changed since I was little :)

  6. Oh... the tooth fairy around here only brings $.75 to $1.00 if she remembers! She has been known to be quite forgetful!

  7. Oh WOW! Our tooth fairy still kicks it old school here! Only leaving at most 1.00 per tooth and .50 for the little bitty front bottom teeth...but she does leave a lovely note and some tooth fairy dust along with sugar free gum! lol
    side note..lose teeth give me the heebie jeebies! ;p

  8. Nice! I would've been yankin' those babies if I were getting $5/pop! Awesome!!

  9. We don't have to fork anything out yet. When I was a kid. we got a $1.

  10. Our tooth fairy does pay use we are now paying him to take the old choppers. So be careful the he gets is money back when we get old. We are excited to see the first tooth come in, then lose them, then get newer ones and then lose them again, EXCITED to get your own designer teeth. Aunt Deena

  11. awwww she is so cute!

    i'm not sure how much the tooth fairy leaves here for teeth! (isn't that awful, i'll have to ask david, he's the only one up early enough to leave it under the pillow) I think it was 5 for the first tooth and maybe a dollar or two after.

  12. Just don't let your kids read any of these comments!! My tooth fairy is kind of forgetful and sometimes has to make a early morning right before we wake up stop.

    Congratulations on a long awaited departure!!


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