Saturday, March 6, 2010

Project 365 - Week 10


We spent the afternoon running errands together.  DK works in the tech field, so we always find ourselves browsing 'gagets'.  The girls were distracted by these Macs.  It's on our wish list... maybe one day. 

I must say that I {heart} my new iPhone.  {Sigh}  Good thing I had it ready to go for these pix. ;)  I can no longer tease DK for his love fetish with his iPhone.  {okay, maybe just a little}  I say, "If you can beat 'em, join 'em."


Finally!  Gracie lost her other front tooth!  Yay!
See what the Toothfairy brought her {here}.


I think 2010 didn't include the month of February.  It did?!  If so, it seemed to zoom right by us!  Gracie wanted heart-shaped, braided hair in February.  March 2nd is close, right?  Please disregard any imperfections.
{Mental note: Allot more than 2 minutes for fixing hair for 3 gals before walking out the door on a busy Tuesday!}


The girls prepared for this 'show' all week by making audience members {aka... bean faces}.  Good thing Mommy and Daddy had reservations.  ;)
{This crib mattress has quite a history... from supporting two baby girls in dreamland, to practicing flips, to puppet shows.}


Play-date fun with friends at the park!  They were a lil' camera shy.
Good thing I like feet pix too. :)


Lunch date with Mom.
We snapped this pic for their Aunt, who loves Panera... and her nieces, of course.  ;)  The girls diligently finished their schoolwork before lunch, so it was time to run errands... Hobby Lobby, post office, {lunch date}, Target, and Home Depot.  We got home in time to see DK off.  {He had to go out of town for one night, last minute.}

Spring has already sprung in our back yard.  Our northern friends shouldn't be jealous... We are already finding mosquitoes as well.  Texas-sized, of course.  Oi.


The girls decorated t-shirts for someplace special we are taking them on Sunday.  Stay tuned... ;)

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  1. Wow, it looks like y'all have had a fun week! I've never seen heart shaped braided clever and so appropriate for the month of February.

    Spring flowers are so pretty and I am jealous by the way, but I have to say....the one thing I do not miss about living in the giant sized mosquitos! Oh wait a minute...I don't miss the poisonous snakes or black widow spiders either! LOL Thanks for sharing your week in pictures, i enjoyed them!

    Thanks for the comment and for thinkin' of me....I started an email to you, but haven't finished it. Still praying about what I emailed you about awhile back and just waiting for God's direction! I promise I will finish the email and send it soon. Right now my husband needs his computer again, so ttyl. ~ Debra

  2. Beautiful flowers...spring is just around the corner!

  3. Wow, you're doing such a great job at taking pictures this year! I wish I could say the same but so far it's been a big fat FAIL for me :)

    And I'd gladly trade some of your mosquitoes for our snow...provided you also send some of those pretty flowers our way :)

  4. I love the braid. I've never tried one like that but my girls used to like me to french braid their hair and I'd tell them to give me at least an hour....I was so s-l-o-w.

    I'm not jealous of the mosquitos but I am sure ready for spring. Still lots of snow on the ground...beautiful yesterday and today so it is melting but there's'll be a while!

    Have a nice day.

  5. I love the heart-shaped braids. So cute!

    I remember many times having "reserved" seating for plays, puppet shows, concerts, etc. Fun memories.

  6. my girl never let me braid her hair except when she was playing softball....i missed out on a girly girl.

    my kids would always put on shows too and make us tickets and and miss that!!!

  7. What a great week. The heart braid is gorgeous! I LOVE the feet picture and your flowers are breath taking! I am one of those Northerners who was jealous until I saw the word mosquito!
    Have a super week!!

  8. You are a busy lady! The girls always look so must be doing a good job.

    Yay for Panera and lunch dates, too.

    beautiful flowers!

    A concert today maybe??

  9. As usual, I love your pictures. Spring...YEA!! I used to do these kinds of "shows" when I was younger, and thankfully, my Bella does too. They always crack me up with the details!!

    Great Week...

  10. Really great shots!
    The braid looks great; I could never get my daughter's in a french braid.
    Mosquitos abound where we've spent the last week and I am absolutely "eat up" as we say in the south.
    Love the flower photo at the end. So pretty!

  11. I'm expecting the daffodils to start peaking out soon!
    Such beautifull girls, all three of you!

  12. Beautiful week! I dropped off of my Project 365 for an entire month! agh! But back at it again.
    We don't have any spring blooms in Dallas yet, but they are coming!

  13. I always enjoy your pictures!

    My oldest daughter went to Best Buy and fooled around with those photo editing gadgets. Then she decided to log onto FaceBook to post what she had created. She FORGOT to log off and got hacked! Oh, brother.

    Congrats on finally losing that tooth! Whoo-hoo! Our tooth fairy is not quite as generous as yours (more like $ 1), but if one of my girls had waited THAT long, I'm sure the reward would've been worth the reward.

    Loved the hair and bean faces.

    What a great b/w feet pix. I know several of my friends wouldn't want their kids pics on my blog, but this is a great substitute! Such a good idea.

    I'm totally jealous of the flowers, but we don't have monster mosquitoes so I'll try to keep some perspective here. :)

  14. My yard has tiny little green shoots all over, so spring is just around the corner.

    I remember those tooth fairy days, sadly they are all gone now and my grand baby is just now getting her baby teeth. So it will be a few more years for us round here.

    Blessing and great 365!

  15. can't wait to hear about your trip! I was trying to see if Emily & Audrey's names happened to be on the shirt...oh, well, guess the trip is not to NC lol

    great pictures! looks like y'all had a fun week.

    mosquitoes, ah, forgot about those awful things. ick! now i'm dreading warm weather just a teeny tiny bit ;)

  16. what cute braids! my girls used to love those too. fun photos! cute kids! blessed life!


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