Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life in Post-Its

Tell me the truth... Does your kitchen counter ever look like this?

Please don't be jealous of my super organization skillz.
You, too, could have post-its.

On a good day, I remember to write it all down.
Unlike yesterday, when I nearly forgot all about Gracie's dance class!

Tip:  They only work if you write stuff down...
and stick them where you're sure to see them.  ;)


  1. looks like mine!!! And I gave each kid a pack of post-its in their stockings!!!

  2. well, on the plus side of things.....your countertops are beautiful :)
    And I'm sure you've got it well figured out what needs to happen next.

  3. One word: iphone. You'll never use a post-it again.

  4. I lost my post its. :) But I use my gigantic white board instead.

  5. Aside from the fact that your grocery list contains the words "oats" and "sucanot", yes I can relate :)

    Speaking of which...where do you find "sucanot"? (not sure I'm spelling that right...)

    P.S. It kinda looks like the Post It on the far right says "Chew Gracie 11 a.m." :)

  6. You and I have similar systems! Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one...

  7. love post it notes! just terrible at keeping up with them ;)

  8. So... I didn't start a post-it trend? Ha! Amy, I'm crackin' up that you are tryin' to read my handwriting. :D Sucatant is sugar. {looks more like brown sugar} I can usually find it at Target and Wal-Mart on my grocery run.

  9. Love post-it notes! Even my planner is covered with them.

  10. No actually our kitchen counter looks like a bomb went off on it most of the time. I like your system way better. :)

    Love your blog!


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