Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our home is a pigsty

1. A shelter where pigs are kept.
2. {slang} A dirty or very untidy place.

Yeah... I'm going with the first definition.
{not referring to my family, of course}

These three lil' piggies were among the many ticket holders to the girls' {Wii} High School Musical concert today.  I'm pretty sure it was a sold-out concert.  They sang loud enough for all to hear.

Next time, the girls should wait for Daddy to be home.
I mean, after all...
he bought them this Wii game.
It's the least we could do.  ;)


  1. LOL...I bet it sounded better than the concert we put on at our house the other night!!! :)

  2. ha! we have that game too! it does start to get on ones nerves after the 100th time of hearing the same song, over and over again!

    those little piggies are so cute!

  3. Sounds like fun! And those pigs are so attentive!

  4. Our house falls under #2 today. :(

  5. We just watched a tape last night from when our girls were younger and they along with two friends put on a play and we were just dying laughing.

    Catch them on'll be so glad you did!

  6. You read my mind, Joyce. I got them on tape... Now weighing my options. To post the video in the blog-o-sphere or not to post? Hahaha...


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